Mother’s Day / Pajama Day

least active dayMother’s Day since Mom died 9 years ago has been a day of mixed emotions.  I’m beyond blessed with my own 3 kiddos and husband who make the day special for me.  Mother’s Day falls during the “busy” season of the school year and having the “day off” to stay in my pajamas and not worry about feeding people or going anywhere is such treat for me.  I find myself wanting to hole up in my bedroom and just have some peace and quiet.  I probably spent too much time alone instead of out with my family and, consequently, I got a bit really emotional thinking about my own mom.  I was also reminded that Mother’s Day would have been my parents’ 51st wedding anniversary – so I guess they got to spend it together in heaven for the first time in 10 years.  Sometimes the loss hits me really really hard and I can barely breathe.  So that happened.  But it was pretty brief and I recovered.  I am somewhat comforted by just knowing that losing parents is part of the cycle of life … I just feel like the cycle started way too early for my family and it just doesn’t seem fair sometimes.

Back to the weekend, my son had a football game late Saturday afternoon and they finally got their first win!  Yay!  Almost immediately after, we went out with some friends to see “Avenue Q” at the Phoenix Theatre.IMG_7780  Wow, that was a funny (and totally inappropriate) show!  It is sort-of like a rated R (or maybe even rated X) Sesame Street with “full puppet nudity”.  The puppets look like Muppets … but they most definitely aren’t.   Afterward we went out for drinks and hung out way past my bedtime.  It was a great night.  I needed it.

I told my husband that I wanted Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast.  I’ve been craving those a lot lately and Mother’s Day seemed like a good excuse to indulge just a bit.  After we woke up, he ran out and got a box and brought it back to the house.  I had TWO!  Dang, those things are so good!  The kids made me a card and sang me a cute little song.  I got a new watch that I have been wanting and my husband bought the 2 of us tickets for a Diamondbacks baseball game in June.  He also ordered me a Diamondbacks jersey of one of the pitchers with the last name that is in my family (no relation, but I’ve always thought it was cool).  He even thought to get it for me in a “ladies cut” which I really like.

Oh, and another bonus, on Thursday afternoon I realized that my FitBit was missing and I thought I had lost it at a big event that my son’s school was doing (off campus) so I was sure it was gone forever.  I think it never actually left the house though because he found it in our closet.  I was sure it wasn’t in the house because I wasn’t able to connect with it using the Bluetooth, but I guess it was just out of range when I tried…or maybe it had been sitting still and had already updated so there were no steps to download…  Anyway, I was SO happy to have the little guy back!  I felt like part of my body was missing all day Friday and Saturday without it on – plus I wanted “credit” for all of my activity!

So, like I mentioned, I spent most of Mother’s Day relaxing by watching movies upstairs in our master bedroom and working on a few little projects that I have been wanting to get to.  I had kinda hoped I would be motivated to get up and go for an easy run, but since we were out late and I got a late start in the morning, it was already a bit too warm to run outside.  Around 4pm I decided it was time to get out of my pajamas and that I needed to get outside and at least walk to get my mile done.   So I put my workout clothes, running shoes, and headphones and headed out for what ended up being a really nice fast-paced 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood.  I noted at one point on my Garmin that I was probably walking faster than I used to run when I first started out years ago.

We ended up going out for Chinese food for dinner which was a nice change.  Again, I probably ate more than I should have but I still ate much less than I would have in the past.  It’s all about finding that balance.  I’m getting there…

The kids have less than 9 days of school left this year!  Our days and nights will be filled from now until about mid-June.  I’m so glad I got a day to recharge my batteries!




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