Rainy Run

Yesterday I had 8 miles on my “10K Own It” training schedule.  One run per week on the IMG_6600schedule is marked with a little water bottle symbol which basically means “Get it done,  sister.”  – i.e. DO NOT skip this run.  There is also one run per week marked with a coffee cup that means “Give yourself a choice.  Do you want to stay or go?”  The 8 mile run had the water bottle – so I knew I had to make it happen.  However, Phoenix had a 100% chance of rain in the forecast for Saturday.  100%.  That would be fairly certain.  When I woke up, I was expecting a flooded backyard but, instead, I counted maybe 3 rain drops the first hour or so.  I decided to head out and take my chances – besides, a little rain feels great and it was not very cold out.

I don’t really have any new podcasts to listen to so I decided to download a new book on Audible.com since I had a few credits.  I thought maybe a good book would help the 8 miles pass more quickly.  I won’t lie.  8 miles seemed really far.  I haven’t gone on a long run like that since before the half marathon.  Any of my attempts at 4+ miles lately have been less than stellar and, truth be told, I’ve walked some of it as well.  I have been hearing about the book, Divergent, and thought I’d give it a try.  It seems to be a bit too much like the Hunger Games but I was wasting valuable non-rainy minutes looking for a book so I went with that.

I went outside, started walking and started my Garmin.  My first 200 yards or so felt really good.  I checked my Garmin to see what my pace was starting off and it wasn’t registering.  Hmmm.  I stopped running and started pressing buttons.  Started again.  Still nothing.  I had updated a few things the last time I had uploaded data and I had tried to pair it with my phone again, unsuccessfully, but that shouldn’t be affecting the distance/pace tracking.  I started again.  Still nothing.  Now I’m getting pissed off.  I think many runners will tell you that they have become too dependent on their Garmin.  I am no different.  However, I had just sat down at my computer and had mapped out this 8 mile run using the Map My Run website.  I knew the path I planned to take pretty well because I had to adjust it a few times to get it to a full 8 miles.  The stopwatch/timing function was working just fine on the Garmin….then it occurred to me that I have never tried to run with such thick, soupy cloud cover.  I decided that since I could find no other reason, the clouds must be blocking the GPS satellite signals.

So, off I went.  I became dialed into listening to the new book very quickly.  The weather IMG_6591was perfect – not too cold, not too hot – no rain.  I had run about one mile, based on my estimates from many previous runs on the same route, and my Garmin still read less than 1/10th of a mile.  I guess it was not going to catch up.  I felt amazing.  Around mile 2 it started sprinkling but I didn’t care – I felt like a kid out playing in the rain.  Mile 3, more rain.  I noticed nobody was outside.  People were now running to their cars if they had to go out.  I loved it and didn’t care.  I made the decision to keep going, even though my route was taking me further away from home instead of closer.  Mile 4, still feeling amazing but starting to question how long I can run in this rain.  And, right about then, it started POURING.  I was about 4.75 miles out and at the furthest point on my route from our house.  The skies opened and buckets of rain came down and I was out in the open with no shelter.  My shoes filled with water, I was soaked to the bone, the streets started filling with water, and then the wind started.  Ugh.  This was no longer so much fun.  I looked down the street and there was a bank with a drive thru teller overhang and I ran for it.  I was so incredibly soaked and chilled now so I decided to phone in an SOS to my husband to come rescue me.  Even if the rain stopped, I was just too wet now to continue running comfortably.  He answered immediately and said he had just went to get his iPad to see if I had sent him a Garmin tracking email – sometimes he can see where I am at when I’m out running which I always appreciated on my long runs.  Obviously today, even if I had tried to send him that email, he wouldn’t have been able to find me since I never got the GPS tracking to work.  He said he’d be right there.

IMG_6593So I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Turns out, my two younger kids decided to jump on the trampoline together in the rain and then they decided to jump in the swimming pool!  The pool is still really cold.  They are insane.  Anyway, he had to chase them out of the pool since he didn’t want to leave them swimming during a rain storm when no adults were home.

He finally pulled up and handed me two big fluffy pool towels which felt heavenly.  I was all goose-bumpy and shivering at this point.  Water was still rolling off my baseball cap.  I got home and sat in front of the fireplace for a bit to warm up.  I am disappointed that I had to cut a great run short, but it gave me a lot of confidence for my next one.  I haven’t felt that good in long time.  What was different?  Well, maybe the audio book helped.  But, deep down, I think maybe the reason was that I took a complete rest day Friday.  My only exercise was walking a slow mile to complete the streak.  That was it.  No strength training, no quick mile on the interval.  Just a pretty lazy day.  Now that February is over and I’m caught up on my 12 Koko workouts/month, I am going to try to work in more of those days off into my exercise schedule.  I know they are important.

IMG_6612 IMG_6611

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2 Responses to Rainy Run

  1. Tami says:

    Good for you for event getting that far! I always say, a good book can make anything better. And Divergent is wonderful!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I would love to run in heavy rain, rather than March in Ohio. We received three more inches of snow yesterday and it’s supposed to get down to zero again tonight!


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