My Fitness Life

koko screenshot myfitnesslifeA few weeks before I left for Ragnar, I had a message from the owner of my local Koko Fit Club, Dave, asking if it would be OK for someone on the marketing team for their franchise to contact me for an interview for a blog post on the Koko website.  I guess each owner was asked to submit the name of a member who had achieved some level of success while working out at their club to be featured as an inspirational story.  I told him that it was fine, although I was a bit nervous about it.

A couple of days later I exchanged contact info with Adam and set up an interview time.  I didn’t double-check the time zone differences and he ended up calling an hour earlier than I was expecting, but it actually worked out better with my schedule.  We ended up talking for at least 75 minutes and he definitely put me at ease as I told my story.  There were several facets to my weight loss success – Dr. Ziltzer and Optifast of course, but the seed had been planted for a successful exercise program through Koko, which I had started about a year before going to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center.  I hadn’t been able to stick with any other program for this long and I love that I can see measurable gains in both strength and muscle building.  After we were done talking, I sent Adam a bunch of photos and he was going to wait until Ragnar was over with before submitting the story for review.  The story went on-line last Thursday and I saw it pop up on the Facebook feed for Koko of Scottsdale and Dave’s personal page as well.  I was happy with the story.  Adam was planning on giving me a chance to review it but it got published before that happened.  Overall I think he captured the intent of what was said in the interview.  And so, here it is:

I don’t know what the reach of this story is, but I noticed that it was shared over 100 times through the other Koko Fit Club’s Facebook pages across the country.  Yikes.  That always makes me a bit nervous but I’m always happy to try to help inspire someone hoping to turn their health around.



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2 Responses to My Fitness Life

  1. This is awesome, Martha! Very proud of you for all of your accomplishments and for sharing your story! I know how nerve wracking it can be. This was a really wonderful feature!


  2. Carole Matte says:

    Hi Martha, It is so true that you help to motivate, inspire and support others who are trying to lose weight and get in to better shape. That is what you have done for me. Congratulations on all your achievements. Keep up the good work. THANK YOU.


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