A Quick Vacay

Thanks to a school district that doesn’t want to lose money when its Jewish students stay home for religious holidays, the kids are given random “Fall Breaks”; and this year, it came a mere 3 weeks after school starts.  Usually the break is towards the end of September but this year it fell, inconveniently, just 2 days after Labor Day.  So instead of giving them the whole week off, they had a 3 day weekend, 2 days of school, then a 4 day weekend.  I wish they would have just started school 2 days earlier back in August and then given them the whole week off….  Anyway, we have made it a little “tradition” to head to California during this “break” and enjoy the cooler weather and ocean.  September is an awesome time to visit there!

My husband’s sister is renting a beach condo for an entire year so we decided that we really needed to pay her a visit.  She lives on Mission Beach which is a casual place to hang out and do basically nothing.  We got in on Thursday afternoon, found a decent parking place to leave our SUV, and never moved it again until we packed up to leave on Sunday morning.  On Friday my oldest daughter and I went on a power walking shopping trip up and down Mission Boulevard.  According to my FitBit, we walked over 6 miles.  We had some nice quality time together, although it ended up being rather expensive!  When we returned to the condo, we got changed and headed down to the beach to meet up with my husband and the other kids.  My kids LOVE to boogie board so they pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon together playing in the waves.  They took a little break though to bury my son in the sand and play a little football too.

IMG_5307 IMG_5305 IMG_5279 IMG_5237 IMG_5258


And here’s a first, a photo of me in a swimsuit.  At the end of September last year (just days before I started on Optifast), we went to Newport Beach and I took a photos with some friends on the beach – what a difference a year makes!
IMG_5242 newport beach

The next day I woke up early and went for a beautiful 4 mile run. I ran along the Mission IMG_5280Beach boardwalk which transitioned into the Pacific Beach boardwalk to the north. I ran past Crystal Pier and then past a larger condo high rise called “Capri by the Sea” which is where I spent at least a week of vacation just about every summer with my mom and dad. That area is so familiar to me. As over-protective as my mom was, she did give me a ton of freedom while we were there and I often rented a bike by myself and rode up and and down the boardwalk or went, on foot, shopping to the east to all of the surf shops and other great stores. So, as I returned there are on Saturday I often get a bit nostalgic and possibly a bit sad thinking about spending time with my mom and dad at the beach. I miss my mom during times like that.  I try to just remember the good times.

IMG_5284Anyway, the run gave me a good time to clear my head and reflect a bit. It was unseasonably warm but next to the ocean, it wasn’t awful.  On the way back south I took a detour onto Crystal Pier – not the safest place to run as far as footing (it is a wooden pier) but I watched my step closely and slowed down a bit.


As I headed back south towards Mission Boulevard, my family IMG_5302met me at an outdoor bar for breakfast … and beer!  Afterward, we went back down to Mission Beach and took the kids over to Belmont Park to ride roller coasters and other rides for the afternoon.  We bought them wrist bands, gave them some cash for snacks and lunch, then headed to the bar on the beach.  I love that they are old enough to have fun together as siblings while we can enjoy some adult time too!

Sunday morning my training plan called for another 3 miles of running so, this time, I headed south along the Mission Beach boardwalk, down to the jetty at the end, then cut inland to the Mission Bay side and headed back north.  I had wanted to get over there so it gave me a good chance to see the sailboats, etc.

And then our short but sweet trip was over.  We packed up and headed back to Phoenix and made it home by early evening.  Back to reality now – no more good school breaks until Thanksgiving.  It will be a long stretch with tons and tons of events, games, etc. between now and then.  My head is spinning thinking of all we have going on this Fall – but it is all good, and we are blessed.

So, looking ahead, I have my weigh-in and visit with Dr. Ziltzer tomorrow.  I put on a few pounds while in San Diego but have worked really hard this week to remove most of it.  I continued my running and weight training but also went back to eating small, simple, healthy meals to get back on track.

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2 Responses to A Quick Vacay

  1. Rita says:

    I have read your blog from the beginning in 2 days! I was looking for something just like this to help me on my Optifast journey. I just finished my first week and although i was very anxious before i started, i was really surprised at how well i adapted this first week. I hope to be as successful as you. You are great inspiration and a reminder that the real work comes after the weight is lost. Thanks for your blog.


    • Hi Rita! Thanks for your comment … and I can’t believe that my ramblings were worthy of reading for 2 days!! I’m glad that my blog was helpful for you. Maintenance is, indeed, some work but it seems a bit easier because I am trying to protect something I have really come to love – my smaller body and feeling healthy. I wish you a ton of success and please let me know if you need any support. It will get hard in stretches but it WILL work, and it is SO worth it. Keep me posted!


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