All for a Piece of Plastic

I mentioned several times that in addition to the running, I am also making a concerted effort to include weight training at Koko Fit Club on the “off” days.  Sometimes I’m not sure if this is the best idea since I think my body does really need some genuine “rest” days.  Starting last month, however, Koko started a little 30 day challenge to its members to encourage them to do at least 12 strength training sessions per month.  This works out to about 3 per week.  In addition to the different colored lanyards that we can earn for accumulating Koko “points” with each workout, these little plastic medallions can be IMG_5391earned for each consecutive 12 workouts per month for 30, 60, 90 and 120 days.  As of September 26th, I had 10 workouts completed.  If I stayed on track with my usual scheduling, I would only reach 11 by the last day of the month.  So, Sunday afternoon, in addition to running 3 miles, I dragged myself to Koko to squeeze in an extra weight training session.  Then again on Monday morning I went back and did session number 12 and earned my little orange medallion for the first 30 days.  I was glad to see quite a few other crazy people at the gym squeezing in extra workouts too just to earn their plastic medallion.

Unfortunately, since 9/30 fell on a Monday, I am already behind now for October since I’ll most likely only get 2 sessions in this week.  If I don’t get 12 sessions in this month, I’ll have to start back at the beginning.  This will get harder and harder as my running mileage increases and one extra day per week are added on.  I’m not sure how crazy I’ll get with this.  But, like the streaking, once I get in the habit, it really isn’t a big deal.  The benefit, of course, is that I will continue to build my lean muscle mass which helps with my metabolism.  I can tell that the regular training is really helping to define my muscles and I feel strong again.  I felt like I lost so much strength when I lost those 100 pounds, but slowly but surely some of it is coming back.

So, tomorrow kicks off the football season for my son.  His first game is tomorrow morning on the other side of Phoenix.  It is also the middle school basketball festival – the culmination of a month of intramural basketball at his school.  The 6 district middle schools will meet at one of the high schools and play a small tournament of short(er) games.  Because of his football game, he can only play in the first basketball game with his school team.  This is a bummer, but he is still hopeful to make the AllStar team that will travel to the schools for the next month and play regular basketball games.  I can’t believe our continued bad luck with game scheduling issues but I’m glad we came up with a solution.  I also can’t believe how many hours, emails, and texts I put into it micro-managing this situation either.   Ugh.  Very excited for football though – he is starting at both tight-end and defensive end in this game.  These are positions he has wanted for a long time and now he gets his shot.  His first season he played every single down in the games, the next season he pretty much stood on the sidelines the entire season and barely played, and now it looks like he’ll get a ton of playing time again.    After driving this kid around to practices for months on end, I am just excited to get things going!

I’ll end tonight by posting a picture of my daughter before she left for the Homecoming Dance last Saturday.  So grown up….


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