Monthly Weigh-In Report

Good evening.  It has been a packed weekend so far but tonight we are home pretty early and it feels nice.  Last night my son had a basketball tournament then I had a girls’ night out.  This morning I went to a class at SWLC center (more on that later), came home to a house full of little gymnasts playing, and finally, a pool party to celebrate the end of last gymnastics season at a teammate’s house nearby.  My baby girl was awarded the “Worker of the Year” award as voted by her gymnastics team.  I’ve been so proud of her efforts in the gym this year but to be recognized by her teammates and coaches was quite an honor for her.  She just doesn’t have a ton of natural talent for this sport so her success has come largely from effort.  Such valuable lessons I’m learning from my 9 year old.

So I’m about ready to put on my pj’s and call it a night.  But, before that, I just thought I would get down some of the things that have been rolling around in my head.

First of all, Thursday morning was the first day of school!  The kids all had a great start to the school year and seem to be settling into their new schools and classes nicely.  The older ones have already had homework so vacation is officially over.  Pretty much immediately after getting my youngest off to the elementary school, I had to head down for my monthly appointment with Dr. Ziltzer at Scottsdale Weight Loss.  My morning weigh-in was pretty far below goal so I was happy about that.

90 day weight_081013

My “goal weight” is 170 lbs. and I weighed in Thursday morning at 166.5 lbs.  That is a 4.5 lb. decrease since last month when I was slightly over goal (and I was in-between two vacations – the Santa Fe girls’ weekend trip and our long Missouri vacation).  I told Dr. Z that I seem to be losing .5-1 lb. per day when I stick strictly to 1700 calories and not factor in exercise.  I probably average about 400 calories a day in exercise (weights and/or cardio) – not counting several hundred more calories burned in just being active during the day with household chores and activities/stairs/shopping/etc.  I told him that my pattern has been to lose 1-3 pounds during the week then eat quite a bit on the weekends.  I was wondering if I should work towards evening out the calorie distribution a little bit more – maybe by actually consuming my “exercise” calories every day as indicated through using my FitBit in conjunction with MyFitnessPal.  He indicated that I could do that or I could just keep doing what I’m doing if I’m OK with it.  He would much rather have me drop down below goal then eat more to get back up rather than go over my goal weight and then work during the week to get back down.

Another topic at my appointment was this blog.  I believe a long time ago at one of the Success Club meetings I mentioned that I had a blog after someone asked for opinions on “coming out” to others about their weight loss.  I told the group that I had this blog and had shared the link on my personal Facebook page – thereby, in my mind, holding myself incredibly accountable to anyone that would follow it.  Once I put something like this out there, I knew it would be very hard for me, personally, to not be successful at it.  I was recording my weights publicly every week.  Looking back it was incredibly risky for me but I do think it helped with my motivation to keep on track.  Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago I noticed the Scottsdale Weight Loss Facebook page had a post about my blog with a link to it.  Yikes!  I was not expecting that.  I didn’t have a problem with it but it just surprised me.  So, if you are reading this as a result of that … welcome!  I’d love to hear from you and how things are going.  Please leave me a comment or email me at .

We talked, as usual, about the running and I got some ideas about gadgets I can use during my training.  I’m just trying to collect feedback from runners about what they use specifically for tracking miles – Garmins, iPhone apps, etc.  He also mentioned heart rate monitors and footpods for cadence monitoring, which I do actually already own with my Polar watch/heart rate strap, etc.  I haven’t used it lately because ever since I changed the battery I’ve had issues getting it to sync.  I need to spend a few hours in the next week or so figuring out how to proceed with the tools I have and/or should order/download.  I put a bunch of different apps on my phone this week and I’m slowly trying them out.  I had been using the RunTastic app but I’m not sure if that is the best.

This week I did a couple more runs outside and I have to say that I’m getting more comfortable with street running now.  In fact, I am starting to “get” why people like it much better than the treadmill.  I always thought it was much harder but I’m actually noticing that my speeds seem to be a bit faster.  Today I ran an 11 minute mile fairly easily in my neighborhood (well, I was sweating and breathing pretty hard but I wasn’t dying … and it was about 95 degrees outside too).  I’m getting eager to start some longer runs and I’m going to allow myself to go really really slowly.  I just want my body to get used to going for a long time, regardless of pace.  The heat is still a bit of an issue here.  I’m not quite dedicated enough to get up before 6 AM to start running … yet.

