I’ve decided that I am just one of those people that like to create chaos in my life.  I don’t tend to have a lot of “emotional” chaos going on – in general, I am really even keeled and almost never have any disagreements going on with people.  But, geez, the amount of “projects” and commitments I like to cram on my plate is crazy at times.  Maybe I miss the work environment when I had to juggle a lot of things simultaneously…  I don’t know.

tile_removalSo, about the “chaos”…can you believe I decided to have the entire downstairs of tile floors of our house chipped out the day after returning from Disneyland?  Who does that??  Do you know what that is like?  It is like MOVING!  We had to take everything downstairs (including everything on the walls) out of the house and move it to either the garage, the back patio, or the playroom.  Even our living room, which is carpeted, had to be cleaned out because some idiot put down a hideous linoleum in there before the carpet a decade ago and they had to scrape all that out too.  But the contractors were really good and got the job done way ahead of schedule (that never happens!)  So, I’m glad we went ahead and did it now, but I was questioning my sanity!

Anyway, we got home from a really nice trip to Disneyland with my childhood friend, Kim.  The weather was absolutely perfect – warm (but not too warm) during the day and a bit chilly (light jacket weather) at night.  Our hotel was simple but within walking distance of the

We caught up with Nathan in downtown Disney with his school group.  His little sister was happy to see him.

We caught up with Nathan in downtown Disney with his school group. His little sister was happy to see him.

Disneyland park and it had enough beds/bunk beds so that we all got a good night’s sleep every night.  The parks were pretty crowded but we got on every ride that we wanted to.  By Sunday, however, our kids that had been traveling with the middle school band/choir trip were completely worn out and driving us a bit crazy.  Standing in hour-plus long ride lines with kids that were tired/cranky (and these are 13 year olds) tested a bit of our patience since they were hanging on and bothering each other a lot.  But, that’s to be expected with 5 kids between the 2 of us.  We got a kick out of our boys getting some attention from a group of girls that wanted to “meet them” at another ride in the park.  Ah, it is starting … very slowly for my son, but it was a new step in parenting as we let our boys run off to find the girls again.

Erin celebrated her 10th birthday on our trip.

Erin celebrated her 10th birthday on our trip.

Kim and I really needed this trip.  We told the kids that this wasn’t just about THEM – that we needed this too.  It was so nice just to sit in the car for that long drive to and from California and just catch up on all the little stuff.  We talk pretty often but our conversations are chopped up during carpooling or quick texts or calls usually regarding something with our kids or schedules.  As I mentioned before, Kim has lost both parents so we talked a bit about that and those emotions.  I told her I was seeing not one, but two grief therapists/counselors and sort of how that was helping me at least touch base with my emotions periodically.

We went to IMG_6905get a FastPass for Space Mountain early on Sunday morning but they were already issuing them for 10-11pm.  That is one of our favorite rides so we planned our night around getting on that ride.  Because we had to wait almost an hour for the Thunder Mountain ride, we ran over to Space Mountain at about 10:55pm – only to find out that the ride had broken and had been shut down for over an hour.  They were not sure if they would have it running again before the end of the night.  Oh no!  We were so bummed!  We hung around

Me, screaming on California Screamin'

Me, screaming on California Screamin’

in Tomorrowland trying to figure out what to do.  We headed over to a few more rides then suddenly saw people running towards Space Mountain.  It was 11:30pm – the park was only open for another 30 minutes.  We took off for the ride also – knowing at least they had promised to honor our FastPass.  We were able to get on the ride pretty quickly and I sat with my oldest daughter.  I had flashbacks to riding that ride for the first time with my dad.  He liked the roller coasters at Disneyland when I was younger – my mom was always too scared.  I remember being on that ride with him when I was 5 or 6 years old.  As the ride took off I was just so happy.  Happy that we had made it onto the ride with minutes to spare.  Happy to be with my friend and kids.  I completely relaxed, threw up my hands over my head and really really enjoyed the ride.  It was so strangely liberating and exhilarating – such a release of all of the tension and stress over the past months.  I have been on Space Mountain so many times that I can anticipate the turns in the dark.  It is strangely comforting, even though it is a roller coaster.  Sounds crazy, I’m sure…but it was amazing release of emotion for me.

Last time I was at Disneyland was in the fall of 2012.  I remember this because I started at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center the week after we returned home from this trip.  I put this little side-by-side photo together after taking a picture with my girls in the same spot.  I remember taking the picture in 2012 – we were there with friends and I HATED having my photo taken.  Now, I don’t mind at all….


Eating Optifast instead of yummy treats at the "Cozy Cone Motel"...I went back for treats there later though.

Eating Optifast instead of yummy treats at the “Cozy Cone Motel”…I went back for treats there later though.

But I am not so happy with my eating decisions in Disneyland.  I was so dang proud of myself for getting back in the “green zone” before leaving but as soon as I got around those churros, popcorn, pretzels, and ice cream the old “me” came roaring back into action.  I did take a bunch of Optifast with me into the park to avoid eating high calorie meals all the time but I did have way too many snacks!  Unfortunately, the scale jumped back to 177 when I got home.  Today it was down to 176 so I know it is a lot of water weight from the salt/carbs I ate.  We’ll see how long it takes to get back down…again.  *sigh*

I wore my FitBit both days in the parks and averaged about 18,000-20,000 steps per day.  I actually thought it would be more, considering that we walked from the hotel, but we did stand around a lot waiting for rides.  I think maybe if we had been able to jump from ride to ride more we would have gotten in more miles.  Oh well, it was definitely interesting to see!

IMG_6852 IMG_6885 IMG_6869IMG_6872




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