Thanksgiving Weekend

I spent a minute trying to think of an appropriate title for this blog post.  Lots and lots going on.  I was going to title it “Re-Grouping” because that is sort of what I am doing this weekend.  It had been a very busy week leading up to this holiday weekend.  I feel like I’ve spent the majority of these 4 days of our break just getting the pieces put away and getting ready for the craziness that is about to ensue with Christmas around the corner.

This past week or so I spent some time with my dad.  He lives alone and his health is causing some issues that are slowing him down.  I knew he was struggling, but this past week I guess I realized that it is progressing to a point where I want to be there more to help him out.  I am the only family he has and I’m happy he is now asking for my assistance with a few things.  So, I’ve done a bit of grocery shopping, laundry, etc. and I need to start doing some things to plan for the future, because I believe he will need more and more help.  I think I have been in denial about this for some time, but it would be for the best if we start making some plans, even if we don’t put anything into action anytime soon.

The past few months, we have been slowly making plans to start another major renovation project in our house.  I have been moving very slowly on this because I was in no hurry to tear our house apart during the holidays.  Some of this has been spurred by the fact that almost all of our appliances need to be replaced since we can’t get parts for them any more (they are mostly GE builders grade appliances).  Our gas cooktop only has 2 working burners.  We did replace our refrigerator last month and that has been heavenly.  Because the gas cooktop is in the center of our island and finding a replacement with a downdraft venting system has proven to be a pain, we started discussing a moving the stove to another wall, thereby giving us an island with a solid top (no appliances in the middle).  I have consulted with an interior designer we have used in the past and have had her work out some CAD drawings for the re-design.  Several weeks ago we also brought in a cabinet maker that can reuse most of our cabinets but also create new cabinetry for the new layout – and then refinish all of the kitchen with a nice painted updated look.  Of course, we’ll also have to replace the flooring since all the tile will need to be chipped up to get the cabinets out, run the new gas line, etc. etc.  … which will lead to us having to tear up all the flooring downstairs (and our upstairs carpet should have been replaced years ago).  So, basically, almost every square foot of our house will eventually be torn up for this “little” project.

And then Thanksgiving morning, I went into our living room to dig a platter out of our “fall/Halloween” tubs that have yet to be put away and almost immediately felt my socks roof leakgetting wet.  Hmmmm….   Upon investigation, it would appear that we have had some sort of leak into our living room.  The ceiling looked OK so it wasn’t obvious where the source was.  That end of the house has no plumbing anywhere near it.  What we think has happened is that we have a leak in the roof and the water traveled down the exterior wall – but we aren’t totally positive yet.  So, now we will probably definitely have some carpet damage (not a big deal since that area was targeted to be replaced) but we could be looking at some major roof repair/replacement as well.  Many of our neighbors have been doing this so I know we are on borrowed time.  I guess I’m thankful that we aren’t trying to re-do the roof and remodel simultaneously – ain’t nobody got enough money for that!

So, back to our weekend.  Thanksgiving morning we went to the annual “Turkey Bowl” in the neighborhood park.  It is just a very informal morning where people bring cinnamon rolls, muffins, donuts … and cocktails to the park.  We all catch up and the kids run around and have a massive game of flag football.  Some of the dads and older teenagers play basketball.  It was an absolutely beautiful sunny day – probably in the 60’s.  Last year I was about 2 months into my Optifast journey and had already lost about 20 pounds.  I remember how amazing I felt, even though I wouldn’t be partaking in very much holiday eating that day.

After that, I came back home and worked on the dishes I was taking to my sister and brother-in-law’s house for dinner.  I was just in charge of rolls and desserts.  I made quite thanksgiving rollsa few pans of the frozen dough balls that you let rise and bake.  They are pretty yummy and easy.  I also made a chocolate cream pie for the non-pumpkin lovers and several batches of cookies.  My dad usually joins us with my husband’s family but he was not feeling well enough to go out.  I felt bad about leaving him at home all day.  We did stop by afterward with lots of containers of leftovers – but it was almost 9pm and he didn’t eat them until the day after.  But we had a nice visit with my husband’s family.  Most of my kids’ cousins got there eventually (several of them have to split time with their families)

The weight on the scale has been creeping up to what is now the “danger zone”.  I’m a little weight_120213disappointed in myself because I know I have been going back to my old ways of eating in many cases.  The good news is that I am already on top of it and enacting a plan to get back down to the “green zone”.  Last week I even ordered some Optifast products on-line from Scottsdale Weight Loss to help me get back on track.  One of the big mistakes I made last week was not weighing myself every day.  I did a few times but gave myself a “pass” because it was that time of the month and I was feeling pretty bloated.  Not having that number on the scale greet me every morning is a great way to lose focus.

The fact is, I can’t outrun a bad diet.  It is depressing to think that I can go for a 10 mile run and still not be able to eat what I want.  I know this, but after all that hard work, it is very hard not to justify sneaking a few extra treats.  Sure, I can have a treat, but to continually justify extra stuff throughout the day is not going to work.  The key to weight loss and weight maintenance is diet.  What you put in your mouth will make the difference in the long run.  I was further reminded of this by a link to an article about holiday weight gain on Facebook this morning by Scottsdale Weight Loss … perfect timing.

thanksgiving scale

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One Response to Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Teresa says:

    I love your blog – I’m hoping to start on Optifast soon — going to an orientation next week. I would love any advice you have for newbies 🙂


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