Days Like These

Days like these are trouble.  We had a super busy weekend and none of us were home much.  Today I am just staying in and getting the house picked up, laundry done, and groceries organized.  My son and husband have returned home from a weekend of “canyoneering” with the Boy Scouts with some incredibly funky smelling laundry.  There is also football practice laundry and lots of my sweaty running clothes.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.

So, nothing too exciting today … which is where the trouble comes in.

After a weekend of not really paying attention to what I was eating and, admittedly, doing a bit of post-weigh-in eating to make up for really being “good” last week, the scale is reading back up at my “goal weight” of 170 lbs.  This is still good and nothing I am upset about, but I have lost my margin so I need to get back on track.  These little swings happen about every 3-4 days now so I’m pretty familiar with the process.  I just find it more challenging on days like today when the most excitement I can look forward to is finishing 7 loads of laundry, going to the store, and driving a carpool this evening.  So far today I have eaten healthy, well-proportioned meals, including a new favorite of mine, baked oatmeal from Katie at Runs for Cookies.  I never even liked oatmeal (and it is still over 100 degrees here) but this just sounded good and it was a nice change-up to my normal breakfasts and/or snacks.

Here is an adaptation of the baked oatmeal recipe - you can really add whatever you want.

Here is an adaptation of the baked oatmeal recipe – you can really add whatever you want.

But, after a while, my mind starts to wander to what might be in the pantry?, what I can bake?, or what salty crunchy snack can I pour a bowl of and eat along with watching something on the DVR……?  That is how I put at least 50 pounds on over the past few years – diversion eating.  Rewarding myself for finishing a chore I didn’t want to do.  To make things more complicated, I did go to the gym this morning and lifted weights and ran an 11:00 mile.  Shouldn’t that count for something??  I should be able to eat at least one treat this afternoon that I didn’t plan on…..right?  What about those 6 AM running sessions this weekend?  7 miles between Saturday and Sunday.  When do I “celebrate” that.  See, I can’t.  I have to stay focused.  Am I hungry?  Not really.  Am I bored?  Maybe a little, I’m mostly just happy to have a full day to get stuff done.  I really should focus on just being content – because that is what I am.   Truthfully, the biggest reward I can give myself is to take a nap.  I think I might do that – after I get all of the laundry off my bed….


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One Response to Days Like These

  1. Lynn Watson says:

    I have days like this but usually during the week thank God our office has no vending machines. Have to get into the car to get food


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