Ragnar Details (Part 1)

I wrote a little about how I became part of the Ragnar SoCal team and how I’m starting to train for the race.  It has been so fun getting to know everyone through our private Facebook group.  I feel like when we finally meet for the first time on April 3rd in San Diego we’ll feel like old friends.  Our co-captain, Katie Foster, has been sharing the stories behind each of the runners on her blog, Runs For Cookies.  Each person has such a cool and inspirational story.  I thought I would link to their stories that have been published so far so you can see for yourself!

Runner #1 Caitlin

Runner #2 Katie, her blog is Runs for Cookies which I highly recommend!

Runner #3 John (also from the original Ragnar Fat to Finish Line team with Katie)

Runner #6  Thomas

Runner #8 Paige

I’ll do another update after Katie has added more teammates, but this is a start to the introductions.  I am Runner #9 and will be in Van 2.  When we originally set the team up, I was Runner #8, but the folks at Ragnar re-organized the course recently which caused the co-captains to re-evaluate the legs/runners and make a few changes.  The course changed for the better, we feel, and much more of it is now run along the coastline.  I checked my new SoCal Ragnar course legs a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to see that my new leg #3 (which is the overall leg 33 of the race) will now place me on a 3.5 mile stretch that IMG_5281includes Pacific Beach and Mission Beach.  You might recall that this is all very familiar territory to me and where I spent most of my childhood vacations – and still do as an adult.  Just this past October, I ran this exact stretch while we were there visiting and talked about it here.  It was so fun to run on the boardwalk past the condo tower we always stayed at when I was little, Capri by the Sea, Crystal Pier and old familiar beach condos.  My sister-in-law actually lives within blocks of where I will finish running (and a pretty yummy greasy breakfast burrito shack is right there too!)

ragnar socal leg 33

I feel much better about things (running and my weight maintenance) since I got back into a training plan.  I ran 3 miles yesterday and it felt pretty good.  I told myself before I started that since this was supposed to be an “easy” run and I was just getting back into a training plan, I could keep it really slow.  Well, what I’ve noticed is that the intervals I have been running on the treadmill over the past couple of weeks really have increased my speed a bit – funny, I thought I wasn’t doing anything productive….

Today I ran my first ever “real” intervals.  I followed the plan in the Train Like a Mother 10K “own it” plan.  I also took a few minutes before my run to set up my new Garmin 220 with the interval training plan.  It was actually pretty simple to fill out the plan and then upload it to my watch.  I’m really excited about getting the rest of my scheduled workouts set up!

Here is a screen shot after I was finished with this first workout:


It was definitely a nice change-up to have a workout programmed on my watch.  It was pretty easy to use but I want to look in the online manual to clear up a few questions I have regarding pressing the lap button or not.  I don’t think I need to but I had some message displayed that got me confused – and I think when I was running I got off track with the workout plan… (running when I was supposed to rest and vice versa).  It didn’t really matter since the durations were the same but I need to get that figured out for next time when they aren’t.  The overriding lesson that I am learning, however, is that interval training works!  I can already tell I’m getting a bit faster, despite just taking almost 2 weeks off from any serious running distances.  Next time I run the intervals (correctly) I’ll show the data from the Garmin workout upload.  Although they were only 1 minute intervals, I was running them between around 8:30 min/miles (x12!).  That is a pretty big uptick in speed.  I can’t sustain that pace yet but when I try to run “slowly” now, I average more in the 10:30-11:00 min/mi range instead of 11:00-11:30min/mi.  So, we’ll see.  I’m encouraged – and that is exactly what I needed as I get re-committed to this!

Tomorrow I need to catch up on some strength training at Koko to stay on track with my 12 workouts per month.  I also need to take care of stuff at my dad’s so I don’t have a ton of time in the morning.  I might use my “Bail if necessary” pass built into the training plan and call it “good” with strength training and running the mile for my “streak”.  Hardly a day off, after all – but it seems like I’m backing out of something.  I need to be OK with that.

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5 Responses to Ragnar Details (Part 1)

  1. I can’t wait to read about your Ragnar recap in a few weeks! That one stretch of yours that you described sounds awesome! How do you like your 220? I’m looking into Garmins and keep going back and forth between the 10 and the 220. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!


    • Thanks Laura. It has been a long few weeks and I have lots of work to do (emotionally and all the other paperwork, house, etc. stuff) but everything else is going well so it makes things pretty good. Glad I’m getting back into a running groove. 7 weeks until Ragnar and I’m sure it will be a blast and life-changing experience. And I LOVE my Garmin 220. It has so much of the latest technology (satellites updated often and quick acquisition) and the distances and pacing seem quite stable. I love the data that uploads and I love that I can view a lot of the information on the watch after the workout (the TomTom runner that I tried for a while didn’t do that). I am just now trying the workout programming but I really like that too so far. If you think you’ll continue running, I would just get the 220 so you don’t outgrow the 10….just my opinion. I’m a total technology geek though and upgrade and max out everything …


  2. Lynn says:

    It was good to see you ….. Felt like I talked too much ….. Like your training plan .. Maybe I will try that with my walking …. Doing the 5 k color walk run …… Love reading about your April adventure and amazing it is going to be so close to where you vacation ….. Blessings … Hang in there


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