I have a bit of a hard time taking time out for myself but I’m really trying to get better at that.  I’m hoping to put a little more effort into my personal appearance – and I gotta say it is much more fun now.  Growing up, my mom didn’t spend a lot of time pampering herself either and I’m sure she didn’t want to spend money on frivolous things.  We were comfortable money-wise but my parents were from the post-depression era and had a strong German work-ethic.  They, like most people from their generation, take care of things themselves and have a hard time hiring others to do things for them.  Even at 75+ years old, my dad still insists on doing most of the home repairs and improvements himself although he has more than earned the right to hire someone to help him now.

Anyway, needless to say, I didn’t spend any time in a nail salon growing up.  The idea of getting a manicure or pedicure never crossed my mind until, well, my wedding.  In college I would not have spent money on it and in the early years of my career when I had money, I was working as an engineer and spent a good part of my day trashing my hands while working with circuit boards and machinery.  But today, in my circles, it is so common as a mom to go get pedicures with friends or by yourself and, also almost as common, to take your daughters with you for a fun girls’ day out.  My girls have already had more pedicures than my mom probably ever did in her entire life.  In Arizona we spend most of our days in flip-flops – even through the winter – so having nice toes and feet is worthwhile.

I’ve recently discovered, however, that pedicures are becoming a bit of an actual necessity for me as a runner.  I’ve been noticing if I let things go too long, I can really start to have some pain in my toes from the beating they are taking inside my shoes.  If the nails get just a little bit too long they can start rubbing on other toes and cause blisters.  My big toes get really sensitive too if the nail gets too long or cuticles aren’t maintained.  So, as a “gift” to myself for making a commitment to training for this half marathon, I’m making regular pedicures a priority.  I know as I continue to add distance I’ll probably start having my share of nasty running feet horror stories.  I saw a mom that I know who is a Boston qualifier marathon runner at the nail salon once and she mentioned that this it was the first time in years she has had a pedicure because usually her nails are falling off from running.  So, I’m not sure at what point (if ever) I can look forward to that but I’m hoping never.  I don’t think that happens at the half marathon point and I have zero interest in training beyond that.  Maybe I’m in for a rude awakening but I’m going to live happily now thinking I can maintain cute toes for the duration.  So, today after my run, I took a little time out for myself and got my tootsies fixed up…the calf massage wasn’t bad either.


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4 Responses to Pedi-Cure

  1. Lynn Watson says:

    You go …. I enjoy reading your blog. …. Have not been to success club and have had a lot of stress …. You are helping me with some focus …. I always thought it was just me who could not eat what I wanted … I do have a slower metabolism but it is what it is …. Need to focus on some muscle mass …. Keep on posting. Thanks


    • Thanks Lynn. 10:30 pm and I just finished my mile of the day. I took a “rest day” from running but still had to do the stupid mile. Ugh. Anyway, thanks for your note. I’m planning on going to success club this month if I can swing rides for my kiddos – actually to St. Patrick’s for EDGE 🙂


  2. Carole, Ottawa, Canada says:

    Good morning Martha, How wonderful it is that you took time out for you. Continue to pamper yourself in these little female indulgences you deserve it. Congratulations on your continued effort to train for the half marathon, I know you can do it. You are my source of inspiration, if you can do it, I can do it to. Keep up the good work.

    P.S.: went for my information session for Optifast900, as a result I enrolled and will be starting my journey in 10 days.


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