Yo-Yo Maintaining?

Well, howdy.

Busy week being a mom – and about to get very busy.  (I think I say that just about every week.  Sorry.)  Looking at our October calendar is enough to send me to a corner to rock myself.  Oh well, I just need to take it one day at a time and ask for help when I need to.  I’ve got lots of mommy friends driving in the same directions most days so we all help each other out.  My husband has lots of business trips on the horizon – along with a guys’ trip to hike the Grand Canyon, something he does every year.

warner_footballOur little terror schnoodle, Warner, has been at the vet all morning having his teeth cleaned under anesthesia.  The vet just called to tell me he is all done and waking up – wondering what.the.HELL just happened to him.  Fortunately he did not need any teeth pulled and getting the cleaning done at this time was very beneficial as it did take care of some potential problem areas before they got any worse.  That was not an inexpensive little procedure, but since the main issue small dogs can have is in their mouths, it seemed like a good preventative measure.  Anyway, it has been a bit quiet and strange in the house today without my little shadow following me around.  I get to pick him up in a couple of hours – I hope he still wants to be my friend after today 🙂

My eating was nutso last weekend and I hit another high score on the ol’ maintenance yoyoscale – 172.6 lbs.  So, as usual, I switched back to my careful eating plan, which is around 1700 calories, and find myself already back to 166.4 lbs. today, just 3 days later.  My weight chart looks like a mountain range.  Instead of yo-yo dieting, it is like yo-yo maintaining.  I love weighing every day to see what is going on and being able to look at this pattern helps me stay calm when my weight does peak…but it also motivates me to get back under control quickly.


I’m thinking that maybe I should work on balancing my eating trends a little.  Spiking high then low (a 6 pound swing) every few days might not be the best idea.  I’m sure that is not fat, probably mostly water weight.  I find that I can stay very focused and not stray from my plan for about 2-3 days, but then I feel a need to eat more “freely” for a day or so after that – but only if the scale is indicating that it is OK.  So, now that I am back below goal, I am snacking like crazy today.  What is that called?  Calorie cycling?  I need to talk to Dr. Ziltzer about it at my next visit.  Whatever it is, it works for me and I’m maintaining my weight for 5 months now.  Just not sure if it smart.  I also have run 4 miles this week 2 times already and done weight training the other 2 days.  The furnace is burning hot and I do need to keep it fed with fuel.

I am reading a very interesting book called Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performanceracing weight book  cover.  Summarizing the book info on Amazon, the Racing Weight program helps athletes:

•    Improve diet quality
•    Manage appetite
•    Balance energy sources
•    Easily monitor weight and performance
•    Time nutrition throughout the day
•    Train to get—and stay—lean

The first part of the book helps you determine what your ideal racing weight should be.  This number is really a best guess and proving its accuracy comes from actually seeing where you can acheive a peak performance.  I really have no aspirations to become a super fast runner, but I do want to work towards improving and, more importantly since I am a large framed girl, I want to help minimize wear and tear on my body as much as possible.  I come from a long long line of relatives that are partially bionic – many knees and hips are no longer original parts in my own father and aunts and uncles.

So I am about halfway through this book and have found it to be very interesting.  It is pretty technical and full of examples and studies, but it has given me lots of things to think about.  First and foremost, do I want to maybe think about re-adjusting my weight goal?  Do I really want to drop another 10-15 pounds as the book would seem to suggest?  I am currently sitting just inside the “healthy” range for both weight and fat %.  There is definitely room for improvement but I am very happy with the way I look now and my current clothing size, etc.  But, every 10 pounds of weight loss reduces the amount of energy I need to move my body by a 6.5%.  That, to me, is huge.  I think about how much easier it is to run now that I am lighter and I am all for making it even easier…I think.  But, at what cost?  I am at such a good place now I think – “yo-yo maintaining” and all.  But I am maintaining and, more importantly, very happy with the way things have been going (this is all very manageable) so I don’t think this is the time to make any drastic changes.  I could try to head down to 160 pounds and see how it goes, but I don’t want to stress about it.  With the holidays coming up, I think just maintaining my weight will be enough of a challenge!

But, with that said, I do need to work in a few more different foods as fuel for my running.  I need to be more open to carbs and understand their place and timing in my diet better.   There is value in getting enough carbs to fuel performance during endurance training.  This hasn’t mattered too much so far but as I start to increase my mileage, this will become increasingly important – especially once I am running for over an hour at a time (which will be next week when I move to 6 miles!)

This morning I ran my 4 miles at an 11:24/mi pace and it felt awesome.  I was a bit tired towards the end, but the first 2-2.5 miles I felt like I could run all day.  At Success Club on Monday, Dr. Ziltzer roblowesuggested listening to audio books or podcasts while running and I thought that was a great idea.  I do like music but I get really tired and unmotivated by listening to the same things over and over.  I really need to make some new playlists.  But I did search through iTunes for audiobooks and bought and downloaded Rob Lowe’s autobiography – which he reads himself.  It has been a good read so far!  Except today, at about mile 3 he describes an incident when he broke his ankle and, if you know me, you know that this info is enough to make me pass out.  I was pretty nervous and fumbled around with my iPhone trying to make it stop!  Sheesh.  Fortunately, Rob didn’t dwell on the injury or proceed with graphic detail or I would have been in big trouble – with not much to bail me out since my water was running low and I had no food on me.

So it is Homecoming weekend which means a big football game to watch and getting my beautiful daughter ready for the Homecoming dance at school Saturday night.  They grow up so fast!  Paul and I have our 18 year wedding anniversary coming up on Monday night so maybe we’ll try to sneak in a nice celebration dinner over the weekend too.  Throw in a few birthday parties, a bridal shower, football practice, and 2 gymnastics practices … we’ll be on the run!

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3 Responses to Yo-Yo Maintaining?

  1. fee says:

    I just want to say I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been following along 🙂 I am starting a weight management program next week and will be using optimist (or HRM) shakes. It’s a 2-year commitment with regular visits to the dr, and dietitian and group. I was so scared at first, but your blog has really encouraged me. Thanks for writing.

    Enjoy your anniversary and homecoming! 🙂


    • fee says:

      oh silly spell corrector, I mean *optifast


    • Hi. Thanks for your comments and best wishes for I’m sure will be a life changing experience. I love that your program is a 2-year commitment. I think knowing you will have support for the long haul will be very helpful. It can be scary and overwhelming at times but soooo worth it! Please keep me posted!


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