Got Nathan home from basketball camp on Friday afternoon but I was off having a little reunion of my own – I got to see Paige from my Ragnar SoCal team!  She was in Phoenix for a family reunion and had a little bit of time to get together while she was here.

Paige and I, re-united post-Ragnar.

Paige and I, re-united post-Ragnar.

It was great to see her.  Paige was in Van #1 so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her, but we were roommates in our hotel the first night and hung out at John’s house after we were done running.  Paige is probably the closest in age as me and our (busy!) kids are similar ages so we have quite a bit in common – trying to live our best, healthy and active lives while keeping our families needs taken care of as well.  You can read Paige’s blog here.  I really need to update my links on the side of my blog with my Ragnar teammates’ blogs because they are all such amazing and inspirational people!

As soon as I got back to my house, I packed up my suitcase and Paul dropped me off up the street at the JW Marriott resort for a little stay-cation with my girlfriends.  These friends are moms of kids that have been in school together since Kindergarten.  Nathan’s Kindergarten class was really a neat group of kids and parents and the kids were able to actually “loop” to 1st grade with their teacher and, therefore, all of the friendships grew even closer – not just among the kids, but with the moms too.  When we finally had to “break up” the class heading into 2nd grade, the moms formed what we called a “Bunco group” although we have rarely (maybe twice) actually played the dice game of Bunco.  It has just been an excuse to get together about once a month – for 8 years now!  Hard to believe our baby Kindergartners will be 8th graders this school year!  Anyway, not everyone could make it this year, but we had about 8 of us staying in the hotel.  We hung out in the room for a while and had a bunch of drinks then we went down to the outdoor patio and had more drinks and appetizers for dinner.  It was good to catch up and relax all together.  I am such a light-weight since I don’t drink as much anymore (mostly due to the calories!) so I had a really good buzz from my Michelob Ultras.  Around 10pm, some of the girls that were going back to their homes for the night left us, and the rest headed back up to the rooms.  We stayed up until about midnight or 1am talking, then eventually crashed. Saturday morning I woke up early to help coordinate the windshield repair on my Honda.  The window cracked badly when we were driving home from Prescott last weekend after dropping Nathan off at camp.  I had already had one failed attempt to have it replaced so I had rescheduled it for Saturday morning.  I ended up hitching a ride back to my hous

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

e because even though Nathan had been home since Friday afternoon, I had yet to actually see him.  He had immediately gone straight to his friend’s house to see another great friend that was in town for the week when he got home from camp.  The three amigos have been pretty much together since then too.  Anyway, I got my courtesy hug from my 13 year old boy and heard a bit more about his basketball camp experience.  This was his 3rd year at this particular camp and it was really exciting that his team won the 3 on 3 tournament.  The 3 boys on his team were presented with trophies at the parent pick-up/skill demonstration at the end of camp.


It is important to stay hydrated when stay-cationing in Arizona…

With the windshield finally replaced and having seen my son, I decided I had better get my one mile run taken care of for the day because I was heading back to the hotel and had a day of lazy-river floating and more cocktails ahead of me.  It was really hot outside and I knew I couldn’t run out there so I put my running stuff on and headed over to Koko to run on the treadmill.  I was in and out pretty quickly, got back home and headed back to the hotel for the evening, glad to have that behind me.  A little crazy that I interrupted a stay-cation to run a mile but I did.  If I had packed running stuff, I could have just run at the hotel – but I was not that organized.  I did, however, manage to pack plenty of alcohol….

I met back up with my girlfriends that were now poolside.  It is tradition that on Saturday of our hotel stay, we “invite” the husbands and kids to join us for the day.  So,

Me (left), Erin, and my friend, Tami

Me (left), Erin, and my friend, Tami

quite a few of our kids had arrived and I brought Erin back with me too.  They are at such good ages now that we just ask them to check in once in a while, otherwise, they are on their own and we don’t worry about them.  Nathan had a basketball game at noon and I considered leaving the hotel, yet again, to go watch him play.  I have a hard time missing my kids’ games, but I decided that it was important for me to just stay in one place and quit running around.  So I had a nice poolside frozen cocktail instead 🙂 Paul, Nathan, and Sarah showed up around 2pm (after the basketball game) and joined us for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  It was fun to just continue to hang out.

Lazy Nathan in the lazy river

Lazy Nathan in the lazy river

Paul and I rode around the lazy river attached to the

tubes with our friends for about an hour, beers and cocktails in hand.  Even just about a mile away from our house, it felt like a little vacation together.  We had a big group dinner together in the hotel restaurant then Paul took the girls back to our house and I stayed at the hotel with Nathan and his friend from out of town.  The kids all went back down to the pool area and watched a movie

The girls.

The girls.

in/around the pool.  The adults went back up to our rooms for a few moments of peace and quiet – again, the kids are old enough now and have cell phones so this was a nice chance to give them a little freedom too.

I felt like I had a million things to do this weekend but I know that reconnecting with my friends and having fun is ultimately just as important as any box of crap I should pack to get ready for our remodel or loads of basketball camp laundry I should do.  I have a really full week ahead of me but I’m recharged and ready to take it on!

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One Response to Stay-cation

  1. Christy says:

    LOVE your packing list! What a fantastic tradition with friends. God bless girlfriends!


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