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Good morning.  Just returned from the vet with this guy… Warner was well behaved this year, unlike last year when he bit and drew blood from the poor vet tech that was trying to weigh him.  The vet, by law, had to report our little 4 pound terror to the Maricopa County Animal Control and, consequently, he had to serve a 10-day in-home quarantine.  So, this year I am prepared with his little tiny muzzle.


Most pathetic thing ever, right?

Anyway, hard to believe but this is my 100th blog post!  I started this blog just to document the weight loss journey.  I knew it would keep me accountable if I was listing my weights and progress.  I really never thought that I would have strangers following it – I mainly kept it public in case I had friends inquiring about what I was doing.  I thought that 100if they had specific questions about things like “how I felt during week 2” or something like that, I could just refer back – or have them refer back – to my blog.  Based on past experience, when people asked me questions about baby or toddler stuff, I could never really remember the nitty gritty details, although that was probably because I was sleep deprived and/or had 3 babies in 5 years.  So I decided to just keep a record or journal.  According to my “stats page” that I 100th postcan view as the admin, I have had 16,527 page reads since starting this blog and 31 “followers”, many whom I have never met.  So, thank you for the support.  I added my email address to the blog home page (found on the right hand side) if you would ever like to contact me with questions, comments, etc.  I’d love to hear about your journey, wherever you might be on it.  I’m not really sure how to keep the content very interesting but I do know that weight management/maintenance is the bigger of the tasks, weight loss was pretty easy actually.  I need to keep journaling to make sure I continue down the right path.

So, regarding the title of this post…finally.  Yesterday I had another “out of my comfort zone” experience.  I cashed in yet another Groupon for 10-sessions at an all-female boxing gym called Jabz Boxing not too far from my house.  I have been interested in checking this place out but since I’m already paying a significant amount of money for my Koko Fit Club membership, I didn’t want to join another gym too.  Well, as it turns out, at Jabz you can just purchase individual classes (or 10-packs of classes) and go whenever you want to schedule a workout.  The Groupon was one of these 10-packs for just $24…so it seemed like a good opportunity to try it out without investing too much money.  It was a bit difficult to find a class with an opening that works with my schedule but I finally found an open slot yesterday morning.  You sign up on-line and classes fill up quickly (limited to 15 women per class) – especially at the premium time slots.  Since my mornings are busy getting the 3 kids out the door to 3 different schools, I have to wait until at least 8AM to start a class.  I should also point out that group fitness classes completely freak me out and I have never had much interest in them.  I was slightly less intimidated by this because I was fairly confident that no dance moves or rhythm aptitude was going to be required.  I showed up 10 minutes early, as requested by the website, for a quick lesson from the trainer and to have time to purchase my required MMA gloves.  Yes, I own MMA boxing gloves now.  Oh my hell.


The trainer’s name was “Len” and he was very friendly, yet tough.  He showed me the basic concepts of what I would be doing and had me practice throwing a few punches (and kicks) correctly.  He explained how the class would flow and showed me where I could warm up.  The class is 45 minutes long and is essentially circuit training using boxing gym equipment.  There are assorted punching bags hanging around a boxing “ring” that we rotated to every minute.  The exercise runs for about 45 seconds while music is playing then there is a “ding” (like at a boxing match to end a round) and we move to the next station.  During that 15 seconds between we are encouraged to do squat jumps but we could also grab a drink of water (and, as it progressed, it was a good time to wipe the buckets of sweat off my face and body).  After progressing around the stations at the outer edge of the ring, you go inside the ring for about 4 stations.  These included exercises like planks on a Bosa ball, burpees using a giant weighted ball, punching using hand weights and sitting in a crunch position, etc.  After rotating out of there we went to stations involving more free weights and other core strengthening stations … and lots and lots and LOTS of push-ups.

I quickly learned that I am still not in great shape.  I can’t even imagine how the class IMG_5125would have gone 6 months ago when I was heavier and in way worse condition.  My cardio endurance was OK but combined with the weights, etc. it was pretty brutal.  I really enjoyed the boxing/kick-boxing stations and I wish there had been a few more of those.  My arms were like noodles when we finished and I was dripping in sweat.  Definitely a great workout!  My knuckles were really red and sore from the MMA gloves and punching, they need to be broken in for sure.

I’m glad I finally tried it and it made me realize that I have a long way to go to continue to improve my fitness.  I know from reading about running training that cross-training is very important and I thought that doing the weight training at Koko was good enough.  It is a great start but shaking things up with a class at Jabz might be beneficial as well.  I am a little concerned about over-doing it though.  I know rest days are important for running training to give the muscles time to repair and rest.  I’m just so antsy to do something every day to train but I don’t want to set myself back either.

Between the indoor sky-diving on Sunday and the boxing class yesterday, I am incredibly sore.  Even before going to the boxing class I had some pretty crazy stiffness and pain – no doubt from whizzing around that wind tunnel with the sky-diving instructor.  I knew my body was taking on some crazy G’s from that and I was using muscles that I hadn’t in a while.  This morning I have so many muscles – particularly in my arms and core – screaming at me.  Despite running over 6 miles and doing that class over the past 3 days, my weight has jumped up to an above-goal high I haven’t seen in a while.  I know I ate more than I should have this weekend but I do feel that some of it is just plain water weight from the exercise.  I know my muscles are full of lactic acid right now – everything just feels stiff and puffy.  This week I am getting back down to basics and tracking my food and eating as cleanly as possible.  I also need to remember to keep up with the water drinking.  I ran 3 miles this morning and it was brutal – between the stiffness in my legs and body and the extreme heat/humidity from a storm we had last night, it felt like 10 miles.  I’m happy that I stuck with it and chugged along, even though I just wanted to stop and walk about halfway through.  I just want to do what I can to get the weight back down under goal but won’t do anything too drastic with my eating plan until after the soreness goes away and I can rule out the water weight gain.  The weight jumped up really fast and coincided with the weekend’s activities.


Looking ahead we have a few more fun activities planned as well.  We are heading up to our cabin for Labor Day weekend for some relaxed family time.  Then the kids have a short “fall break” 2 days later (yes, already, the public schools take breaks for Rosh Hashanah although they don’t specify that as the reason) and we are planning a trip to San Diego for some beach time and to see my sister-in-law.  Good stuff!

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