Most Wonderful Time of the Year

In about 4 days it all starts again – the 2013-2014 school year.  Not sure how parents allowed the school districts to push the start dates back earlier and earlier into our summer.  It is pretty crazy to go back to school when it is 110 degrees out on August 8th.  Seems like, “back in the day”, Back-to-School and Labor Day were much closer together.

This back-t0-school “season” has been different than most and filled with a touch of anxiousness, from both the kids and this mom.  My oldest daughter is heading off to be a high school freshman.  I’m both excited and scared.  I’m hoping that getting involved in some extracurricular activities (choir, drama, girls’ basketball, etc.) might help make the transition a bit easier.  She is also loaded up on a really heavy course-load academically (lots of honors/advanced classes) and I worry that it will be a lot.  But, she has proven that she can handle the work and activities so I’m just going to let her do her thing.  I’ll just have to watch from the sidelines and make sure it is all OK without interfering too much.

My son is also heading off to a new school this year – middle school.  He is open-enrolled in a middle school in our district but outside of our boundary.  This is going to require some creative school transportation solutions which have yet to be fully worked out.  Most of his friends are also going to this school so there will be a ton of familiar faces.  He will also have a hard class load with the pre-engineering program he is taking along with a high school algebra class.  Balanced with tackle football, which also starts next week, he’ll be a busy boy.  He takes a little more “interfering” with to keep him on task but we have found that he works best when he has a lot on his plate and not a lot of down-time.

Our youngest daughter remains at the neighborhood elementary school which, after 9 years of our family being there, is a relief that something retains its familiarity.  She’ll be a big 4th grader – an “intermediate” grader – which means she’s a “big girl” now.  She has spent the past week sorting through her school supplies and just can’t wait to see her friends, meet her new teacher, use a “binder” for the first time instead of folders – such simple excitement amidst all the other big decisions with the high school-er that affect their future more than I can comprehend.  We had a nice meeting with her gymnastics coach this past week as well and the next season should prove challenging but I feel really good about where she is and what she is working on.  There will be more out-of-state travel this season.  She has really found something she loves and is willing to work at, so we will continue to support her.

So the past week was filled with a high school “freshman camp”, a choir “walk thru” evening, middle school schedule pick-up, and a middle school “camp” on Friday.  Next week has even more “orientation” type of activities including schedule walk-thrus, orientations, “meet the teacher” sessions, etc. etc. etc.  At this point, I’m ready for them to just get started already!  Even though school officially starts on August 8th, this pre-school stuff has been going on for 2 weeks!

There is something to be said for getting back on a schedule.  Weight maintenance and a more regular schedule really do make things easier.  I have taken a lot of positive steps this summer though by maintaining an exercise routine and some sort of meal planning.  I wake up every morning and try to figure out when the best time is to get to the gym or, at the least, complete my mile.

I look forward to having some quieter hours during the day though.  I mostly need these to get the household chores done and get groceries and meals started.  The start of the new school year has, for me, always been more of a “clean slate” type of occasion than “New Years”.  It is a time for reflection on my part for how things are going to look.  I try to implement new “plans”, even some new “rules” for the house- always trying to keep things moving along maybe a little bit smoother than they were the previous school year.  I am still working on reducing the clutter in our home and although I have made some progress, it just seems to keep multiplying.  Definitely a priority!

Back to school will also signify the start to my half marathon training.  I have ordered a book and will put the schedule together this week.  I’m going to continue emphasizing the weight training at Koko along with the running training.  I am also going to try a few boxing fitness classes at another gym – just to shake things up a bit.

So, as my 6-foot tall daughter heads off to high school I might actually shed a little tear this year – it all goes by so quickly.  Wasn’t I just dropping her off at Kindergarten?


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One Response to Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Tami says:

    You are such a good writer. Making me a little misty too, when I read it from your perspective. Thank goodness for good friends and fellow mamas to gt each other through transitions!!! Not ready! (But am I ever?)


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