Plus or Minus Half a Pound

Had my weigh-in and appointment with Dr. Ziltzer yesterday morning.  I worked pretty hard and made some healthy eating decisions all week to get ready for this appointment.  I had put on a few pounds while in San Diego last weekend (every ounce worthwhile) but I really wanted to be back to goal in time.  I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary – I just continued my running (which included about 7 miles so far this week), did some weight training (2x), kept my calorie intake around 1700 calories – and not “eating” those exercise calories.  There were a few times when I decided to forego a small snack or treat though because I had my weigh-in coming up.  That is the main value I find in keeping to my weigh-in schedule at Scottsdale Weight Loss.  I also find that it helps to add the phentermine back in to my routine after going on vacation or any time I eat more than “normal”.  The phentermine is an appetite suppressant and I am not really sure how much it works, but I do think it helps a bit with the late afternoon munchies, which I suffer from.  I think the phentermine has a bit of a metabolic kick to it as well.  I really try not to take it too much (I refill a 30 day supply about every 2-3 months) but it is a tool to help me with my weight management.  Anyway, I came in at 167.0 pounds which is .5 lbs above last month’s weight of 166.5 (my goal weight is 170 lbs.)  It is nice to be sitting slightly under my goal weight.  For weird reasons, I like the 167 number though because that is the “100 pounds lost” point.  The body composition analyzer at the office showed that I had lost .5 lbs in fat as well.  So, that is good news.  The running, over time, should help that number continue to go down.  If my weight stays the same, hopefully that means I am adding more lean muscle – I would be totally OK with that.  You can see here how I bounce all around with my weight during the month but I’m happy with the fact that the start and end are at the same place.  Since I weigh myself every single morning, the day to day fluctuations don’t really bother me much.


Dr. Z asked me what he could help me with.  He always has questions I am totally unprepared to answer.  But I should think of some new topics to have answered to get my money’s worth out of my appointment.  The biggest value of these appointments thus far has just been keeping me accountable to holding my goal weight.  But, I have access to his knowledge too and I should prepare better next time.  I do think one topic I’d like to get into is improving my nutrition to help with both the running and weight training/lean muscle building.  If I’m going to put the sweat equity in, I should fuel my body as best as I can.

The past 3 visits he has given me some “homework” for my “Active Maintenance” binder and, unfortunately, I have not completed any of the exercises.  So, my goal before the next visit is to sit down and work through the worksheets.  I did glance at them long enough to realize that there were no quick answers to any of the questions and it would take some soul-searching and reflection.  I think, in the long run, I would benefit by completing all of these steps.  There is a reason he is giving them to me to do and I should take full advantage of it.

As usual, Dr. Z and I talked about running training and he always gives me a few pointers.  I shared with him the story of my “what’s next” after the half marathon – which will require a few blog posts by themselves – but I am very excited about sharing it here too, very soon.  Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to Plus or Minus Half a Pound

  1. sarah k says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how insiring your blog is to me. I have just started my Optifast journey and I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you still keep up your blog…You give me a lot to think about and I’m starting to work on plan for long-term success now…


    • Thanks so much for your feedback Sarah (by the way, my daughter is also “Sarah K” so I thought for a moment that she had left me a comment 🙂 Anyway, best wishes with your journey. Please keep me posted. I’m trying to keep the blog up – surprised that anyone wants to read my ramblings but I appreciate your note 🙂 This program has changed my life SO much this past year, I wish you all the same success too!


  2. Lynn Watson says:

    I can’t wait too see what you have up your sleave after the half marathon…. I wanted to do a mini triathalon but got hurt at church and struggled with back issue for July and August. … So starting over … Maybe first part of next year …. ..thanks for blogging,….


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