Not Much to Say

Good Monday.

I’ve decided that Mondays might be my favorite day of the week.  Our weekends are just too busy but on Monday, everyone gets out of the house for work and school and I feel like I can get to a few things on my to-do list.

The weekend was busy with the usual stuff.  Practices, games, driving, etc.  My daughter’s gymnastics coach got married to another coach at the gym on Saturday evening so I took selfie with erinmy little one to that.  It was a very nice evening.  Friday night my husband and I finally took care of the smoke detector that has been beeping intermittently (between 11pm and 5am) for the past week or so.  This is a bit of a project since our ceilings are well over 20 feet high in the area where the stupid smoke detector was installed by the builder and we need a step ladder to get up that high.  This is further complicated by the fact that we have a sunken living room so we can’t set the ladder up on a flat surface.  So, we need to rent a 14 foot step ladder from Home Depot, get it home, set it up kindamyhero wonky then change the battery.  So, instead, after we went through all that, my husband just removed the entire thing and put a plate up over the spot it was in (they are also AC hard-wired in our ceiling).  So, that ends that problem.  It was so nice to sleep all night without it beeping!  So, in between the gymnastics practice drop-off, returning the ladder, and my son’s football game, I went out and got my 6 mile run in.  I felt really good and the weather was beautiful.  I ran the whole 6 miles straight without stopping and it took about 1:10 minutes.  On Sunday I was really tired but due to run 2-3 miles according to my training schedule.  I put it off all day – I was just dragging.  I had to take the little one to a birthday party 30 minutes away and then I took my oldest clothes shopping at the mall.  When I got home I took a quick nap but woke up as the sun was setting and knew I had better get my run in.  So, while my husband went to pick up more take-out (it was a CRAPPY eating weekend!!) I went out and ran 2 miles.  I should have run more but the good thing about this run was that I pushed myself hard.  I was running for speed and I think I did really well.  My 2nd mile was 10:04!  If I could have been watching my pace on a gps watch I would have run even faster to try to get in under 10 minutes – I really had no idea how fast I was going.

But, back to my eating.  It has been awful for the past week or so.  I’ve brought a few too many goodies into the house for the family and I’ve been picking at all of them throughout the days.  My weight is up to 173.6 this morning, putting me in the “yellow zone” (172 -174 I believe).  So, today I have really scaled back on extra-curricular eating.  I’m eating large, filling meals but as much as I want to graze right now because I am worn out and a bit bored by housework, I am staying out of the kitchen.  Hopefully I’ll knock these extra pounds down this week.

I realize I didn’t follow up with info from my appointment with Dr. Ziltzer.  I guess that is because, despite all of my pre-planning, I’m not sure if I learned anything new.  He reminded me that I need carbs and protein both pre-workout and post-workout.  He thought what I was already doing sounded pretty good.  He told me that if I wanted to have a treat, I should do it very soon after a long run because my body would be in the process of using those carbs to rebuild muscle, etc. from the run and not tend to store it as fat.  He said that adding even just 1 pound of muscle is a major challenge and that it takes quite a bit of time – he wasn’t surprised by my slow muscle regain.  He reminded me that just because I am running, I still can’t eat whatever I want – which I know, but it is good to hear that often.  I also discussed the possibility of dropping another 10 pounds or so to improve my body fat percentage.  He did confirm that reducing body fat to lower “normal” numbers is always a good thing but that would be a personal decision.  I could go back on Optifast to do it but it would tough to train for about 2 weeks as I get back into the mild ketosis.  I don’t plan on doing it before my half marathon since I don’t want to mess with my training.  But I might consider it afterward.  We’ll see where I am after the holidays and the run.  So, it was good to see Dr. Z but this maintenance still remains very much up to me and the decisions I make every day on my own.

So I’m going to go do some meal prep to try to correct some of the bad eating out we have been doing as a family lately.  If I can get a few things prepped before the kids get home from school, I’m in a much better place.

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