Taking It to the Streets

After a weekend of high(er) calorie eating, I finally got the scale to jump a hair over my goal weight. I’m actually happy about that. That is what is supposed to happen when we eat more than we should. I need to practice the steps to get my weight back under control. The first step in this, for me, is good ol’ meal planning. Sunday afternoon I sat down and planned out our meals for the coming week and then went to the grocery store. I made sure to stock up on plenty of fruit (and a few veggies) as well as some things to eat for healthy snacks during the day.

Yesterday I had a good, long workout at Koko which included 15 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, a strength test on the SmartTrainer and then 30 minutes of running on the treadmill at a moderate pace – so about a solid 1 1/4 hours of exercise. I also went back to tracking my meals with MyFitnessPal after taking a week or so off from that. My calorie target is 1700 (not counting exercise calories). I still think this number is way too low because I have pretty drastic weight loss when I eat that few calories – it does not seem to be a weight “maintenance” number. Anyway, just from one day of being on plan, I dropped close to 2 pounds overnight. This is about the 5th time I have done that (dropped the “over goal” pounds) so I feel pretty confident in this “plan” to keep me on track. I’ll keep this up all week so that I can go into my weigh-in next week at a good place.

I’m starting to get a bit antsy about this half marathon that I have committed to running. I’m doing OK with my treadmill running but I know from experience that this type of running is very very different from running on the streets. I’ve really been wanting to take it outside, but the heat is a real concern as it is, and will remain, extremely hot in Phoenix for quite a while. I also have a bit of fear or, I guess, anxiety, about running outside … and with other people. This is a problem since the P.F. Changs race includes a lot (x30,000) of people … and, obviously, it is outside. Another fear factor is running in cold weather, which, in January, is a real possibility. The cold air flares up my exercise-induced asthma pretty severely. But, I need to move forward so I decided to try to get up early and do some running outside. I went last week and ran in the neighborhood for about 2 miles. Yep, much more difficult than the treadmill – but I did it. This morning I decided to sneak in a run before having to drive my daughter to camp. As with most things, overcoming the initial fear of starting something is worse than the experience. I think I would have enjoyed the runs both days if it were about 10 degrees cooler and if it weren’t garbage collection day – the smells on the streets are awful since those cans (and bags of garbage) have been sitting outside in 110 degree heat. I need to pick a different day other than Tuesdays, or find a different route!

As I started typing this, a photo showed up in my Facebook feed from the PF Chang’s Marathon page…


I think I need to read this every day. It held true during my weight loss and it is still important to remember as I work towards training for this half marathon.

As I get further and further into maintenance and working towards new goals now, I have started expanding my blog reading a bit more to find others that are in similar points (or beyond) on their weight loss / fitness journey. Two blogs are high on my priority-read list right now. I have been incredibly motivated by them lately.

The first is Leigh. She has lost 100+ pounds (not with Optifast and she currently follows a Paleo diet) and has found a passion in running. She is also a busy mom. http://poonapalooza.blogspot.com/

I found the next blog this weekend and I even set aside some time yesterday to delve more deeply into it. http://www.runsforcookies.com/ Katie is also a 100+ pound loser and accomplished runner. She is also a mom to two small kids. Katie’s story and blog have actually led to a lot of media attention including Dr. Oz and Fitness Magazine. But the thing that got me most excited was that she, and a group of 11 other big “losers”, formed a Ragnar relay team (Fat to Finish) and raced together. Wow, that is something I would LOVE to be a part of. They were featured on the TODAY show back in January. So cool!

I always like having something to look forward to on the horizon. I’m not sure what that “something” is right now, but I like the way things are going….

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3 Responses to Taking It to the Streets

  1. Kathy says:

    Congrats to you on that awesome goal of running the half-marathon. I do have to say you got me laughing, though, when I got this image in my head of a runner, lacing up her shoes to go out and enjoy the cool breeze on her face only to smell stanky garbage in hot weather. I could definitely see why you’d rather run on the treadmill!


  2. John Hulsey says:

    I found this blog through Katie at RunsforCookies.com, and I love that you are interested in running the Ragnar Relay. You never know what the future holds, right?


    • Thanks John. Super excited about Ragnar! You are right about the future, I’m so excited to be trying new things. I’ll actually be in San Diego (Mission Beach) this time next week visiting my sister-in-law while our kids have a little mini Fall-break. Can’t wait to run on the beach and boardwalk instead of this nasty 98 weather here in Phoenix.
      Just re-reading this post I can’t believe how much I enjoy running outside now (despite the heat) instead of the treadmill now. I know most people say that but I was a hold-out.
      Thanks for finding my blog and commenting. Looking forward to meeting you!


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