Every month, on a Saturday morning at SWLC, they have a special class devoted to a topic that is not fully covered in one of the 20 Optifast classes.  This gives the instructor time to more fully get into a topic.  Today’s class was “25 Tips for Successful Weight Management”.  It was taught by Andrea Gorman, PhD, RD who I have never had for a class because she typically teaches down at the other office in Chandler.  She was the “total package” with both the dietician background and the psychology part as well (and, I believe, some exercise physiology training as well).  She was really good – most of it was stuff I already knew but I appreciated having it all summarized into 25 “points” as reminders.  Fortunately I think I’m doing pretty well on most of them.  As usual, I could stand to eat more veggies but that is a known issue.  I think I’m doing well with the exercise even though her recommendations seemed pretty sobering to many I think.  I’m glad I have embraced the exercise thing because it really does seem pretty critical to making this work for me.  She recommended 30 minutes a day for “health” maintenance”, 60 minutes a day for “weight maintenance” and 90 minutes a day for “weight loss”.  She also reiterated the 2500 calories/week burned in exercise – that is 25 (TWENTY FIVE!) miles of walking or running.  Wow.  Not the first time I have heard that either.

I will enjoy another day tomorrow of not watching what I’m eating very carefully and then see what the scale has to say about it Monday morning.  I was up to 167.2 this morning but I pretty much overindulged Friday.  Today I have had quite a few treats as well.  I’m also not really tracking anything this weekend.  I still try to make good choices when possible – for instance, tonight when we went to the party I had a small piece of grilled chicken and an extremely small hamburger patty with no bun.  I just didn’t feel like the bun was all that important to me even though it is the weekend and I would allow myself to have it.  I’m not feeling the slightest bit deprived to just skip that.  I had some fresh fruit and raw veggies but no chips or other side dishes.  But I did have a sangria (or 2) and some cake … and a cookie.  Moderation.

Goals for this coming week are to put my half marathon training in place on a calendar.  I received my book about training from Amazon last week and I’m over halfway through reading it.  Interesting stuff.  I am also tackling the clutter in our house by going through the kids’ stuff and finding ways to donate or sell it locally or on eBay.  It is a slow process and I should just dump it in a bag for Goodwill and be done with it.  That is what I will do if I’m not done by Friday.  We are on the new gymnastics practice schedule and starting football and ending basketball.  Lots of changes this week.  Parent / teacher orientations continue as well.  It’s all good!

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3 Responses to Monthly Weigh-In Report

  1. Laura Liu says:

    Just wanted to say that for me, buying a Garmin watch was a HUGE motivating factor for me. I love being able to know exactly what my mileage and pace is. Then you can upload everything to your computer and it gives you a map, elevation and more details about your pace. You can also easily compare previous runs and see how much or little you are improving. Another tool that I find very useful is the website It is free and you can very easily create running routes for the mileage you want to cover. I use it for making routes around where we live, but I will also map out routes when I am on vacation. I do a combination of running outside and on the treadmill. The treadmill is so much easier on my knees, but I much prefer running outside. The time just seems to pass soooo much quicker outside. I’m really excited for you that you are training for a half marathon. Love reading your blog too – keep it up!

    Laura (your old neighbor)


    • Thanks so much for the feedback Laura!! I was just sitting down to find a program or app to map my route for tomorrow’s run and you just saved me a bunch of time. I got my Polar working today (I think) and will try it out tomorrow. It has some of the features you mentioned (if I use the footpod) combined with apps on my iPhone…but I think I’m going to start looking into Garmins too.

      Miss you guys!


      • Laura says:

        You definitely won’t regret getting the Garmin. I bought one of the cheaper ( possibly cheapest?) models – Performance 110. It doesn’t have everything the more expensive models do, but it has been more than sufficient for me. Glad to hear the website worked out great for you and that you had a good run this morning. Avoid running on sidewalks as much as you can. They are a recipe for injuries. I try and run as much as I can on trails. I didn’t really run at all when we lived in Arizona, so I haven’t a clue if there are any suitable trails around the old ‘hood (which we often wish we had never left!). Happy running!


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