Party of 5

Wednesday afternoon, after much running around and coordinating, I scratched another weight-loss item off of my bucket list … I was in a family photo WITH my family.  After feeling so large for so long, I didn’t want to have any pictures taken with the kids.  I always took them to the photographer but did not get my picture taken.  I knew one of the gifts I wanted for myself this year was a family photo – with all 5 of us in it.  I think the only other time we have done this was when they took family portraits at our church for the directory over 9 years ago.  Our youngest was just a small infant and she screamed the entire time.  She is bright red in the photos.  We all looked frazzled.

Getting the family ready for the photo shoot took a ridiculous amount of planning, shopping, and driving around that only a mother could understand.  I tried to start with finding the outfit that I would look best in (ha ha) then coordinating the others to match me.  It would have been best if I had actually tried that outfit on, because after gathering several thousand outfit choices for everyone that would match it, I then realized that the shirt I had picked didn’t look all that great on me.  Ugh!  So, using my teenage daughter’s help, we finally pieced together some outfits that somewhat coordinated.  I wasn’t thrilled with the look but we ran out of time.

The photos were taken in a drainage ditch located in a neighborhood off the freeway.  The grass was growing long and it was a weird, but cool, location.  The photo shoot only took about 20 minutes.  I’m so happy with the results.  We’ll use them for our Christmas cards and I can finally hang a complete family photo in our home.  It really is the culmination of a year of hard work – a photo of a healthy me with my greatest treasures.


IMG_1586 IMG_1529 IMG_1589 IMG_1574


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2 Responses to Party of 5

  1. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful family and you look gorgeous. I can only imagine the feelings of joy you were going through 😉


  2. JLandis says:

    We are heading to that SAME DRAINAGE DITCH in 2 weeks. Your pix turned out beautiful.


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