20140611-162339-59019800.jpgHello from the air somewhere above the northwest! We are flying to Spokane from Phoenix for 6 days in cooler weather – and the USA Gymnastics Level 5-7 Trampoline and Tumbling national championships.

It has been a whirlwind trying to leave town…again. The remodeling stuff has taken over my life and we still haven’t really gotten started. Still trying to get the “stuff” cleared out of my girls’ bedrooms and boxing up stuff to move out for painting and new carpet.

So late last week I was pleasantly surprised to see the scale moving down just about every day I weighed myself. I have been running daily trying to maintain not just the mile streak but also the running mile streak until the 4th of July. Because I am mostly running inside at Koko, I’ve been getting in a few more strength training sessions as well, trying to get ahead of schedule for the 12 workouts per month challenge so I won’t be too far behind when we get back from our trip. Anyway, I was watching my diet like I always do, but I have had a few extra little snacks and treats and so when I saw the scale inching down (I was down to 172.9), I suddenly got really cocky and thought I could eat whatever I wanted over the weekend. I also made a huge mistake in not weighing myself either. So, imagine my shock this morning when I now weighed at my all-time post-maintenance high of 178.5!!! Holy crap! What the hell happened? I’m not entirely sure because I have had WAY worse weekends but never seen such a rapid jump. It was a huge wake up call though so get my sh@t together for this trip. I’m so glad I weighed myself this morning before I went out of town for 6 days.

So, I’m really going to try to remain focused this week. It will be challenging since we are staying at a downtown hotel. I’ve been looking online at our dining options nearby and it isn’t looking great (as in healthy) so far. I didn’t have too many Optifast products left either. I’ve been looking at the Quest bar products and heard good things about them. I stopped at a nearby Hi Health store this afternoon and bought 6 of them in different favors to try. At about $2.40 apiece, they are a bit cheaper than Optifast as well. I even put them through Dr. Z’s FoodGauge app to see how they rated and, somewhat surprisingly, they were a “5”, the best a food can be. So, I know he would approve of them. 20140611-114738-42458372.jpg

The protein and fiber content is actually higher so they might even hold my hunger at bay better too. I think they are a great meal replacement but I don’t think you could do a full meal replacement with them because I don’t think the vitamin/nutrient balance is there for a complete diet. But, for traveling, they’ll be great …. And since they are new flavors to me, it will be nice to shake things up a bit, especially on vacation.

I’m really looking forward to running outside! The photos of the park outside our hotel and convention center look amazing. There is a river that runs right through it all. The weather will be in the 70’s (a welcome break from the 110 degrees at home!). Pretty much every afternoon I’ll have some free time and with my teenage daughter on the trip to hang out and stay with my 10 year old, I should get some “me” time to exercise. Funny how my idea of fun is to go running instead of a spa (although that doesn’t sound bad either).

So I hope to return home in better-shape weight-wise than before I left. It will be challenging but one of these I’ll learn my lesson about “weekend eating” and I also need to learn that I may get away with unexplained weight drops resulting from not great behavior but it will catch up to me, and in this instance, extremely quickly!

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