Scale Down / Strength Up

I am so happy to report that I weigh less this morning (Monday) than I did on Friday!  My mission was to smooth out my eating over the weekend so I didn’t have a giant spike – and therefore have to spend the rest of the week recovering from my indulgences.  Instead, I tried to keep my eating similar to how I eat on weekdays.  My typical “weekday” plan includes a few meal replacements throughout the day along with other sensible food and snacks.  I eat steel cut oatmeal about every other day for breakfast, quite a bit of fruit, and usually some protein with whole grains and veggies for dinner.  I had a couple of small treats but I’m pretty sure I stayed within a good calorie range (although I’ve sort of gotten out of the habit of tracking since I eat so similarly every day).  I did have a beer (Michelob Ultra, which is low carb and calorie) at the party Saturday night along with a hefty plate of food – but I piled a salad on half of the plate and skipped the tortillas and chips, staying with just meat, beans, and a veggie.  So, all in all, it was pretty decent – more than a typical weekday, but by no means excessive for someone in maintenance.  The best part was waking up on Sunday morning being one pound lighter!  That never happens!

I am now safe within my 3 -4 pound “yellow zone” and feel like I can keep that going in the right direction now.  I like the way I feel about things today vs. my typical frustrated self on Monday mornings.

I waited until this morning to do my strength test at Koko.  These past 12 sessions have been particularly brutal and I’ve dreaded just about every one of them beforehand.  I knew my arms were getting stronger though, I could feel it during my workouts and the muscles have felt pretty firm lately.  It has been an odd, noticeable difference.  More importantly, I’m “functionally” much stronger – meaning I can do things around the house, etc. like lifting boxes and furniture and I feel a difference.  I’m almost never physically tired anymore and that is a huge bonus.  Anyway, my strength in some of the other areas (leg press, lat pulldown, etc.) was down a bit or the same but I had a very large jump in my chest press exercise (see the orange line on the graph below).  I usually dread that particular test but this morning it felt really good.  It was a big breakthrough for me, not just physically – but mentally as well.  I’m ready for a new Koko workout though and, fortunately, I’m done with that module.  The next one will be glutes and abs – large muscle groups.  Maybe I’ll make some progress with increasing my lean muscle mass….that ever elusive goal…


I see Dr. Z on Thursday morning and I’ve decided I need help in finding a new challenge or goal.  I’m struggling with “just maintaining” – I need something else to work towards.  My first year of maintenance flew by successfully, I believe, because I found running and worked day in and day out on training to run further distances and then the half marathon.  I will keep running, for sure, but with the heat here in Arizona and no big race or goal identified, I’m still floundering a bit.  I’m getting more serious about the idea of swimming – I just need some training since I really don’t know how to swim efficiently or for any decent distance.  This is a bit out of my comfort zone too (the idea of talking to a swim coach while in a swim suit still frightens me), but I think I’m willing to investigate a bit.  But, here is one reason I must keep running … my ‘I Run 4’ buddy, Brennan.  He’s been playing in an adaptive needs baseball league this spring and he sent me this picture the other day…. if that isn’t motivating, I don’t know what is.

brennan_i bat for


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3 Responses to Scale Down / Strength Up

  1. Laura Zhu says:

    Is there a duathlon or triathlon in your future? Swimming is usually people’s biggest fear when it comes to training (mine included) but you’re right to train with a coach from the start! Learning the correct method from the beginning will help you get better and faster, sooner… Way to go!


    • I don’t know about the tri yet, Laura. I would need to try swimming for a while and see if I have any aptitude for it…I sure don’t have much for running so 2 bad events could be disastrous. Other than being in a swimsuit in public, I also have a huge dislike for cold water and the water around here is pretty nasty if it isn’t a swimming pool (thinking ahead to swimming a tri in Tempe Town Lake – yuck!)…I like cycling but I’m also kind of a chicken when it comes to traffic and having my feet snapped into those pedals… Lots of little “fears”/insecurities to overcome if I do pursue it. So, one thing at a time. I might just go find a lap pool to swim in and see if I like it at all. I have done some lap swimming over the years…


  2. Love that picture of Brennan (and the friendship you two have)! Congrats, too, on your improved strength and being within your yellow zone! Your gym is awesome; love the analytics! When you mentioned swimming, I too, thought of a tri or duathlon, just to change things up. The cycling part is what scares me. I love to cycle, but like you say, it’s the clips and traffic combination that freak me out.


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