I Run 4

irun4michaelRunning has opened my eyes to so many things over these last few months.  I have already met some amazing people and things on the horizon will open me up to even more.  But something I hope to be a part of soon could further change my life.

Last week a friend of mine posted a simple Facebook message that said “So thrilled I met my match today for IRun4…”.  I sent her a message asking her what “IRun4” was and she sent me a link to their website:


Here is the description from their website:

“You can run for me anytime!”  A simple phrase that sparked a movement.

We all have friends who say “run some for me” because they don’t WANT to run… what about those who physically CAN’T run?  After an inspiration from a close friend who was battling bilateral hip dysplasia – Founder Tim Boyle found a whole new inspiration to run.

The mental and emotional encouragement for both runner and honorary runner is proving to be a whole new level of motivation and awareness.  Runners are able to find a whole new sense of purpose in their running while sharing who they are running for and bringing awareness to diseases and disabilities of all types.

We hope you will join us to run for someone special that you may not know yet…. but you will instantly form a bond.

To find a runner to be matched with or to find someone to run for, click the “Match Me” page above. Just sign up and when you get matched – dedicate your runs/workouts to your match!!  You can make signs, tshirts, body paint, whatever you want to do to make your match feel special!!  Upload pics and tag the child’s parent on the facebook group!  Give  your running a whole new motivation!!

 Almost immediately I joined the Facebook group and I was shocked by the number of posts on my feed every day.  Many posts are heart-breaking and, already, several children have passed away.  But, most of all, the FB posts are incredibly sweet and encouraging from both the runners and the children/parents.  From what I have read already, the bond between the runner and the matched person (and their parents) can be great and inspirational to all parties.  I would not have guessed how much having a “runner” means to a parent with a child with challenging circumstances.

I was so touched, I submitted a request to be matched with someone.  I can already tell this is a pretty big commitment because we are asked to post messages and updates 2-3 times a week to the FB page.  This shouldn’t be an issue since I am on Facebook too much as it is … I might as well do something constructive that might, somehow, bring joy to someone else.  Although, as is often the case, I suspect it might bring more inspiration to me than I can imagine.  I have come to learn that this waiting period can be 7 or 8 weeks long.  An updated list was issued yesterday and I am number 1229 on the wait list.  Amazing that there are that many runners ahead of me awaiting a match.  I shared this information with several other runners and they also signed up.  We should all be receiving our matches around the same time.

So, that is one of the many gifts that running has brought me.  I still hesitate to call myself “a runner” but, I guess somewhere along the line I have qualified as one.

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2 Responses to I Run 4

  1. Lynn Watson says:

    How cool is this …… Love your posts … You lead such a more interesting life than I do …. Thanks for sharing


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