Run Down

I do apologize for being gone for over a week now.  Everything is fine – just having a hard time keeping up with … life.  My husband was traveling all of last week so that was a strain to do 100% of the parenting and taxi driving myself.


Photo taken of my daughter by one of the coaches at the AZ state T&T clinic this weekend.

pic2My daughter’s high school basketball games started this past week.  She has worked so hard in the off-season with the high school coaches so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But she did quite well!  She was the leading scorer and had 12 of her team’s 27 points.  The coaches have done a great job showing her how to work with that 6′ tall body of hers!  My son had a freezing cold football game on Saturday and he caught his first pass in a game (actually 2 passes).  The second one he caught and ran another 5-10 yards for the first down.  So exciting for this mama!!  Then child #3 had 3 practices this weekend – her regular 3.5 hour practice Friday night, then a 3 hour clinic in Chandler (45 minute drive) on Saturday and again on Sunday.  They brought in some coaches from CA (national team and elite coaches) to work with the kids.  She learned a lot and is getting close to being ready for the season which starts next month.

So, lots of sports…lots of driving.

Throw in lots of “extra” holiday projects (I think I spent most of last week shopping for the 3 different “adopt a family” slips we had as a family that we have acquired through church and school).  Oh yeah, and half marathon training …

So, I should be in bed right now but I’m waiting on the load of laundry to finish in the dryer so I can get the load in the washer in tonight – that load contains my daughter’s basketball jersey that she needs for her game tomorrow afternoon.  I thought I’d use this time to work on my blog – but as soon as the dryer buzzes, I gotta go get some sleep!

I’ve spent a lot of time with my dad these past 2 weeks.  He is a pretty quiet guy and we don’t talk a lot.  I know he is hurting physically and there is just not much I can do for him.  He also doesn’t want to bother me but I’m really glad he is asking for help now.  I definitely don’t mind cleaning up the house, running for groceries … anything to make things a bit easier for him.  Over the past few weeks, the swelling in his ankles and now his arms has made it very difficult for him to get in an out of his La-Z-Boy recliner.  The recliner is important because he does better with his breathing when he is propped up and it is important for his feet to be elevated as well.  But with his right arm swelled up with fluid and weak, he hasn’t been able to activate the lever on the recliner to get his feet up.  It also swivels and rocks and it is hard for him to get in and out of.  Since he is living alone, I worry about how he spends his time since he can’t sit down and relax (he has been sitting at the kitchen table for a couple of weeks now).  So, even though he protested at first, I found a lightly used power-lift recliner on Craigslist in a suburb really far from our house but close to where we were headed over the weekend.  It was also fairly close to my brother-in-law’s house who, conveniently, just bought a new pick-up truck last month.  So, after a billion text messages between all parties, we managed to go buy the chair and deliver it on Sunday morning.  I was happy to see my dad back in the reclined position and know the chair would help him up and down with the push of a button.  He seems to be enjoying it so far.  It has a massage function that is working and will help move some blood around.  The heater doesn’t seem to be working so I hope to look into that this week…I’m handy like that 🙂

I’ve been keeping up with my exercise and running plan too – which is extremely time consuming.  I hit my target of another 12 Koko strength workouts and received my green “token” for the month of November.  This was supposed to be the last month of the challenge but, Dave, the owner of Koko, just informed us that he has ordered more medallions for the months 5 and 6.  Ugh.  Ordinarily it would not be an issue but with my running schedule, it is very hard to fit it in.  This is probably something I should just “let go”…and maybe I will… but, for now, I’m trying to keep up.  The only slack I have been cutting myself is on my Thursday run.  For the last few weeks I have been running 5 miles on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday, and I’m supposed to do 5 again on Thursday.  Well, with Thanksgiving 2 weeks ago and crazy low temps last Thursday (and, to be honest, really tired legs) I have been allowing myself to cut my runs short on Thursdays.  I’ve been going about 3-4 miles at the most, instead of 5.  Fortunately, this week, the miles start to taper off on Thursdays and are back down to 4 (because I run 11 miles on Saturdays for the next 2 weeks).  Tomorrow I start week 15 of the 20 week plan.  I am so happy I have stuck with it this far.  It has been very challenging but the slow build up has been manageable.

I’m happy to say that going back on the partial Optifast program really helped get my weight back down.  I had it down to 169.9 (170 lbs. is goal) for a day but this morning it was back around 171 lbs.  So much of that is water fluctuation, who knows.  Tomorrow morning I have my weigh-in and appointment with Dr. Ziltzer.  This will probably be the highest weight I have been post-goal but it is still within the “green zone”, I think.  I’ll just have to be pretty diligent during the rest of the holiday weeks.  I always thought running would help me lose more weight but I’m not finding that to be true.  It does give me a bit more freedom with my eating but I still really need to be in control.

Well, lots more to say but the dryer is done and the last load is tumbling.  I am so tired and really need to head up to bed.  So, I’ll try to report back tomorrow with an update from my appointment….

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One Response to Run Down

  1. Tami says:

    You are a good daughter and a great mom! xoxox Don’t forget to take care of yourself ,too, during this busy time.


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