Sifting and Sorting

Hi.  I can’t believe it has been 8 days since I updated the blog.  Time is going way too fast and I need more of it!  I’ve been really swamped taking care of everything for my own family, house, etc. but now I’m spending an equal amount of time down at my dad’s house working through things there as well.  I’ve been going through file cabinets, creating new files, emptying boxes, filling new boxes….  I’m really not sure when I’ll see an end to the “to do” list.  All I can do is take the priorities as they come and work through it the best I can.

So, backing up to last week… I had my weigh-in and appointment with Dr. Ziltzer on Thursday.  Happy to say I made it through my father’s passing and all that surrounded it with just a half-pound (.5) gain.  I’ll take it.  I did go back on Optifast for a few days before I weighed in which seems to be a pretty good strategy.  I’m finding I have to do this partial Optifast plan thing just about every month but it sort of serves as a “resetting” of my mindset which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  For 2 of the last 3 appointments with Dr. Z, I was a bit emotional about my father’s declining health.  Last time, however, I was totally fine and we talked about other stuff.  Well, obviously, I didn’t make it through this appointment without some emotion.  But, wow, he was so caring and kind.  I told him I was really concerned about weight regain with all of the stress.  I expressed my desire to seek out grief counseling whether I felt like I needed it or not.  He was really really happy to hear that I had continued running through all that went on and he said that if I had told him that I had stopped running (or exercising in general) then he would be worried for my weight maintenance too.  But, based on what I told him, he thought I had a pretty good strategy in place….so far.  He gave me the name of a grief counselor that he thought would be good but also thought that Dr. Galper could help with the eating behavior side of things.  Dr. Galper also offered assistance but thought the hospice counseling might be a good start as well (and free).  So, I did put in a few calls to the hospice bereavement department since they had not contacted me (like they said someone would) and I have an appointment with someone next week.  I never followed through like this when my mom died, and I’m nervous about it, but I’m also trying to do things differently.  I did go to a series of group sessions way back then that was specifically for daughters who had lost mothers.  It was good but the group was huge and I don’t know how much I got out of it.  I probably held back still and could have benefitted from more one-on-one help.  I also could have benefitted from a lot of things back then – like a babysitter so I could get out of the house and take care of myself more.  So many things are different now, I feel like I have a much larger support system, I have learned more things, and I have a new sense of health/fitness and can take care of myself better.

So, here are a few of the good things in my life:

I made it to Day 400 of my streak!


IMG_6530I am really happy to say that I completed the first week of my “Own It” 10K training plan.  I ran 6 miles on Saturday which I did not enjoy – but I got it done.  This week is similar except today I 8x1min_intervalsstarted hill repeats.  I ran about 1.25 miles to an overpass near my house that goes over the city’s canal.  It isn’t very steep but I can definitely feel the incline.  So, basically I started at the bottom and ran up and stopped after one minute.  I turned around and walked back down and repeated this 7 more times.  As time goes on, I’ll have to find a bigger hill – one that takes 2-4 minutes to climb, instead of just one.  When I was finished with the 8th hill, I ran back home – another 1 mile.  So, it was a decent run but something a little different than just a straight 3-4 mile loop.  I guess for this reason, I like the training plan so far – every day is not the same old thing.

As for my kids, things are going well.  My biggest baby turned 15 yesterday!  How does THAT happen!?!  My son is finishing up his basketball season and moving into football.  He had a neat sports experience last Saturday – he made the free throw at the end of the game for the win!  His team had been trailing most of the game and they only had 5 players – so no substitutions.  With just a few minutes left, the boys cut the lead and then tied it up.  With 19 seconds left, my son got fouled and he was sent to the line…. he is not a great shooter or free-throw shooter but he made his first shot of 2, giving them a one point lead.  They played great defense and kept the other team from getting any more shots off IMG_6523and won.  So fun and exciting for him.  As a bench player, he is not usually ever in a position to win a game for his team.  And my baby girl had a great gymnastics meet on Sunday.  She really struggled with one of her passes on the double-mini (trampoline) and less than a month ago had to scratch from her event.  The skill involves running then back-flipping then immediately (without any additional bounces) doing a front flip with a twist and sticking a blind landing.  I can no longer get frustrated with her because it is kind of scary.  Well, about 2-3 weeks ago the skill finally clicked so she was able to compete this weekend at her new level – and she WON.  She kills me how she goes from not being able to do something to then being really good.  It takes her seemingly forever to get it, but then … she’s got it.  Another lesson in keeping at something for a long time….

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6 Responses to Sifting and Sorting

  1. Caitlin says:

    Loved reading this post, Martha. You have been coping so well. I can only imagine how tough it’s been, but I think you’ve dealt with everything amazingly.

    Your new running program sounds fantastic! And your kids are doing great! I have a big smile on my face now. So happy for you! 🙂


  2. Lynn says:

    Good for youa and taking care of yourself ….now that my fund raiser is over and my friend husband funeral … I can concentrate on me ….. I bought the book you are using and trying to get my 5k time down …. What appp are you using for the streak …..hoping to get some swimming in this week…once I recover from the fund raiser from yesterday….


    • Hey Lynn. I’m using the app that Dr. Z mentioned at Success Club – it’s called Big Day Lite (Lite, as in “free” – there is also a version that you can pay for but I/we don’t have that). I also heard of one the other day called “Streaks: Motivational Calendar” that looks pretty cool but I haven’t looked for it yet.
      Where do you swim? I was thinking about maybe looking into that this summer instead of running. I’d like some coaching too – I’ve never really worked on my strokes or learned how to swim laps for exercise or sport. I would probably not make it all the way down the length of the pool….


      • Lynn says:

        The weight loss center for one of the specialty classes had a coach come in … I don’t know if Dr Z uses him or not …. I went to the class and he was really knowledgeable … It was Frank sole with sole Swim solutions .. I am swimming at lifetime but it is really pricing looking for options …. I was swimming at 24 hour fitness at thunderbird and scottsdale rd … It may be where Dr z swims also …. Costco has a membership deal …. Cactus and scottsdale there is a city pool for summer …. Good luck … I swam competitively in high school so swimming is relaxing for me ….


      • Lynn, that was the guy I was trying to remember! I knew they did a swimming class at SWLC but, unfortunately, I could not attend – pretty sure it was due to a gymnastics meet (story of my life). I’ll talk to Dr. Z about him next month. Seems like it might be a good change-up to running….at least for the summer. I did think about just swimming at the city pools, or maybe the YMCA. I was a member at Lifetime (original member, actually) but I just can’t stand going in there anymore. It is really nice though – especially the pool setup.


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