Feeling Blue (it’s a good thing)

As I am sprinkling days of strength / weight training in with my half marathon training, I have hit a major milestone in the Koko Fit Club ranks – today I earned my coveted “blue lanyard”.  The blue lanyard is earned after accumulating 500,000 Koko points.  Points are IMG_5923earned based on performance on the FitTrainer (1000 points for a “perfect workout”, but usually in the 992-996 point range) and 500 points for each 15 minutes on either the treadmill or elliptical.  The lanyards are sort-of like karate “belts”.  Starting with orange at 25,000 pints, black is earned at 100,000 and yellow at 250,000 – earning 500,000 points has been a lengthy commitment!  I have been a member at Koko for over 2.5 years.  I haven’t stuck with any exercise program that long in the past.  While it sometimes seems a bit monotonous, the program is such that all of the muscle groups are worked over the course of each program.  I feel like I am getting a pretty full body workout without paying for a trainer.  Since the FitTrainer is “programmed” by reputable trainers, I know that there is a progression and a plan to my workouts – instead of me fumbling around in the weights area of previous gyms that I went to wondering if I was doing anything correctly.

Building and maintaining lean muscle mass is important in weight maintenance and, in the coming year, will be one of my main priorities.  Now that I have been able to maintain my weight for about 7 months, I want to fine-tune my body composition a bit and work on getting leaner (not necessarily lighter).  This will be a trial and error process to find the right balance of calories and protein to keep me on track and help me reach new targets.  Before I reached my initial weight goal, I thought I would be happy to just slip inside the “healthy” range for BMI and fat percentage.  But now I think I want to try to get further into the middle of those “ranges” if for no other reason than to make myself lighter for running and to see if my times can improve (another goal for 2014!)

In my post yesterday I forgot to mention that my weight did come back down after recovering from last weekend’s 8 mile run that really upset my system for bit.  The 9 mile run this Saturday didn’t seem to cause as many problems although I did have some stomach issues for about an hour following the run.  At least I didn’t have as much muscle achiness or the same bloated feeling as last weekend.  But, I didn’t weigh yesterday since I knew there could be some residual swelling.  This morning, however, my weight was back down to 171 lbs. I was pleasantly surprised by that after all kinds of extra-curricular eating over the weekend.  So, I’m glad the running is keeping things somewhat in check, but I do need to be a bit more mindful and in control heading into the holiday season(s).

This week is all about trying to get ahead on a few things before the holidays.  I made a list of tasks I could do NOW to alleviate some stress in a few weeks – things like getting Christmas card addresses ready to go, going through pictures of the past year for the photo calendars we make the grandparents, etc.  I wish I loved the holidays but they are usually very stressful for moms.  I’m hoping this year to take everything down a notch while trying to add in some more fun family activities.  My theme this year (we’ll see how long it lasts!) is … SIMPLIFY!

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2 Responses to Feeling Blue (it’s a good thing)

  1. Tami says:

    Yes! I, too, am planning to simplify. I think one step I will take is eliminating Christmas cards this year. Feels like sacrelige but it is a ginormous job, and I don’t have any family pictures that I love this year.


  2. Kathy says:

    Congrats on being blue Martha! You’re such an inspiration in finding success after weight loss. It seems like that’s the hardest part of the journey, the everyday-life part of the process.


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