Well, I woke up this morning and the scale read 170.2 lbs.  This is OK, since my goal weight is 170 lbs. but I usually like to head to my weigh-in appointments with a little more wiggle room because well, you know, I actually wear clothes to my appointment.

I got the kids off to school and took a few minutes to check on some things on my computer.  And I got to thinking … I haven’t seen a confirmation email about my appointment yet this morning.  So, I logged onto the Scottsdale Weight Loss website and looked at my patient account and realized my appointment is actually Thursday morning, not today.  Which makes sense, because all along I thought it was on a Thursday but I guess I entered it in my personal calendar incorrectly.

So, the good news is that it gives me a couple more days to work on the scale.  Not that there is much I can do about my weight at this point other than keep things in control.  I will be honest, I was starting to think about some yummy things I could eat after my weigh-in this afternoon.  This is exactly the type of thinking I should not be doing…and it was so obvious after I realized I had another 2 days to wait until my appointment.

My plan was to head down to my dad’s after seeing Dr. Z (the office is about halfway between my house and my dad’s house) but since my appointment was not actually happening, my whole morning was thrown out of whack.  Turns out my dad did need some help today with grocery shopping so I ended up going anyway.  The forecasted temperature was expected to rise steadily during the day and so I decided to plan to run my scheduled 5 miles after getting home from his house in the hopes that I wouldn’t freeze (please bear in mind that anything below 60 degrees is “freezing” in my book).  I also noticed, while checking the schedule online at Scottsdale Weight Loss for my appointment, that one of the dieticians, who is also a fitness instructor, was teaching a class on proteins this afternoon.  I hoped that I could finish up at my dad’s in time to make her class.  I’ve really had a lot of questions about this topic and wonder if I could be doing more to help my body better benefit from the exercise I do with more fine-tuned nutrition and timing.  So, I did finish up in time to get to the class.  Most of it was pretty basic information but I did get some concrete numbers in terms of protein grams to aim for.  We talked a bit after class and she had a few more suggestions of things to try.  For any other information beyond that, I think I’m going to have to schedule a private appointment with her.  I do wish we had a bit more nutritional counseling available to us, beyond the basics.

So, by the time I got home, I didn’t have much time before school was out.  My daughter’s basketball game started at 4pm and I was going to be cutting it close.  But, in my ever-increasing effort to “put myself first” I decided to get my run in, even if it meant missing myselfthe first part of her game.  So, leaving a note for my youngest daughter telling her that I would be gone after school, I got my 5 mile run in.  It was, thankfully, much warmer and I enjoyed it so much more than Saturday’s run.  I’m listening to an audiobook that I downloaded on sale from . is a division of that allows you to join and receive discounted audio books, which I have learned are, regularly, very expensive.  I’ve tried “borrowing” them from the library without much success.  It doesn’t seem like anything I would want to listen to is ever available.  So, for now, I’m trying this option.  Anyway, the book is Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection and it was a book that Dr. Lisa Galper (the psychologist that does a lot of classes at Scottsdale Weight Loss) was doing a multi-part class series on this fall and winter.  I didn’t end up signing up for the class because of timing and I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to commit to, but I thought I could at least listen to the book as I ran.  And, during Black Friday weekend, this, and several other titles, were available for just $4.95 (a smokin’ deal for an audiobook).  So far, it is pretty good, but possibly a bit too deep for a run – I need something a little more entertaining and engaging I think.  I try to switch up what I listen to with every run but I’m finding that podcasts and audiobooks seem to be what I desire more than music now.  Today’s topics that the audiobook hit on, however, were about perfectionism.  There were lots of valuable take-aways from what I was listening to regarding this topic.  I think I have come a long way in being kinder to myself and just letting things go.  It certainly makes for a much happier existence.

Anyway, based on what I learned about protein today (geez Martha, jump around much?), I thought it might be a good idea to get back into the habit of using MyFitnessPal for a few days to track my eating and see where I actually fall with my protein intake currently, without any tinkering.  I think today was a fairly “normal” day of eating, although I did substitute a protein/Greek yogurt shake for dinner instead of a meat and veggies meal.  I tend to add a lot of protein to my shakes so I’ll need a few more days’ worth of data before I draw any firm conclusions or totals.  Today’s intake was 93 grams.  The dietician said a good rule of thumb is anywhere from 50% to about 100% of our body weight in grams.  So, at 170 pounds, my target should be 85 to 170 grams of protein.  That upper end range would really only apply to body builders, etc.  I also learned that as Americans, we are consuming more protein than necessary and that the excess will be converted to fat.  So, 93 grams today is probably just fine, based on my exercise level.  It might even be too low – this, I will discuss with Dr. Z on Thursday.  He has probably told me the number before but now that I have a bit more education behind it this week, maybe that number will stick in my brain better….

So, looking at my food intake today, I pretty much hit my target for calorie intake around 1700 calories plus a few extra to offset the exercise I did (which, at 5 miles, was at least 500 calories).  I don’t like to use up all of my exercise calories, but I will give myself some wiggle room.  While I’m training, I don’t want too much of a calorie deficiency – it would be great for weight loss but I just feel kind of run down if I keep that up.  I’m totally happy with my weight, although there is that part of me that wants to be exactly at goal for my weigh-in….  Tomorrow I run 6 miles and, while I’ll burn lots of calories again, I will probably take on some water weight by Thursday morning while my muscles heal up from that.  That’s OK, not gonna change my plans.  The value of this work far exceeds whatever the scale says.  So, I’m not sure if my weigh-in reprieve will work in my favor or not, stay tuned.

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