Weigh-In Report

I had my visit with Dr. Ziltzer yesterday morning so I thought I’d do a quick follow-up post. Wednesday morning I weighed in at 169 lbs. I tracked all of my eating to under 1700 calories AND I also ran 6 miles (good for another 750 calories). So when I woke up at 169.5 lbs. on Thursday morning I was a bit bummed that I wasn’t down a bit more, but, instead, up .5 pounds. I could feel the muscle aches in my legs from the 6 mile run the day before so I knew much of that was water…I seem to add weight when I’m sore.

So, after having my usual weigh-in light breakfast of a protein bar and getting dressed, etc. my “official” weigh-in weight at the Scottsdale Weight Loss was 171.5.  However, the good news was that I was actually DOWN TWO POUNDS OF FAT.  My fat % went from 33.8% to 32.4%.  I’ll take a weight gain with that any day.  The body composition scale also showed 3 pounds of water more than last month.  Overall, I really think I’m in better shape than last month, even though the scale number doesn’t exactly reflect that.  According to the Koko Fitcheck at the gym, I’ve finally gained a pound of muscle.  So, I’m treading a little too close to my goal weight and ending up on the higher side of it more than I’d like, but I also have to realize that I’m asking an awful lot of my body right now with the running and weight training – not to mention the holidays and all the eating that revolves around that.

Of course, Dr. Ziltzer spent about a nanosecond discussing where my weight was.  He never seems to focus on what my number was since it just seems to bounce around goal a pound or two either direction.  He often asks if seeing him once a month is working and I tell him yes, it is keeping me extremely accountable and I do usually have to get down to business the week before so that I weigh in closer to goal.  The office changed their charts up a bit, here is what mine looks like now:

9 months - pretty steady maintenance

9 months – pretty steady maintenance

We talked a bit about my running and getting ready for long runs.  He asked me if I get nervous the night before long runs and I told him I did.  I was surprised he asked that – I guess that is pretty common though.  I am not freaking out or anything but the idea that I am going further than I ever have every other Saturday does weigh on my mind a bit.  And on the opposite Saturdays I get to remember how painful the distance was the week before.  (I increase my distance every 2 weeks so, for instance, the last 2 weekends I ran 10 miles but tomorrow I go to 11 miles).  We talked about running in the colder weather and he suggested that I dress in layers and run the first mile or 2 near my house, ditch my outer layer when I warm-up (I told him I overheat fast but I hate being cold when I start out).

And then the topic shifted to my dad.  I will say that I have surprised myself in the year+ I have been seeing Dr. Ziltzer.  I am typically very emotional and I have found myself teary-eyed at many a doctor’s offices through the years, for one reason or another.  Usually just disappointed in my weight or health.  When I first went to Scottsdale Weight Loss and had my consultation with the patient coordinator I really had a breakdown.  But, shockingly, I have not cried once in Dr. Z’s office … until last month when we started talking about my dad.  He was about to leave and I’m not sure how the conversation turned to that but as soon as we started talking about his declining health I teared up a bit.  Dr. Z lost his own father to a heart condition so he is particularly empathetic and that just makes me more emotional I guess.  Anyway, we got back on that subject yesterday and the tears started again.  I would say, in general, I have been much less emotional about things since I have lost weight.  Maybe I am just overall a happier person.  Maybe the hormonal balance has shifted back to a more “normal” level.  I’m not sure.  But, facing the things that come along with having lost a parent and/or again having a sick parent can bring a lot of things to the surface.  But, it has got me thinking that maybe I need to do a better job of talking it out with family, friends….maybe even a professional.  Anyway, I’m sure Dr. Z has had his fill of people crying in his office – fortunately he is very compassionate and kind.

I mentioned earlier this week that I had been dreaming up all kinds of food that I was going to eat after my weigh-in.  I realize this is probably pretty unhealthy thinking but if I eliminate too many goodies for too long, I just crave them even more.  High on my list was Krispy Kreme donuts.  So, after my appointment I went through the drive-thru, intending to buy 2 original glazed donuts.  Well, the minute I got in front of the order board I changed my mind and got a whole dozen.  My thinking was that I would take the box home for the kids after school.  Well, that wasn’t one of my brightest ideas – but, I did do pretty well, I guess.  I ate the 2 donuts…and I drove around with a box of 10 donuts for several hours and didn’t get into them.  After school the kids ate some and then my husband had one that night.  After everyone went to bed there was one donut left…so I had that too.  3 damn donuts in one day.  The good thing, I guess, is that when I actually entered them into MyFitnessPal, just to be accountable, I had offset the calories with my run that day.  Generally I don’t try to eat all of my exercise calories but, as I mentioned, this was sort of a special day for going a bit off plan.

Well, I am completely behind in my Christmas shopping and the house is a wreck.  I’m just getting stuff done as I can and trying not to stress about much.  I feel like I get about 10% done every day of what I woke up thinking I would accomplish, but that just has to be OK.  Today I had a big list and pile of stuff to do but thought it would be best to go have brunch with my dad after his cardiologist appointment.  I don’t know how many more times we’ll be able to meet for a bite to eat, so I’m dropping everything to go do it now.  I need to spend this season/year with “no regrets”.

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  1. sfday says:

    I have just started on the Optifast diet through Kaiser (I’m on day 5) – I was looking for motivation and stumbled upon your blog – I’ve read about half of everything you’ve written – you’re an amazing inspiration! Thank you for sharing : )


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