I am so happy that my boy is home from his trip to Costa Rica!  He flew home with his school group at 5pm tonight.  We were very happy to see him.  Erin asked if it was OK if she cried when she saw him.  You can see by her hug how much she missed him.  He called us almost every night with FaceTime so we were able to hear about his trip and see his face, but it is nice to physically have him back under our roof.  He’s already back on his computer games with his friends but he’ll be busy getting back into basketball over the next few weeks.10384838_10203929085690041_1220040730408546075_n

So I’ve mentioned that we are about to remodel our house (actually, since ripping out all of the floors back in March, we have sort of already started the process).  The problem with remodeling is that it just leads from one project to the next.  Somehow, because we need a new cook top (only 2 of the 4 gas burners are working and we can no longer buy parts for it), I now find myself rearranging my girls upstairs bedrooms.  Why?  Well, because we need to reroute the gas lines and venting in the kitchen for the new cook top … so we should rearrange the kitchen while we are at it … but we have to remove our ugly tile floors to do that … so we should go ahead and replace all of the flooring downstairs … but some rooms with carpet should get new floors … and the carpet needs to be replaced up the stairs and in the bedrooms because you really were planning on doing that before you moved in TEN years ago … but if you are getting new carpet and floors then you should really paint the walls and ceilings beforehand in every room of the house … but you don’t really want to paint your daughter’s bedroom because you spent weeks painting “surfboard” stripes to match the surfer girl bedding and decor that your oldest daughter has now outgrown but your youngest daughter really likes … so you should have them pack up their rooms now and switch,  you know, before you paint, carpet and remodel your kitchen before you leave town for a week for a gymnastics meet.  Oh, and simultaneously you should try to pack up your parents’ house and their 40 years of possessions…but NOT bring it back to your house just yet because you don’t want to keep moving it around while you replace all of the flooring….

Somehow, I’m remaining pretty cool during all of this and continue to make time for “me” and exercise.  I don’t find myself stress eating very much but I do feel that my meal planning has gone to crap and we are eating out constantly.  With one or more members of our family traveling the past few weeks, I just haven’t felt the need to have big family meals.  Consequently, we’ve been eating pretty poorly.  I can find meal replacements and simple things to eat but my kids aren’t faring so well.  They have had a lot of take-out and restaurant meals lately.  I’m leaving again in less than a week too, so I’m not sure if it will improve much before then.  Having my kitchen ripped up isn’t going to help, I need a plan (that is a reason I wanted to keep my dad’s house intact so I could do a bit of cooking over there).

I went for a great run tonight.  I didn’t get to my workout early this morning since I had a hair appointment bright and early.  I was worried that it was going to be too hot outside but I was willing to give it a shot since I was so sick of driving around in my car after being out all night running to the airport and a few other stops.  I put on my running clothes and went out around 9:30.  It was still 97 degrees but it felt much cooler.  I ran about 1/2 mile then my husband called and I stopped to talk with him for a bit.  Then I decided I needed to run a straight mile to keep the pure “running streak” going so I ran all the way back home, which was almost exactly a mile.  My hamstring felt GREAT – I think being out in the heat and running late in the day (instead of early in the morning in an air conditioned gym on a treadmill) helped a lot.  I didn’t mind the heat tonight, it felt pretty good, actually.  I’ve been uploading my old Depeche Mode CD’s to my iTunes account and that old music is really pumping me up to run lately.  Until it gets a lot warmer (which it will!) I might just keep trying this.  I don’t like to wait until the end of the day to run, but I will keep it open as an option.  The “streak” has taught me that I have to fit the run in whenever I can!

Also, I sent an email to the swim instructor that Dr. Z referred me to.  I just briefly introduced myself and told him I was interested in some beginner swim training after I returned from Spokane in mid-June.  He called back later yesterday evening and was SO nice.  I really enjoyed talking to him.  He sounds very supportive and enthusiastic.  I think I’m going to like working with him.  The plan is to get started when I get back.  He said the first session I’ll just get in the water and he’ll evaluate where I’m at and to not worry AT ALL about where my skills are.  He said that he is so glad I’m starting with him and can learn to be more efficient (and burn more calories – I liked that part!) from the start.  I need to go find a lap-swimming appropriate swimsuit though!

Tomorrow is National Running Day.  It is also the day when the Rock n’ Roll Arizona marathon/half-marathon series is deeply discounted.  Last year on this day is when I signed up (on a whim … and because I’m cheap!) to run in January 2014.  I haven’t decided if I’ll run again this year.  I’ll have to sleep on it tonight…


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3 Responses to Home

  1. Tami says:

    You are like that book “If you give a moose a muffin…” and one thing leads to another and another… I don’t know where you get your energy. you are supermom!!! (And a few of us here are so glad your boy is back as well. Little E is not the only one who missed him!!)


  2. Ruth says:

    I know what you mean, one small change can lead to so many other things. We wanted to change the sink faucet, which wound up leading to an entire kitchen reno. We wound up selling that place soon after so I really believe the renovated kitchen helped sell it. Plus the new flooring on the stairs and upstairs bedrooms, and the storage room downstairs where we ripped out the 70’s bar…and and and…lol


  3. Trish says:

    I am thinking about giving swimming a try too. I noticed my gym has a beginner’s clinic one morning a week. I have looked online for appropriate swimwear but couldn’t pull the trigger on anything I saw. Let us know if you find anything you like.


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