Good Morning Sunshine

It is almost 10:30 AM on Sunday morning and I am still in bed! I decided to update my blog from my iPad this morning. Such a wonderful, lazy day.

Well, I’ll start with the good news because it goes downhill from there. I woke up yesterday morning and squeezed a run in before our very busy day started. I set the silent vibrating alarm on my FitBit wristband for 6:30 AM. The FitBit vibrates within the wristband at the time you program with your iPhone app. I like using it for situations like this, times when I don’t want to wake my husband up with our bedroom alarm clock and non-critical wake-ups. I decided if it went off and I felt like getting up, I would. So, at 6:30 I did feel like I was ready to get up and try a cooler outside run. I got dressed in my running stuff and ate about half of a protein bar for a little energy. I was ready to head out within 15-20 minutes. It did feel much better outside, still warm but not already hot. The goal was 3 miles along the route I have been running this past week. I had my 3 different running “tools” on but paid the most attention to my Polar watch which I had set to display my running pace. It didn’t take me too long to realize what a HUGE difference the cooler temperature was making. I felt so much better, my pace was decent (for me) and it was just a much more enjoyable experience. I finished 3 miles in 35:30 which is, by far, the fastest I have gone….probably ever. I wasn’t even really pushing very hard because I’m still getting used to running outside. The best part though was when I got home I didn’t feel completely overheated. I just had a little more water and got going with my day. Last week I had to sit under a fan and really cool my body down before I could function. As soon as I got home, I contemplated texting my friend that lives across town who is also starting half marathon training but didn’t want to wake her up. She has been running in the evening – when it is actually even hotter (110 at 6pm). We have been comparing notes and complaining about the heat. As soon as I got my phone out to text her, I got a message from her at the same time saying she had just returned from a 3 mile run and discovered early morning running made a HUGE difference. We both had almost the same time and had shaved off about the same 7-8 minutes. So, I have learned my lesson about not wanting to wake up early to run – I think it is worth it for now. By October or so it should cool down enough to run after the kids leave for school but, for now, I think getting up early will be key. Besides, I can start getting stuff done after they leave and those extra hours will be beneficial.

I don’t want to define my day as being good or bad based on what I ate. I don’t think that is a healthy mindset. I did have a great, busy day in which I did not make good food choices. After the run I got my son to football practice and my daughter and friend/teammate (who spent the night) dropped off at gymnastics practice. The rest of the family was busy getting the house ready for our fantasy football draft party while I rushed around to leave for a bridal shower on the other end of Phoenix (why do I always have to be somewhere right before a party at my own house!?). So I went to the shower and ate cake (only because it was from my favorite bakery) then left a bit early to get back to my own party. When I got home I was greeted at my house by my husband’s college roommate who happened to be my friend in high school and, consequently, the reason I actually met my husband. He gave me a hug and said the sweetest thing I think I’ve heard to date. He said, “you look like Muffy!” which was my horrible nickname in high school. But he meant that I look like I did in high school – which, in a way, is true weight-wise (other than my 43 year old skin and other sagging issues). So, that was great to hear!

On Friday, in my last blog post, I wrote that I really didn’t have an eating plan for all of the food we would have at the party at my house. That was probably not a great idea. I didn’t put much planning into it because I was pretty far under goal but we did end up going out for dinner on Friday night where I didn’t watch things very carefully followed by the food fest here on Saturday. I found myself grazing on crap ALL day. And it was not low-calorie stuff at all. The sad thing was that I was the one that made the hot cheese queso dips, brownies, cookies and other high fat foods. I didn’t drink more than one beer so I was “good” that way. I wish I had planned to have “some” and stop at that but with all of that food sitting around for close to 6 hours, I just ate and ate.

I’m giving myself a “rest day” from running which is also important. I’ll still have to get my mile “streak” done somehow but that will probably be a slow walking mile on our treadmill. My kids brought me breakfast in bed – unfortunately a pretty high fat breakfast – but I ate that anyway. My youngest was so cute as she set my milk glass down announcing that it was “skim” milk, as if that going to counteract the pile of hash browns. So I didn’t get on the scale first thing this morning and, since I already ate, I am not going to do today. I’ll save that for tomorrow when I start another week and get back to what works….

Guess I should get out of bed now and clean up from the party. Or I could take a nap….

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