weather_mayWe are finally getting our first string of 100+ degree temperatures.  Yuck!  It has been pretty nice lately though so I guess we have been lucky, so far.  The kids have about 5.5 days of school left.  How did that happen?!  This school year has flown by.  But there will be no lazy summer days for us, at least not right away.  2 days after school ends, Erin and I are flying to San Jose, CA for her regionals T&T gymnastics meet (in Santa Clara) and the day after we leave, my 13 year old flies to San Jose, COSTA RICA(!) with his science teacher and 26 other students for 10 days out of the country.  He will have a wonderful, fun and culturally enriching experience and I will be home wondering why I haven’t heard anything and worrying about him.  This kid is very independent and has been away from home quite a bit – and rarely communicates with us, even when he is allowed to.  I guess I’m just getting an early start for what it will be like when he leaves for college…. (*sigh*)  A week after he returns, my 2 girls and I will fly to Spokane, WA for the Nationals gymnastics meet.  We will be there for about 6 days.  So, our actual summer “break” will start sometime around June 16th.

We are getting close to starting the remodel work on our home.  We have had the floors ripped out since March and I’m ready to get something under our feet other than the concrete slab.  I’m meeting with an interior designer that has done some work for us in the past and hopefully we’ll get started very soon.  This is going to be a major project…we will be rearranging our kitchen to make room for new appliances and adding new cabinetry, counter-tops, etc.  We’ll get new flooring throughout the house (our carpet all needs to be changed – like 10 years ago) and, therefore, we’ll go ahead and do some painting almost all over too.  It will be stressful, but we’ve been through this enough times that I know what to expect.  I’m hoping that we’ll have more flexibility in going to live somewhere else since the kids won’t have school.  We can head either to my dad’s house for a bit or even up north to our cabin.  My thought is that I can do some batch cooking at either of these places and keep some “home-cooked” food at our house that we can just microwave so we aren’t constantly eating out.  We’ve been half packed up to get ready for this for months now. 20140514-090905.jpg One of the “fun” things we are adding is a wet bar to our family room.  I’m hoping this will give us a place to not only store our liquor, glassware, party platters, etc. but also a place to set up for parties so we don’t have to take up our kitchen counters with that stuff.  I’ve decided to order a bar-top popcorn popperpopcorn machine (like a movie theater) and am plotting a way to keep it within the cabinetry when not in use.  I absolutely love popcorn and so do my kids – I thought it would be a neat addition to the bar area for parties or for when the kids have friends over.  I’m going to have to work that into my “calorie” budget though – I love it so much and the smell will drive me up a wall if I can’t eat it.

IMG_7782I’ve gotten a little bit back into a running groove and it feels good.  I ran another straight 3 miles yesterday, that included some hills up and over the canal nearby.  I’m really not sure still if I’ll keep running inside or get reacquainted with long treadmill runs.  The early morning temperatures are still pretty nice so I’m thinking I should stay outside as long as I can.  This month is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month so I’ve been posting my running updates in purple to show support for my I Run 4 buddy, Brennan.


Last week I read some really cool news about another fellow blogger/runner and it reaffirms that the whole weight loss/running/blogging world can lead to some amazing experiences.  So, I’m really not sure which blog I found first – or if one lead to another – but right around the same time I found Katie’s Runs for Cookies blog, I stumbled across Laura’s blog.  Now there are many blogs similar to ours out there but Laura seemed to be at a similar point in her running journey and we were both starting to train for our first half marathon.  So, I followed her blog and she started following mine.  I think maybe she is the one that I learned about the Another Mother Runner podcast from.  That podcast has become one of the main things I listen to when I run now and I own both of their books as well.  Then my dad got sick and passed away and shortly thereafter, unfortunately, Laura went through the same thing with her father.  She followed me as I joined the Ragnar SoCal team and read about our team’s updates through my blog and Katie’s blog as well.  So last week when I learned that Laura had been chosen to be on the 2014 Badass Mother Runner Ragnar Team (with Dimity and Sarah of Another Mother Runner) for Ragnar Napa Valley in September, I was so excited for her!  She submitted a video entry and was chosen, along with 10 other runners, to be on that super fun team!  You can read her blog post about the contest here.  Anyway, I just thought that was the coolest thing!!  I know how much bonding and then running with my SoCal team helped me through the rough months after my dad died.  It also helped keep me focused on my weight loss and running after finishing my half marathon.  I know she is going to have a great experience too!  Now I get to read all about her training and Ragnar!  Several of my Ragnar Solemates teammates are getting together to do the Ragnar Napa Valley, I wish I was doing it now too!

Well, I had better get to Koko to get my workout done so that I can work on things around the house.  My “quiet” mornings while the kids are at school are just about over.  I’m really hoping to clear my head (and scheduling) and enjoy my time with them this summer.


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2 Responses to Sum-Sum-Summertime

  1. Tailypo says:

    OT for this post, but on topic for the overall blog… I just discovered your blog and am approaching week 17 of Optifast. I am curious — do you mind sharing what you way now? Did you stick to 169? I ask because I have a very similar build (5’9.5, solid and muscular, German…) and I am now at 173, and you look so darned thin but I don’t look thin to myself yet. I certainly don’t think I look within 5 pounds of you now. Do you mind sharing your current weight? Thanks!


    • Hi, I currently fluctuate between about 172 and 176, this morning I was 174. I’ve been doing a ton of weight training lately so I’m OK with being a bit over my 170 goal, since I think I can see the difference in my muscles, etc.


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