Checking In, Checking Out

Got back Sunday afternoon from an awesome weekend in Santa Fe with my college IMG_4121roommates.  So fun to just catch up with them and relax in a beautiful environment.  The weather was absolutely perfect and a great change of pace from the heat in Phoenix.

Needless to say, this weekend wasn’t for dieting.  I’m happy that a few of my lifestyle changes have taken root though – particularly the exercising.  I took 2 sets of workout clothes with me along with my running shoes.  Thursday night I went down to the gym in the hotel and ran for a while on the treadmill.  It is a little bit fun to go explore new workout facilities.  This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have done this in recent months and while hotel gyms are usually not top-notch, they are typically in pretty good condition and have relatively new equipment/treadmills.  The last 2 times the treadmills have been Precors and so they feel very similar to the treadmills at Koko.

Just as an update, I had a voicemail waiting for me when I landed in Albuquerque Thursday afternoon with the lab results from my doctor’s office.  I did, indeed, have bacteria growing and it did indicate a kidney infection was likely.  They also said that the antibiotics that they had me on, however, was what usually takes care of it and that I should be already feeling much better – yes, yes I was.  So, I am glad to have an answer as to what was causing my crazy chills and general yucky feeling – and I’m glad that by the time I found out I was already well!

Friday night in Santa Fe was a bit more challenging, however, to get my exercise in.  Last time we did this trip, we set off walking and exploring when we got into town.  So this time, I didn’t worry too much about getting my mile done earlier in the day.  Eventually we ended up in the hotel bar area for happy hour and then it started raining pretty hard …. and then the power wentIMG_4120 out.  Minutes turned into hours and it was starting to get dark, very dark.  We had dinner reservations at 7:30 and at 7pm we learned that pretty much half the city was without power.  So, along with trying to figure out where we were going to have dinner, I was also starting to wonder how and when I was going to get my mile done.  IMG_4110It was very dark (soon to be very dark outside) and I couldn’t even run in the hotel gym because the treadmills would have no power.  Eventually we talked to the hotel front desk and they offered to drive us to another part of the city that still had power, so we took them up on that.  After a long wait (and a few cocktails) we finally got some food.  We had the business card of the guy that dropped us off but, in solidarity for my “streak”, my friends offered to walk back to the hotel from the restaurant – well over a mile.  So, we turned the “streak” into a bar crawl of sorts … but we got it done (and had a few margaritas along the way!)

I’m particularly happy with the lifestyle change I made Saturday morning.  I actually set the alarm on my phone to wake up a bit early so that I could get my exercise done before breakfast.  The weather was so beautiful and since I haven’t been able to exercise outside much here due to the extreme heat, I wanted to take advantage of both the weather and beautiful surroundings – and get my mile done before the day got out of hand again!  So I put on my running shoes, went down to the front desk and inquired about any suggested routes to take, and was pointed in the direction of a loop that included both neighborhoods and then art galleries the way back to the hotel.  So, off I set.  I walked for a bit just to wake up and stretch then I started jogging.  The art galleries are almost like little houses – one after another – along the road.  Most have sculptures outside on their front yards.  So much to look at!  I probably only ran 1-2 miles but it was really invigorating!  I met up with my friends afterward and had a light breakfast outside in the courtyard – the perfect start to the day!

The “main event” of our trip was spending the day at the Ten Thousand Waves spa.  Only aIMG_4139 few minutes north of Santa Fe and situated in the mountains, this spa with a Japanese theme is a little slice of IMG_4140heaven.  It isn’t overly fancy like the Vegas or Scottsdale spas, but more “natural” and peaceful.  We started off with getting a private “bath” – which was our own hot tub, cold plunge, and sauna essentially in a little private yard – for an hour.  All 5 of IMG_4111us got to relax together and talk without having strangers hanging out in our tub.  My spa package was called the “Buddha Treat” and included an herbal wrap, a 90 minute massage, and a salt glow scrub.  Pure heaven.  My massage therapist was pretty chatty – like me – and I told her a little about my weight loss journey.  As I lay on the table all wrapped up like a mummy in my herbal wrap, I couldn’t help but think about how awesome it felt to be thin and healthy while I lay there instead of large and uncomfortable.  It was the true example of the word “peaceful”.

