“Single Mom” Weekend

So my husband is currently in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  For 4 days.  It occurred to me tonight as I was driving to our one meeeeelionth activity that this was brilliant planning on his part.  Sure, I’ve gone on a few girl trips but I was always accessible by phone.  Sometimes the amount of “pre-planning” for the kids and their schedules before I even leave town makes it seem like it isn’t even worth it.  But to hike into the bottom of the Canyon and actually just leave your cell phone up on the rim in a car….brilliant.  It is like you “disappear” for a few days.  I need a trip like THAT!

Anyway, here I am … doing what I do.  Drive.  Drive. Drive.  Cook.  Clean. Wash.  Grocery (Halloween Costume, Birthday Gift, etc.)  Shop. Repeat.  Daughter #1 has not always had the most full social calendar but now she is getting to be a bit on the busy side – and I am going out of my way to support this.  I, admittedly, probably bring a bit of the chaos on myself.  I’m happy that she is happy and making new friends in high school.  The boy had a football game this afternoon and had a great game.  For a change, he was actually not banged up and upset afterward.  Instead he was exhausted, but super happy with the way things went – energized by success on the field (and a few quarterback sacks).  He settled in to play XBOX for the rest of the day and night when his old basketball coach called me around 3pm to see if he might be able to play a game tonight since they were short-handed.  Well, he has been missing his old team that he played with for 3 straight years so he jumped at the chance to go play.  So, more driving – but that was also well worth it.  He got a bunch of rebounds and scored 2 baskets early in the game.  He usually plays coming-off-the-bench for that team so having a good game was important.  And Baby Girl had 2 back-to-back 3.5 hour gymnastics practices Friday night and Saturday morning.  She finally got one of the skills she has been trying to get for well over a month.  This was cause for a lot of rejoicing because her coach had made it her “goal” for October and time was running out – she was even holding a team Halloween party as a reward if they all hit their goals (although I’m sure this party would be held regardless).  Well, she was the last one to not have hers and the pressure was mounting in her little head.  Like last year, I was getting a bit frustrated with her taking weeks upon weeks to get a skill down but I mostly kept my cool because I know that is how she operates – and then cleans things up beautifully later on (and wins National Championships!)  But, the beginning stages of the season drive me insane!  On top of all this, the kids had a few birthday parties, a big rival high school football game, and, the main event, a huge Halloween party at our great friends’ house with many of our friends.  They go all out every year decorating their house

My little girl dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz but then went to work as the "Mad Scientist" in the Haunted House at the Halloween house.  Quite the creepy mix.

My little girl dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz but then went to work as the “Mad Scientist” in the Haunted House at the Halloween house. Quite the creepy mix.

from top to bottom, front to back – including a huge haunted maze in the back-yard, a haunted forest in the garage, haunted “sewer system” in the living room, etc. etc.  So fun and such fun people.  In between all the driving Friday night, I had some fun there too.  This time last year I was about 3 weeks into Optifast and was eating bars and shakes at the party and not drinking or eating party food.  I had lost about 20 pounds at that point and was feeling pretty good.  For many years I would dread finding a costume because, lets face it, most of the ones in the store all start with “Sexy ______” and I could guarantee that none of them would fit me and/or look sexy.  Well, this year I was excited to see what fun thing I could find.  Unfortunately, giving myself 30 minutes and one store to find something this late in the “season” didn’t go too well – but I did put together a “Robin” costume (as in Batman’s Robin).  It was a little dress with a cape, arm sleeves, and a mask.  I did not take any pictures on my phone but I hope I can get at least one of them from a friend – we did take a couple of group pictures.  Next year I hope to put a little more effort into it – but it was a nice start to having many more costume options available!

So it was such a full, but fun, weekend!  Just wish my husband had been around to enjoy/help with some of it … but I’m glad he is getting his time away (far far away) from life’s craziness too.

My weight is hovering slightly above goal but still in the “green zone”.  I got it down slightly under for a day or so but haven’t really been watching my calorie intake too much.  I’m keeping an eye on the scale closely but trying to just listen to my body right now as well.  I’ll really crack down next week as I get closer to my weigh-in appointment – always a great motivation!

Because we were out so late last night and I didn’t have any help with driving the kids around this morning, I decided to move my long run to this evening.  I was going to start running after I dropped my daughter off at her party and hopefully finish before it got too dark.  It was close to 90 degrees today so running 7 miles midday wasn’t really a good option.  Well, that basketball game threw me a curve ball.  I decided that there wasn’t too much of a difference between running the long run tonight or tomorrow morning – when I had no time restrictions at all.  So I shelved it for the morning.  However, a couple of hours later it occurred to me that I still had to get my one mile done for the streak.  Ugh.  The stupid streak!!  So, after I got my daughter home from the party, all I really really wanted to do was put my pj’s on but, instead, I put my running clothes back on (I had actually aborted a running attempt earlier in the afternoon when I thought I could squeeze it in).  I started messing with my treadmill in the bedroom to turn it around so I could watch TV and run but I was having issues with that TV.  So, I went downstairs and put on my headphones and ran in the neighborhood until my iPhone gps app told me I had finished one mile.  It, actually, was really what I needed.  The night air was perfect and the neighborhood was quiet.  I ran little mini-laps (2 1/2 I think) up and down our street.  It felt great and gave me a little confidence in thinking I’ll have a great 7 mile run tomorrow morning – sometimes I need to be psych’d up a bit for the long distances and I do think tonight helped somehow.

Can’t even express how excited I am to sit on the couch for a while after my run tomorrow.  I’m gonna watch some football, maybe make some popcorn and just kick back and relax … oh yeah, and think about my husband hiking OUT of the Grand Canyon 🙂

grand canyon

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