Weekend Woes

I’ve had a bad habit of allowing my eating to get off-track over the weekends.  It isn’t even that I go “off plan” so much … because, in reality, the plan is basically to “do whatever I want” on the weekends lately.  But this really is not a good strategy.  It is frustrating to be so “good” during the week and throw that all out the window on the weekends.  The sad thing, if you will, is that my weekend eating is not all that bad.  In fact, it is probably no worse than what a normal day of eating looked like prior to starting my weight loss.  But, nevertheless, I am realizing that I need to work on balancing my eating choices throughout the week – including the weekend.  I know this is an incredibly common issue among those watching their weight – I think mainly because it is easy to stick to some sort of regular plan during the week but the weekend tends to throw us so many different curve-balls (and fun!)

I’m really focusing on maintaining an eating plan this weekend, in particular, because I am scheduled to see Dr. Z on Thursday and I really don’t want to spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at a near “full fast” to get my weight back down.  I woke up this morning at 174.4 which puts me within the “yellow zone” range.  I don’t want to go above that this weekend, if I can help it.  So I’m working extra hard to make good choices.  I’ve still had a few small treats and I did have a nice meal tonight (and a Michelob Ultra) at a party.  The worst is over, tomorrow I think I can stay on track pretty easily.  I’m looking forward to this Monday as any other day and not a typical Monday where I look at the scale and have to (somewhat in shock and disbelief) recommit to eating on my plan.  I should be doing that day in and day out.

It is amazing, one year out from my weight loss and still within my goal weight range, how difficult this still is and how much thought goes into all of it.  I’m relieved that I am on top of it quickly and willing to have this conversation with myself almost daily, because I can see how fast it can get out of hand.  It doesn’t use a lot of emotional energy to deal with a few pounds – but conscious decisions about my relationship with food still happen day in and day out.  It does take up a chunk of my brain space though.  I should emphasize that my attitude is more one of a “pep talk” and not getting down on myself.  I am, and have been, really energized and confident about all of this since losing those 98 pounds…but, what I am saying is that the work NEVER ends.  EVER.  You’ll hear “lifelong commitment” over and over again when on a weight loss plan and I really understand now that this will be for the long haul…..

I decided to take a bit of a “rest day” as far as exercise goes today.  I am due for my strength test at Koko and those are typically better if I give my body a day to recuperate after a weight lifting session.  So, I plan to go do that tomorrow morning as well as get in a short run.  Because I knew I was going to the party tonight and would probably want to have a beer and good food, I got on the treadmill in our bedroom and made myself walk until my FitBit reached 10,000 steps.  This required a little over 2 miles to get to that point.  I always like to put in the exercise/caloric burn before I do the eating or drinking – that was a habit Dr. Z introduced me to back when I was losing weight.  I don’t practice it enough any more but I find that going ahead and enjoying something you’ve “earned” through exercise can make it more enjoyable.

This is the last week of school for our kids and they really only have 3.5 more days.  It is mostly fun and parties for the younger two but my oldest has high school finals so we need to keep things down to a dull roar around here so she can finish strong.  Erin and I fly out to San Jose, CA next Saturday morning for her Regionals T&T gymnastics meet in Santa Clara over Memorial Day weekend.  On Sunday morning, my son (13) leaves for 10 days in Costa Rica with his science teacher and about 25 classmates (I’m trying really hard to not worry about sending him on an international trip for so long!)  Since he leaves after we leave for CA, I’ll have to help him get packed up before we go.  So, it’s going to be a very busy week.



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