Scale Spike

Ugh.  Well, not sure what is going on but the scale has jumped over 6 pounds in about 4 IMG_5772days.  I am trying not to freak out about it but, really???  I am really buckling down this week to reverse the trend.  My weight is now at 174.6 – very much in the high end of the “yellow zone”.  Thinking back over the weekend I know I consumed more calories than I probably should have…but nothing was really any more excessive than in the past.  I also really need to get the Halloween candy out of the house because I cannot stay out of it.

I know a portion of it is water weight though.  The worst uptick followed my long run on Sunday – when I ran 8 miles and burned at least 800 calories.  I also walked a total of over 25,000 steps registered on my FitBit that day.  Sure I ate a few higher calorie meals…but not 5 pounds worth!  ** The following may be TMI, sorry **  Towards the last half of my run on Sunday I experienced some GI distress which is very very common when running longer distances.  So far I have managed to avoid these issues but, ask any runner in training, potty issues are probably in their top 10 list of concerns.  A combination of not so stellar foods late Saturday night followed by running before going to the bathroom Sunday morning left me feeling horrible after my run.  This was a shame because the actual running part was really good.  I stayed at a very slow, steady pace since it was the first time I had run 8 miles.  I usually like to go very slow the first time at a new distance.  At the end of eight, I felt very good – except for the need to get home to a bathroom ASAP.  Even after that though, I did not feel good at all for a couple of hours.  I took a shower but then needed to get straight to my bed to lie down.  I felt somewhat nauseous and just all-over awful – pretty similarly to when I had the dehydration/electrolyte issues when doing Optifast.  Anyway, ever since that incident, I have felt sort of bloated.  I also lifted weights yesterday at Koko and that does not help with immediate weight loss either because I tend to take on some water as my muscles repair and rebuild.

IMG_5728By late morning I finally felt quite a bit better, which is good because we had a fun, full day ahead of us!  My husband had gotten us Arizona Cardinals football tickets for an anniversary present back in September and Sunday was finally game day!   We left the kids home by themselves all afternoon and went a few hours early down to the stadium area where there are lots of restaurants, shopping, and places to tailgate.  It took us forever to park and get a table but we were finally able to eat at Margaritaville.  The game was really good and our seats were 17th row – very close to the action.  The game was close all the way to the end and the Cardinals ended up holding on for the win.  As part of a Veterans Day celebration we were part of a “card stunt” and we made this nifty display on all sides of the stadium.

IMG_5736 IMG_5720 IMG_5718

The rest of the weekend was filled with other fun stuff.  My oldest daughter was part of a huge show choir production at her high school.  They had 4 shows Thursday-Sunday and we went to watch on Saturday.  The kids were amazing.  She is just in the freshman choir but it was fun to see what could await her as she progresses through the years.  I normally am not even a fan of that sort of thing but we all really enjoyed the show.  And my son had his last regular season football game on Saturday morning – they were pretty much slaughtered.  But, he had a pretty good game on defense again so that part was fun to watch.  The kids were off of school yesterday for Veteran’s Day so it was nice to have a day to regroup and maybe recharge a little.  They needed a little time to be silly together and just hang out.

IMG_5770 IMG_5761

So, not much else to report except that I am putting my weight gain out there to hold me accountable.  I’m hoping to have it knocked down by the weekend.  I don’t have a lot of Optifast products left so I might need to go get some more.  If I can stay on top of these little gains and get them down quickly, it really does become easier and easier to manage my weight.  As Dr. Z says, it is good to have a plan of action.  My running mileage is going to keep building over the next 2 months so this might be a recurring issue.

I am happy to say that this morning I went for a fabulous 4 mile run and felt fine.  My average pace was under 11 minute miles – I’m slowly but consistently improving my speed.  I put my teeth whitener trays in for the afternoon to keep me out of my kids’ Halloween candy.  I’ve got plenty of things to get done around here and eating isn’t one of them…

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One Response to Scale Spike

  1. Tina Gonzalez says:

    How many calories are you consuming and do you think your breakdown of carbs/fats/calories is in check with your running and life right now? Sounds like its a combination of water retention and stress/duress and GI issues from the race that have made the scale go up.

    As you said, maybe try to incorporate some Optifast shakes in your routine, add more water and see if the numbers go back down.

    Oh and throw out the Halloween Candy.

    But in all seriousness 6lb gain in 4 days is definitely NOT fat but water retention on the higher end.


    Week 7 OP 5’9″ SW 275/CW241/GW 175


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