An End to “Holiday” Eating

As promised, I did get on the scale on Saturday morning before my run.  It was 173.5 lbs.  Not great, but not too bad either.  I had jumped on the scale, foolishly, at about 4pm one day earlier in the week after having had several meals and consuming lots of liquid and my weight was up over 177.  Yikes!  So, the 173.5 is bad – “yellow flag” range – but not horrible.  I had already started making plans for getting back to task of proper weight maintenance.  But, this was just another sign that the Holiday Eating Season should cease immediately!

My 12 mile run yesterday went pretty well.  I wish it had been a bit faster but I was happy to just complete it.  My legs were really sore towards the end but that is why we do the long runs.  3 weeks from today will be my half marathon!  I’m so glad I have followed my training plan to the best of my ability – I would say I’ve been about 95+% faithful to it.  I have a goal of 2:30 (2 hours, 30 minutes … yes, running the entire time!) but won’t be too disappointed if I don’t reach that – just training for and finishing a half marathon will be a great start.  There will be other races to get PR’s.  That said, there is a good chance that the adrenaline and energy at the race might push me harder than my weekend long runs and maybe I will hit that mark.  We shall see.

We are heading up to our cabin tomorrow and will stay for a few days.  There is not any snow on the ground there or even further east where we usually go sledding.  So, I’m not really sure what we are going to do – other than spend time as a family building puzzles and playing board games.  I will take a stack of books and magazines too and just enjoy time to poke through them without a million other distractions.  My son will be away from his XBOX so I expect some major withdrawal issues!  Since there won’t be snow, I will probably try to do my runs there on Tuesday (4 miles) and Wednesday (6 miles).  Hopefully that works out OK – I’m such a baby with cold weather but it shouldn’t be too bad.  Next Saturday I have my final long run – another 12 miles – and then I begin tapering…the glorious time in training when mileage and running days are reduced pretty drastically to rest the legs in preparation for the race.

I stopped by Scottsdale Weight Loss on Friday afternoon to pick up some more Optifast for the next couple of weeks but the office had already closed.  I’m going to try to get back down under 170 lbs. before my weigh-in appointment on January 9th.  I guess until I can get some more products, I’ll just go back to the basic foods I was eating in maintenance – items in my pantry and fridge that I have gotten in a bad habit of not stocking lately (lean deli meat, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, etc.).  It is time to get back to those basics that worked so well for so long.  From a weight management perspective, I’ll be glad when our family is back on a more “normal” schedule with sleeping, eating, activities, and school – but for now I’ll enjoy the quieter, less hectic time all together.

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