Spokane, Nationals Part 2

Part 2 – just now publishing:

Sunday morning….again….up early, braid hair. Ugh.
The last event, Tumbling, I was not nervous about or really cared about either. We have all sort have been in agreement for a while now that Erin is just not built for this event and it will probably never be her strong point. But, she has continued to work at it and this year

Erin warming up to tumble

Erin warming up to tumble

we have been proud to see her improve greatly. This is also the first of three years that she has qualified to compete at Nationals in the event. So, we went in always hoping for great results but definitely not anything for me to be nervous about. Somehow, she ended up as third from last to compete – in the 6th and final flight. 40 other girls had gone before her. She was pumped up a bit more than the day before and I think the disappointing finish had a lot to do with that. She seemed refocused and ready. Another family had flown in from Phoenix for their son to compete in Tumbling so I was glad they were there with me – they have watched Erin’s progression through the years.  Anyway, her passes were great….probably the best we had ever seen. Her head coach was across the arena but saw it and immediately sent me a text saying it was really good. Erin looked so happy – she had done her absolute best work and she knew it. She ended up 3rd in her flight and finished in a 3-way tie for 11th place overall (due to their tie-breaking system, she was officially listed as 13th out 43. She was only 0.1 pts off the medal ceremony. So it was a great way to end the competition – an all out effort!
We packed up our suitcases, checked out of the hotel then picked up some lunch and headed back to Manito Park, even though the weather had not improved much. It was Father’s Day and I was excited that when Erin got some hot chocolate for lunch, the cup came with a tear-tab lid that my dad had designed many many years ago. I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t get those kinds of cups very often but seeing it was a little reminder of 20140618-215722-79042192.jpghim. I took a minute to tell Erin that her grandpa worked

My girls in the beautiful Japanese gardens at Manito Park, Spokane.

My girls in the beautiful Japanese gardens at Manito Park, Spokane.

on that design and the machinery when I was a girl, at the same company that was stamped on the lid. The park was beautiful but still chilly. We took some photos in the Japanese gardens then moved the car around to the other end of the park. I sat in the car to stay warm while Erin went to visit a duck with a deformed leg that 20140618-215720-79040830.jpgshe had “befriended” the day before. She was very worried about it, but he seemed to be getting along just fine. The girls had fun just goofing around on the playground. When they were ready, we finally headed out of Spokane east to Spokane Valley where we have some friends of friends that we have gotten to know through the years. They have a very nice home and it was great to stay in a house instead of our small hotel room – I had my own room in their basement with a super comfy bed that I didn’t have to share with my kicking and / or sleep-talking girls. Before dinner I got my run out of the way – another of a long string of beautiful runs in the Spokane area. The trees were huge and the roads were hilly. I picked up my pace a bit and hit a 10:30 mile without really trying. I may have been aided by some downhills but I also ran uphill some as well. Anyway, it felt great. I also had my first ‘deer’ encounter – he was so cute! After a yummy home-cooked meal, our friends built a big fire outside in their fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and had s’mores.


My views while running in Spokane Valley

Woke up this morning and went running again. We are flying home now and I didn’t want to deal with it after traveling all day. We packed up again and I drove the girls across the state line to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho just to look around briefly. It was only about a 25 minute drive. The town was really cute and the lake was gorgeous. Unfortunately, it was just so cold and windy walking around we couldn’t enjoy it very much. I guess we should enjoy it because it will be 2X warmer in Phoenix when we land. We stayed long enough to just see what the area was like and take a few pictures but that was about it. Hopefully we can all come back as a family some day. So we headed back to Spokane Valley, took our friends out for a quick lunch then headed to the airport.

Aside from a nice trip, I’m very disappointed in my eating this week. I feel like I’ll have some weight to take off in the coming weeks. I could have done a better job, but we were not in an ideal area for finding healthier meals. I had way too many breakfast pastries and desserts. Ugh. Oh well, I know what to do and I’m looking forward to resuming a more regular schedule.


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