A Much Needed Rest Day

Wow, it is already Monday again.  I’ve had a couple of blog posts rattling around in my head but I am just now sitting down to type some of them out.  I’ll probably do a couple of short ones (ha, like I have ever posted a “short” blog post – I’m soooo long winded!) over the next few days.  I might write them all right now and automatically schedule them to post on my behalf, just so it actually happens.

So I’ve talked a little about trying to squeeze in both the running training and the 12 strength sessions per month at Koko.  Last week was my first 5 days of running per week (20.5 miles!), prior to that it had just been 4 days a week.  This left only 2 non-running days to do weights but I need to average 3 per week to hit my goal.  Also, I know it is important to have at least one rest day per week to allow my leg muscles (and body) to heal.  That has just not been happening due to this exercise schedule I have been keeping.  Yesterday was one of my lighter running days (2-3 miles on the schedule) so I decided to double-up with a weight-training session that I would normally do today (my non-running “rest” day).  I’m really glad I did because, except for a leisurely 1-mile walk around the neighborhood with my killer schnoodle, I am really talking the “rest” concept as far as I can today.  I’m still cooking and doing laundry and other chores – but I’m not putting on workout clothes and getting sweaty.  It feels wonderful.  I’m in pretty good shape too because I’ve now got 10 days to get 3 strength workouts in.  I shouldn’t have any trouble with that and, if I plan ahead, I can probably work out a few more “pure” rest days.  This will be more and more important as my mileage increases over 20 miles per week.

Something interesting but not so good has finally happened too.  My weight has stayed at or above 170 pounds pretty consistently all week.  This is a change from my yo-yo bouncing around from 166-170 lbs. that I have been doing for months.  I’m sure I am overcompensating for my increased appetite, due to the running, and that is leveling my weight off.  I am still within the safe “green zone” for the most part so I’m not officially concerned, but I do need to keep a close eye on things.  I really preferred having that buffer zone below goal.  Today my weight was actually 172.5 pounds which is crazy.  I know that I didn’t gain 2.5 pounds of fat after running over 10 miles this weekend and not eating anything too crazy.  Sure, I had some things with high calories but not 2.5 pounds worth.  I feel pretty sure it is water weight in my sore muscles again and I’m hoping by getting back on plan – and tracking my food again on MyFitnessPal – that I can turn that around in a day or two.  I would bet I lose 2 pounds by sitting on my ass today….  Regardless, I don’t like the way the overall trend looks…it seems to be trending towards rising.  This is why I love weighing daily so I can track the trends overall.  Each day doesn’t freak me out – it is just the direction of the graphs over time that keeps me in check.


As far as the week and weekend went, early last week my son “realized” that he had a big social studies project due FRIDAY that he had not started and was going to require some parental help.  I was supposed to be on an overnight field trip with my youngest to Flagstaff, AZ but, due to the government shutdown of the National Parks, we had to postpone the trip until this spring.  So, I spent asword good part of my evenings, aside from driving the mom-taxi, making a civil war sword for my son.  Ah yes, back to the power tools.  Haven’t had them out since working on the Willy Wonka theater sets.  As far as the weekend went, we had another busy but fun couple of days.  We went to the high school football game on Friday


Blocking some big dudes.

night (they won – again – by a LOT).  Saturday I ran 7 miles before my son’s football game.  His team lost against a good team of really big boys.  My son was up against some huge kids and had to block them for the entire game.  He plays both offense and defense and was so incredibly worn out afterward.  He took off his pads and jersey and they must have had 10 pounds of steamy sweat in them.  My husband was a groomsman (for a co-worker/friend) in a wedding Saturday night so he had to leave early to take pictures, etc. but I went to the ceremony and reception later on.  Last week I had bought a new kinda hot pink dress to wear but realized Friday night that I was going to completely clash with my husband’s wedding party attire which was black and red.  So, right after the football game I ran over to Kohl’s and bought a new dress and shoes in record time.  Here is a picture of us at the wedding reception.  It is nice to have pictures of myself in cyber-space that I am not completely ashamed of any more.  I received a ton of compliments on it on Facebook, which is nice but makes me a bit self-conscious … and wondering how awful I looked before?  Does anyone else do this to themselves?


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  1. Lynn Watson says:

    What about Tom Tom and your new adventure


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