Ragnar Details (Part 2)

ragnar_socal_1I can’t believe that I leave for San Diego to run Ragnar SoCal with my “Strangers to Sole Mates” team in less than a week!  I had hoped to be in a much better place with my running training.  We have been reassured quite a few times by our team captains that we have nothing to worry about and that this is for “fun” but I’m still going to be a bit nervous.  My training has gone downhill so much since running the half marathon.  I do think I can maintain an 11:00 pace for at least 3 miles – the longest distance I have in this race is 5.3 miles though.  It does have a slight downhill to it so I’m hoping that keeps me close.  My first leg is the longest leg too, which will help since I won’t be stressed about the longer run in the middle of the night.

Many of us on the team have had all sort of things going on in our personal lives and it will magnetbe great to come together in person and just let it all go for a weekend.  Every single one of them are amazing people and I just can’t wait for this to get started!  Katie has been introducing the runners on her blog.  I linked to many of them in this post on my blog and you can also read about Dean, Colleen, Cat, (me!), and Hilary on her blog.  If you follow Katie’s blog, you know that her dear friend Mark passed away last week.  We had decided to honor Mark by adding him as “Runner #13”.

weather forecastI haven’t started to pack for the trip, or even think about packing.  But I was happy to see this weather forecast for next weekend – it should be beautiful!  Because we will be making San Diego our home base, after we arrive we can leave some of our luggage there at John’s house and only take a smaller bag with running gear, etc. along with us in the vans.  So, packing might take a little more forethought than a “normal” trip.

So I thought I might give a run-down about how I think this is going to work next week – just so you can see what is in store for me:

Thursday, 4/3

10:30AM Flight from Phoenix, Arrive in San Diego about the same time as most of my teammates.  3 members of the team are in CA – one in San Diego and two from areas closer to northern CA.  The rest are flying in from Boston, Boise, Portland, Virginia, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Denver.

1:30PM Most of the team will drive from San Diego up to the Huntington Beach, CA area to our starting line hotel.  Those that live in northern CA will meet us there.  12 strangers sharing 3 rooms – the fun begins!  I’m so glad that we all have gotten to know each other already because they don’t really feel like “strangers” any more.

4:30PM Team Dinner/ hanging out/attempting to sleep

Friday, 4/4

5:00AM Runner #1, Thomas, our young and super fast “kid” starts us off in Huntington Beach with his shortest leg of the relay – 5.9 miles.  As Runner #9, I am in Van #2 (Runners 7-12) so we do not start until about 11AM.  We will see our team off at the starting line but then I believe we go back to our starting line hotel to rest up and possibly go eat breakfast.

11:00AM Van #2 and Runner #7 (Dean) take over the relay while Van #1 goes to get some food, rest, etc.  At this point, our team will be north of Newport Beach in the Tustin, CA area.  We will follow along the designated “van route” and provide support and cheering for each runner.

2:12PM If all goes according to our planned pace calculator, I should get the relay baton at 2:12 for my first leg of the relay.  My first leg is the longest but I was relieved to see that it has a pretty decent downhill slope to it.  I run 5.3 miles and I am projected to finish in 1:00:38, which is an 11:26:24/mi average.  My projected speed is adjusted off of my 10K pace, which I listed as 11:00/mi – although I haven’t hit that in a while.  Because the course was rated as “Hard”, the pace calculator adjusted the estimated time for me to complete my leg, giving me some buffer.  I’m not sure why a downhill leg is considered “Hard”, but I’ll take it!

Leg 9 map

 5:50PM  Van #2 completes 1st leg and Van #1 takes over to start leg 2.  I assume we will go get some dinner and head to “crash pad” hotel near Oceanside to rest.

10:51PM  Van #1 finishes and Van #2 takes over, starting with a 5.9 mile run for Dean.

