Being Sporty

Things are going really well.  The kids’ activities are starting to pick up a bit but they are all enjoying the experience – that makes driving them around endlessly worthwhile (I went through half a tank of gas in 2 days this week!)  This fall has been a bit more fun/interesting for me as a mom because their teams, activities, and schools are different in some cases.  It is a learning curve for me too but that keeps things fresh and new.  My son’s football season has started (just practicing so far) but his team is associated with the high school football team so we have been attending quite a few games – both freshman and varsity.  I have really enjoyed them – mostly socially, as I get a chance to catch up with parents that I haven’t seen in a while.  My oldest daughter is giving girls’ high school basketball a try (that was my sport in high school) so it has been fun for me to watch her.  She does not have much athletic drive or passion (and, she would admit, talent) but she works at it with the team during their off-season open gym sessions.  Up until last night, she was the only freshman even showing up so the coaches have gotten to know her and she got to spend some time getting to know the upperclassmen/varsity players.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, my daughter is over 6 feet tall – and that has been the main driving factor in getting her into this sport.  It seems to be a good fit for her – mainly because the competition level is somewhat less (unlike volleyball which is uber-competitive) and the coaches seem interested in developing skills in someone with her height.  The last few practices that I have picked her up from she has been so excited and encouraged, and that makes me happy too.

varsity basketball

Me, Varsity Girls Basketball – Junior Year (1986-ish)

I don’t have any fantasies about my kids’ sports careers advancing past middle school or high school.  These days it is so hard to make a high school team since so many kids are specializing in sports early on and play year-round club sports.  My kids don’t have a ton of athletic talent but they do have interest and good work ethics.  I was pretty much the same way – lots of interest and I put the time into it.  Looking back on my weight loss journey this past year, I needed a “memory” of myself as a healthy and athletic person and it always takes me back to my young adult years in high school and college.  I had an almost tangible feeling of what I wanted to get back to – I wasn’t just imagining that goal, I was remembering it.  So, I hope and pray that my kids don’t pack on weight in their adult years but, chances are, at least one of them might struggle a little.  I hope that they can look back as well and remember the feeling of a healthy, athletic, and sweaty body and use that as an anchor to get themselves back too.


Just finished a 3 mile Sunday morning run


Super sweaty!! I traded in an hour of sleep for another 10 degrees of temperature at 7AM. Not sure if it was worth it. Running in 90 degree weather sucks!

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