I don’t have a lot to report tonight, but I did want to share a HUGE milestone – Streak Day 500!  I have been running (or occasionally walking) one mile every.single.day for 500 straight days!



This streak has become such a part of my life now I really can’t imagine not doing it.  Upping the game a bit with the Runner’s World Streak Challenge, I’m now running every single mile from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  So, for that particular challenge, I’m now on Day 5.  I think, overall, it is a good thing because it is keeping the running consistent but with the heat here in Phoenix, it is now not too enjoyable.  I ran outside tonight and while the temperature wasn’t too bad, my asthma kicked in again for some reason and my chest was really tight.  Now that I’m back home I’m wheezing like crazy and coughing.  I really thought I was past all that, maybe the air quality is just really crappy today.  The other little issue, which I haven’t really mentioned before because I think I was wishing that it would go away … is that running has become a pain in the ass.  Literally.  Well, actually my hamstring – leading up to the ol’ gluteus maximus.  It has been aching during my runs for well over two weeks and it just is not getting better.  It only hurts when I run, not walk.  So I know that running on it every single day is probably not helping any.  But, I think it is just a muscular injury/strain and nothing involving joints, tendons, etc. so I rationalize my continual strain on it as not doing any harm.  I know if I go see a doctor about it they’ll tell me to rest.   I’ve never really done any foam rolling but I’m thinking this might be a good time to try it – so I’m going to enlist my kiddos to help me out with this one I think.

I have not been on the scale since before I left for Santa Clara.  The day I got home, I started with my monthly cycle (sorry for the TMI) but, wow, that is starting to become more and more of an issue in my old(-er) age.  Anyway, I just stay off the scale during that time because I am all over the place with water weight and there is no point in feeling even more awful about it.  I think I’m going to look into some sort of medical intervention at my next doctor’s appointment – either ablation surgery, a IUD, or low dose pill.  Anyway, I know that I’ll have some work to do to get my weight back down between all of that and the extra-curricular eating from my trip.  I’m prepared, and I know what to do….

So, other than that, I’m still working out at Koko quite a bit trying to get to my 12th workout by tomorrow, the end of the month.  I’m doing a “Glutes and Abs” module right now (*ding *ding *ding – maybe this is why my hamstring / glute is not getting any better) that is much easier than the last module so I’m back to tolerating my workout a bit more lately.  Nathan is still in Costa Rica with his middle school teacher and classmates.  We talk to him every night via FaceTime and he is having a great time.  Looking forward to having him home on Tuesday though!  The girls and I are just getting stuff done around the house.  Next week is Erin’s last training week before Nationals so, in addition to her regular practices, I’ve schedule 2 private coaching sessions with her coach to work through cleaning up the little stuff.  I’m also busy getting ready for our remodel – things are moving along with that now.

Oh, one last thing, I did go to see the hospice grief counselor again yesterday.  At the end of every appointment, we just schedule the next one … which is probably good because I feel like I have been doing pretty well with the grief process lately and I most likely would not go through with scheduling any more appointments if it wasn’t already booked.  But, rather than cancel, I’ve been following through with attending and I’m always glad I did.  I really like this counselor and it is serving as a good time to just sit down, catch my breath, have a good cry (or 100) and just talk through all the stuff that is going on – and not necessarily stuff related to my parents’ death, etc.  One of the things that I feel like is dragging on and on is taking care of things at my parent’s house.  She asked me if I was having trouble “letting go” and, well, yes … I’m sure that is a big part of it.  But I’ve also been really busy too with everything else and just haven’t made it a huge priority.  I really do think I’m ready to sell the house, but it has got to be on my own timeline.  Right now I’m still boxing stuff up, and that takes way more time than I originally estimated.  Also, if my kitchen is being torn apart over the next few months, I’m glad I’ll have another house to go cook in and, if necessary, sleep in for a few nights if necessary.  My parents’ house has a HUGE swimming pool and I like to take the  kids over there to swim – it will be the last summer to use the pool and to return “home” to a neighborhood that I cherish.  So, I’m in no rush.  It will happen but I’m feeling lots of pressure from those interested in buying the house … they’ll just have to wait.



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5 Responses to 500

  1. Carole says:

    Hi Martha, You and I share the same injury – pain in the ass – my kineologist recommended changing my running shoes for a pair that has more support in the heel. Guess what IT WORKED!!! Got my new runners on Tuesday morning and by Thursday morning when on my elliptical I had no pain. This happened in mid-March. I now only buy Merrill runners. P.S.: Just got back from our trip to Poland and had gained 4.2 lbs. This morning I’m down 3.1 lbs after 5 days of 1200 calories. It is difficult to get in the exercise mode since my return b, ut will get back. On our trip I averaged 1,250 steps per day counting the 2 days that we flew. Keep up the streaking. Carole M.,


    • Thank you, Carole! I am due for new running shoes – that was on my list of things to get next week (I try to replace them about every 300 miles). Maybe I can find some with more heel support. I did jump on the scale this morning and was happy to see that it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I should be able to knock it back down next week… Good work to you getting yours back down!


  2. Lynn says:

    Hi Martha … congrats on day 500 …… Let them wait on the house …. Don’t do it till you are ready ….. I have traveled every week this month ….. Not wanting to get on scale ….. Maintenance is still tough three years out …… Constant battle


  3. Hey Lynn. Get on the scale…maybe it isn’t as bad as you fear. Then you’ll know and can move forward. Yep, constant battle but still better than where we were! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll see ‘ya again soon.


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