Saturday, 4/5

12:50AM I run my second leg of 3.2 miles near Oceanside, finishing around 1:25AM.  Estimated pace time of 11:06:36 for a 35:33 finish.  I’m pretty confident that shouldn’t be a problem unless I’m injured or just exhausted.

ragnar socal leg 21

3:15AM  Van #2 finishes up, Van #1 takes over for the final leg.  Van #1 returns to crash pad for more rest/sleep, if possible.

7:52AM  Van #1 DONE!  Van #2 returns to finish the race!

9:45AM  I run my last leg – leg 33 down the Pacific Beach/Mission Beach boardwalk.   Adjusted pace is 11:13:12 with a 38:30 finish.  Hopefully I can maintain that pace with very little sleep.  Finishing up at Belmont park and near my sister in law’s apartment….and my favorite breakfast burrito place!

ragnar socal leg 33

1:45PM  Ragnar SoCal concludes in downtown San Diego near Qualcomm park, with Colleen finishing strong with a 5.4 mile run.

Celebration, shower, rest then party at John’s house all night with our new friends!

It was helpful for me to sit down and type all of this out.  I haven’t really gone through the details in my head yet.  I was really getting a bit nervous about the whole thing but this looks pretty manageable…I hope.  I don’t do too well without sleep but hopefully I can get a few naps in at the hotel.  I had a friend tell me yesterday (he has done 4 Ragnars) to make sure I sleep – he did 2 without sleep that were awful and 2 with sleep that were great.

My husband has returned home from his business trip with a bit of a chest cold.  I’m hoping and praying that I don’t catch it before I leave on Thursday.  I’ve managed to stay well through lots of illnesses in our home recently…keeping my fingers crossed!








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6 Responses to Ragnar Details (Part 2)

  1. Carole, Ottawa, Canada says:

    Dear Martha, Weather is going to be fine for your Ragnar. I congratulate you on all your efforts, you are an inspiration to me. Looking forward to reading your experience in your next blogs. Have fun.
    FYI – This week is my last class at the Weight Management Clinic – I’m happy as I have lost 63 pounds and as my doctor says I’m at a healthy weight. Last Thursday was my 57th birthday and I felt like I was on the top of the world. On Monday I have my first meeting with my personal trainer. Keep in touch.


    • Congrats on your weight loss and for reaching “healthy weight” status … and a Happy Belated Birthday, Carole! So glad you get to celebrate your birthday with a healthier YOU! I’m so glad you are meeting with a trainer to get the exercise going – it will definitely help with your weight maintenance!


  2. Lynn says:

    Wow amazing ….. Have a great time …. I have some homeopathic drops that work great for cold and flu … Good thing is your body works with it and you don’t have the “hang over” from cold medicine …. Also I have found that osvillococcinum is a life saver on the road .. It says it is for flu but really helps when I feel like I am coming down with a cold … Have avoided all colds and I have been basically out of town every other wee since jan and 3 of 4 weeks in December ….

    Good luck and have a great time …. Rooting for the team all the way … Your team’s logo is really nice …. Go Martha


    • Thanks, Lynn. For now I am just avoiding my husband, haha. He slept on the couch last night to keep his germs away from me.
      Did you go to Success Club last week? I was hoping to make it since it will be in Chandler next month. I rarely miss those. Oh well. We just couldn’t get into town from LA in time on Monday for me to go.


      • Lynn says:

        No I did not make it … Been out of town for two weeks …. Seeing Dr P in am… Did really good when I was home and lost some but travel was a killer … Too much stress to loose any …need to go back to basics to get this 10 off …. Next month in chandler 😦


  3. Thomas says:

    Yeah, even a little sleep helps a lot. I am NOT good without sleep at all. During the one relay race prior to this I did I managed about a 45 minute nap and I think it made all the difference. I am hoping with the actual hotel after leg 2 I can get two hours or so, that 45 minutes was in a field next to a guy with a bullhorn shouting team names, which shows you how tired I was…


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