It’s the weekend again and another fun and busy week is winding down.  I had the extreme pleasure of sleeping in until 10 AM this morning.  What a treat!

My birthday was on Wednesday and I had a fun day.  For probably the first time in my life, I exercised on my birthday because I wanted to.  A nice, unhurried trip to the gym was how I started my day.  I did a Koko weight training session and ran an easy mile to continue the “streak”.  It felt good to get the blood pumping and I knew I would enjoy my yummy food awaiting me during the day and night if I put a little effort into burning some of those calories first.

portillosAfter cleaning up, the kids and I drove down to Portillo’s to meet my dad for my birthday lunch.  I only let myself go get this greasy goodness about once a month so this seemed like a good day to go.  My dad had never experienced the craziness there but I think he enjoyed our trip.  I ordered my own hot dog and my own cheese fries – no splitting or sharing with my kids today.  Yum-o.

Spent the rest of the afternoon driving the kids to their various practices – even the IMG_4747birthday mom doesn’t get a day off from her taxi driving duties.  Our evening plans included heading to AZ Diamondbacks game and so I decided to treat myself to a new D’backs t-shirt.  I have a few others but they are all XXL or 2X and I wanted something a little cuter.  I struck out at a few stores but eventually found a shirt at Target.  Score.

My lifelong childhood friend and her husband were going to the game with us.  We got seats at the Friday’s Front Row tables which are dining table seats in the outfield of the ballpark.  It is fun to watch the game from them – nothing better than a little more elbow room and a table to eat and drink from.  I had quite a few Michelob Ultra’s (baseball + birthday, why not…) and we had a nice time.  The game got out of hand for the D’backs quickly but they made a great comeback, tying the game and forcing extra innings.  We stayed through the 11th inning but then decided to head back home since we had left our combined families of kids at our house and there were early wake-ups the next morning for work by some.  The D’backs ended up losing but at least it was an exciting game.  More importantly, it was nice to spend some time with good friends and just catch up!

Our view.  Far away but comfy.

Our view. Far away but comfy.

The beautiful Paul Goldschmidt before hitting a home run.  Another friend had these awesome seats and text'd me this photo right before he batted.

The beautiful Paul Goldschmidt before hitting a home run. Another friend had these awesome seats and text’d me this photo right before he batted.

Friends since we were 3!

Friends since we were 3!

My husband and I

My husband and I

IMG_4734The next morning I took the kids on a little mini-adventure. There is a state park in northern Arizona called Tonto Natural Bridge that I always enjoyed visiting as a kid with my parents. It is the perfect combination of a short drive, short hike, interesting things to look at, and cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, they don’t allow pets on the trails (or left in your car) so even though the kids are old enough now to make a hike enjoyable, our little dog is usually with us when we head north. Thursday, however, I decided that we would just go, without the dog, and make a quick overnight trip to our cabin while we were at it. We IMG_4716didn’t get up there until about 1pm and the afternoon thunderstorms were already starting to roll in. It was still pretty warm and sunny when we started our hikes though. I didn’t remember so many trails at the park but we went on all 4 of them. 2 were very short but the other two took us down steep trails to the creek bottom. I had no issues whatsoever with the hiking. Down in the creek bottom we had so much fun jumping from rock to rock. All the kids are able to navigate their way through and it was just plain fun. On our last trail we finally went down to the area I remember as a kid – the rocks under Tonto bridge. Here we hung out for quite a while during the rainstorm – the bridge protecting us from getting wet. It was really cool. There is a steep IMG_4717metal staircase that used to lead out of the bridge area that I remember taking with my dad when I was little. The water flowing off the bridge would get us wet on the way out. I noticed parts of that metal staircase trail, now barricaded off, but it took me back to those days as a kid. I’m so glad I had the endurance and energy to take my own kids down there this week. It was a bit empowering to do that as a mom – I can’t really explain it. I’m pretty self sufficient but nature-y stuff usually involves my husband more than me. It was great to feel so “in shape” hiking out of there in the rain!

From there we drove another hour to the east and spent a nice night at our cabin in the White Mountains.  I wish we could have stayed longer but we had practices and games to get back into town for.

So, it was a fun week.  I continued to eat junk that I shouldn’t but I also maintained my weight by portion control and by exercising.  43 looks like it will be a fun year, full of changes!

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