Easiest Part of Your Day


Just saw this on a website of AnotherMotherRunner.com and it rings so true – my morning run is probably the “easiest part of MY day”.  Dimity and Sarah are the personalities behind this website and their Podcast is quickly becoming my go-to thing to listen to when I run.  If you are a mother, and you run, I recommend checking them out.  I have also discovered the beauty of Podcasts and it is opening up yet another new world.  Podcasts have been around for a long time but I never really bothered to find out what they were all about and had virtually no interest in them.  But, wow, what a great resource of information as well as a great change-up for those times when you are exercising and really are getting sick of the same music in your playlists.  I have barely scratched the surface on all the Podcasts that are out there but it seems limitless for just about any interest you might have.  If you have an iPhone, you most likely have a pre-installed app already that can get you going quickly.  I still haven’t figured out all the tricks for setting it up but without much effort you can find a few that might interest you and set them up on your own personal “station”.  Much like a “playlist”, the Podcasts will play one right after another depending on how you have added them.  I am finding that my running time is such a great “escape” from reality and listening to new ideas or personalities just really gets my wheels turning.   Best of all, they are free.

We are home from a long day of traveling down to Tucson for my son’s football game.  2 hour drive, 2 hour warm-up, 2 hour game, 2 hour drive home.  And they got crushed…by a lot.  The only good thing was that he played well and had a solo quarterback sack that caused a fumble that his teammate recovered.  So that was good.  He was also the team captain for the game, the first time he has done that too.

Tomorrow morning I will be running in my first official post-weight-loss race.  I am registered for the Phoenix 10K & Half Marathon which will be run in downtown Phoenix.  I am just running the 10K tomorrow – which is about 6.2 miles.  According to my training schedule, I should be doing 8 miles this weekend but pushing myself hard for 6.2 will be pretty close to equivalent.  I might do a little cool-down jog back to my car too just to get all the mileage in….we’ll see how I’m doing.  My family has other commitments tomorrow morning so I’ll be on my own but that’s OK.  This isn’t a big deal – the half marathon in January is what I am really training for but I do think having some race experience is a good thing and I’d like to have an “official” 10K time under my belt because sometimes that is a good thing to know in order to estimate other races.  The weather should be beautiful tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to running in the city rather than the dusty desert like the last three 5K’s I have done.  I don’t have a firm time goal in mind but I would be really happy with anything in the 11:30/mi pace range.  Unfortunately, I still do not have any sort of GPS watch and I’m not sure if we can use headphones during the race (they are “discouraged” but not sure if that means “not allowed”).  I would like to keep mine on, even if I don’t play music or anything, just so I can hear my GPS app on my iPhone read off my distance and time splits.

So, I have had a super long week and probably should expand more on my not-so-great eating over Halloween, etc.  Let’s just say that I am about 3 pounds over goal right now and will have to work super hard this week to get down to goal before my appointment with Dr. Z on Thursday.  So glad I have that on my calendar because it pretty much forces me to put a stop to the bad behaviors I am slipping up with.  The running is keeping things from escalating too quickly but I really need to get re-focused to not see a big gain through the holidays.  I did attend the Success Club meeting on Monday night which is always good to get me re-focused.  I don’t think I had much to say, I was kinda quiet.  On Wednesday I did two back-to-back classes at Scottsdale Weight Loss with Dr. Lisa Galper.  I really had too many things to be doing back at home but I want to try to get a couple of “refresher” courses in every month and these seemed to be the best fit.  Again, they just help me to get re-focused.  Because I know I have a couple of pounds to get off this week, I bought a couple of boxes of Optifast products to use as meal replacements and lower calorie meal substitutes.

One other goal I attained this week – I got my second plastic medallion at Koko Fit Club which signifies that I did another 12 weight training sessions this month.  This is quickly koko60medallionbecoming yet another giant pain in the ass because I am already spending so many days running.  But, I wanted to commit to this and, so far, I have been able to get it done.  The challenge continues for 2 more months and it will be harder and harder because my weekly mileage will be increasing so much.  Each of my mid-week runs will be between 1-2 hours long.  That just doesn’t leave much time (or energy!) to also lift weights.  So, I am having to squeeze it in on my “rest” days … which means I really never get a rest day.  That works for a while but eventually I really start to feel worn down.  So, hopefully by planning it out a bit, I can clear out a few days to let my body recover.  I am also very very close to earning my “blue lanyard” which we get at the 500,000 Koko point mark.  The yellow lanyard, that you can see in the photo, was the last one I earned and that was at 250,000 points – so it has been a long time coming…..

Well, I had better get some sleep to rest up for my race tomorrow!  Hopefully I will have a chance tomorrow to check back in with a race report!

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