A Happy Anniversary

Eighteen years ago – September 30, 1995 – I married my husband, Paul.  It is hard to believe that much time has passed.  I truly feel I have won the “husband” lottery in many ways.  He is a great man, father, husband, and friend.  I can’t wait to see what the next 18+ years hold for us.

Today I posted a photo of us from our wedding day on Facebook.  We used a trolley to bring us and the whole wedding party (including spouses/significant others – doesn’t seem right to split people up and just take the wedding party in the limo) from the church to our reception hall.  The guests had lined up outside on the sidewalk to welcome us to our reception.


One of the repeated comments I have gotten on Facebook from this photo today is that I look exactly the same.  You know, I kinda do.  6 months ago, I didn’t look anything like this.  But today, back close to this same weight, I do!

Last year I was at a pretty low point – feeling horrible about my weight.  I had JUST found out about Dr. Ziltzer and Scottsdale Weight Loss from one of my old neighbors/friends.  I was nervous about asking Paul about what he thought about doing the program.  It was going to be a significant financial commitment and I had stopped and started Weight Watchers a few too many times.  I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject.  So, I wrote it all down in an email and sent it to him.  I thought he could process his feelings about it at his own rate and we’d talk about it later.  I am a much better writer than speaker and this would give me a chance to say exactly how I felt.  Basically I told him that the only “gift” I wanted for our anniversary was a chance at this weight loss program.  In all honesty, I wanted to get healthy for him and our family.  I wanted to be more present in their lives and feel better about myself.  I wanted to be around for many years to come and I had just spent a few months watching my father suffer from congestive heart failure.  So, I sent the email.  Keep in mind that I can talk to him about anything, anytime … but I was so ashamed and just wasn’t sure what to say in this case.  That night he came home from work and after the kids were off doing their thing, he took me in his arms and told me that he loved me no matter how much I weighed but that he (and the kids) would fully support me in this if it is something I wanted to pursue.  I can’t even express how much that meant to me.  It truly was the best gift I could receive – even before I started on this journey.

So, that is how things got going … I called Scottsdale Weight Loss the next morning and made my first appointment.  One year later, I am thrilled to be a new person.  Down 100 pounds and now keeping it off for over 5 months.  I am running 5 miles straight now and getting stronger and stronger.  My world is changing, opening up to new possibilities every day.  What a year it has been.  And it all started with the love and support of the man I’m lucky enough to call my husband.

We are tag-team driving the kids around tonight – ordinarily I would not be spending our anniversary night blogging.  Haha.  But now it is my turn to go pick up a kid …

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4 Responses to A Happy Anniversary

  1. Tami says:

    Happy anniversary to one of the strongest and most wonderful couples we know!


  2. Marye Preisig says:

    what a wonderfully supportive husband you have, Martha! I’m very happy for both of you, and I’m so proud of you for taking the plunge into Optifast!!!!


  3. Lynn Watson says:

    WOW made me cry … Congrats to both of you …. Many more years to come …..


  4. hA-nA says:

    made me tear up a little too. yay for the both of you… Paul’s just as lucky as you are… Happy anni and happy belated birthday to Paul!


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