Schooooools Out. For. Summer!

Today was the last day of school for my kids.  The younger ones had pretty much nothing but parties all week but my high school freshman had at least 4 final exams – 2 of which were going to determine her final semester grades in her Honors classes.  So, most of the house was celebrating and relaxing and she was cramming.  The online grade book system that our district uses has parents and students locked out while the teachers input final grades, so we’re not sure how she did yet.  I keep reassuring her that we are proud of her no matter what she gets – she puts a ton of pressure on herself for straight A’s (which is pretty much how I was).  I like her drive, but I hope she can go easy on herself too. She seems to have a pretty good attitude about it, so far.

So this morning, on my final hours of mommy “freedom”, I had my weigh-in appointment with Dr. Ziltzer.  I haven’t seen him for about a month and I’m happy that I had lost a pound in that time.  I’m still a bit over goal by about 4 pounds but we didn’t even talk about that.  Actually, I did see him on Monday night at Success Club, but I had to rush off to a meeting at my son’s school so I didn’t chat with him.  Today we talked a little about how he senses that I am not too comfortable in being an “inspiration” to others with my weight loss.  In my heart and head, I am proud that I can be an inspiration but I guess I have a bit of difficulty accepting that when people say it to me in person.  I am always more than happy to share my weight loss journey experience when people ask me about it (which is pretty frequently).  I often write down the name of this blog since it goes back to the very beginning and can serve to answer more questions about the nitty gritty weight loss details than I even remember any more.  Anyway, then I told him that I was struggling with my “what’s next” project.  I feel like I always need to have some sort of challenge that I’m working towards on the horizon.  Weight maintenance is pretty dull.  I’ve run the half marathon and while I would like to keep working on my running (and will keep it up to some degree) it is just way too hot here in the summer to put any serious training miles in.  Yes, I could wake up at 5AM to run but even by August it can still be 100 degrees even that early.  I’ll be running plenty on the treadmill as it is.  So, having flashbacks to when I uttered the words “half marathon” in his office a year ago,  today I swimmingspoke the word “swimming” which he immediately jumped ahead to triathlon – which I did not commit to but I didn’t deny either.  I told him I was interested in giving swimming a try this summer and, if it went well, I would look into cycling in the fall (so, the earliest I would attempt a sprint triathlon, if I did proceed with this, would be next spring).  I knew he used a swim coach and had someone he recommended because I remember he had him speak at a special Saturday class last year (which I could not attend) and he brought him up again on Monday night at Success Club.  I have the coach’s name now and I will look into setting up an evaluation.  Apparently he has one of those endless pools where he can evaluate your stroke and make corrections.  I think he coaches running and cycling for triathletes as well – but that is getting way ahead of myself.  I just feel like, if I’m going to put the effort into swimming laps, I want to make sure I’m doing it efficiently and with the best form I can so I don’t learn bad habits that are difficult to break.  Dr. Z warned me that I could be really out of breath from even one lap when I begin – despite how much running I have been doing but it will get better quickly.  I asked him about calorie burn differences between running and swimming and he said that swimming is less but still a good workout – probably 400 calories/hour swimming.

20140522-222741-80861041.jpgMy friend had a small party at her house after school (they had an early release day too) and some of the moms stuck around to have an early happy hour and snacks.  Since I hav20140522-222742-80862940.jpge been so rigid with my calories the past week due to the impending weigh-in this morning, I sort of indulged a bit in pizza, cocktails, and other crap.  But this was for an afternoon, not a whole weekend.  Oh yeah, I also stopped by Krispy Kreme to get donuts after my
appointment this morning.  This post weigh-in doughnut run has GOT to be the worst habit in the world but it cracks me up now when I see the combination in my car of Optifast and Krispy Kreme’s.  Anyway, the kids had fun swimming and covering themselves in shaving cream.


So, I left my appointment with what I have been lacking lately – a new sense of being challenged and direction.  It trickled down into my exercise thoughts even for today.  I still

Garmin - FAIL.  I'm pretty sure I was running faster than 1 hour per mile!

Garmin – FAIL. I’m pretty sure I was running faster than 1 hour per mile!

had to run my mile late tonight after this long, busy day but I was really energized for it.  I could have walked on my treadmill but I put my running stuff on and headed out into the neighborhood after dark with no specific plan or goal – I just felt like running.  It was a great run – the only bad thing was that my Garmin completely quit working at some point.  I was moving along pretty well but trying not to keep track of the numbers but when I finally did after about 10 minutes it was stuck at .22 miles.  Since this has happened before I knew it needed a satellite or firmware update and I haven’t docked it to my PC in several weeks (one downfall of the excellent battery life of the Garmin 220).  The bad thing is you don’t know this is going to happen until you are out on the road.  I guess I should just get in the habit of docking at least once a week, if not after every run.  I haven’t even started with the swimming – and I probably won’t until at least next week or even after I return from our Spokane trip.  And, who knows, I might completely hate it!  But, for now, I am looking forward to improving my fitness this summer, hoping that the slightly more laid back schedule will allow for more time to put in doing what I feel like doing.





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One Response to Schooooools Out. For. Summer!

  1. Thomas says:

    Yeah, I just installed a firmware update a few days ago, that must be it. Stupid it doesn’t work until you install it! We never got out of school until early to mid-June… although we didn’t have to go back until after Labor Day, so it all works out.


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