I arrived back to the desert inferno at high noon on Sunday afternoon.  It was great to see my family though – especially my son who had been away at basketball camp and I had not seen or spoken with him much in over a week.  My husband, as always, had accomplished 500 things while I was gone and put my housekeeping skills to shame.  Our family all promised each other we would wait until we were all together again to see “Monsters University” in the theater so not too long after I got home, we went to the movies.  Sort of a strange way to return home but it was nice to be together as a family.  Sunday night I made the rookie mistake of getting on the scale – I just wanted to see how much damage I had done with all of my margaritas and Mexican food.  I was up to 175 pounds!  But, in a way, that helped me know that that was the worst case scenario and my weight would only go down from there as I got rid of some of that water weight.  Yesterday morning was 171.9 and today was 170.3.  So, I’m heading in the right direction!  I did notice that my weight went up significantly (like almost .5-1 lb per day) when I was on the antibiotics and barely eating.  Fortunately I took my last pill in that course last night.

This morning I had my monthly weigh-in with Dr. Ziltzer.  I knew when I scheduled this appointment in between two trips that I was going to be on the upper end of where I wanted to be.  From what I have experience so far, it takes me a good 3 days to a week to “recover” water/weight-wise from an indulgent weekend.  So, less than 2 days after getting home I was headed to my appointment with a bathroom scale reading over my goal weight – first time ever.  But, I knew he would not have much to say about it and that we would be talking mostly about other stuff, and I was right.  I weighed in at 171 lbs. but Jamie said that I had actually lost 2 pounds of fat.  This means I really am holding onto a lot of water, as expected.  The fact that my fat mass has gone down is really great.  My running is paying off now.  My fat % is under 30% now which is well within the “desirable” range.  Friends continue to ask if I am losing more weight and I am not, I think the shifting of the type of weight I am carrying might just make me look like I am changing.

I told Dr. Z that I finally reached the 10 minute mile goal and that I had registered for the P.F. Chang’s 1/2 Marathon.  He was equally excited about both.  He gave me some suggestions for training plans to follow to get ready for the 1/2 marathon, emphasizing that following a plan was extremely important.  I like the idea too and feel more comfortable if I’m not striking out on my own.  I will continue to run as I have been during the summer (treadmill, small incline, combining distance with speed work) and will start working on the training plan around the time school starts (early August) – always a time of new beginnings around here.

So, I had a quick couple of days at home to take care of a few things but today we are all packing up to head out of town.  We leave for St. Louis tomorrow.  So excited to see some friends that have moved from Arizona several years ago.  We will spend the 4th of July there and then head to Kansas City over the weekend.  Our baby girl is competing in the U.S. Trampoline & Tumbling Championships which is a national event.  Kids are coming2013_tnt_championship_logo from all over the country to compete.  There will be an opening ceremony, a training day, and then 2 days of competition.  She has been working so hard, I can’t wait to see her (although I’ll be super nervous!)  It amazes me how she doesn’t feel the stress and can walk out there on that arena floor and do her thing.  I’m glad I’ll be way up in the stands watching so my nervousness doesn’t wear off on her!  It is hard to know how things will go this year.  Last year we were sort of told to not have high expectations because there are just so many great athletes competing but she absolutely put in the best routine EVER and won a bronze medal (out of over 65 girls her age/level).  So, there is always a chance she could bring it again this year and do well.  Regardless, after having a very rocky start just getting this routine learned and then a not-so-great performance at the state championships, she has really put in a ton of effort and positive attitude to her training this summer and she is confident and ready.  I am honored to take her to this meet and really don’t care what happens.  It is just such a great experience for her and I hope she remembers this for a long time.

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One Response to Checking In, Checking Out

  1. Tami says:

    Your spa day sounds heavenly. No one deserves a break like you! (Super Mom!) Enjoy the next leg of your travels. Miss you when you’re gone!


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