Independence Day

We are up at our cabin to celebrate the 4th of July weekend. My husband asked me several times if we should really come up because of so much we have to do at home to prep for the remodel, but I felt that it was equally important that we take the time together as a family and get away for a few days. Besides, the 4th of July is my favorite time to spend at the cabin so I didn’t want to miss it.

Backing up a bit to last week, it was pretty hectic because we had my son’s friend in town and kept busy doing activities with him, Erin still had 3.5 hour gymnastics practices all week, and the contractors started work inside our house at 7am every day.

My weight shot up way too high out of the red zone following my stay-cation last weekend but even after a day or so of drinking lots of water and following somewhat of a “partial” Optifast plan, I shed over 3 pounds of that quickly- so now I’m sitting at the very top of the red zone, which is manageable.

Monday I finished my 12th strength workout at Koko, again cutting it20140705-141758-51478493.jpg close to the end of the month to earn my next medallion. Whew! I do love how strong and muscle-y my arms have become. Dare I say it has almost been worth it?

On Thursday morning I had my 2nd swim lesson. I tried to practice in our pool at home and also at my dad’s pool. I worked on some of the things I learned in the first lesson. I did find that swimming in a regular pool was so much easier than the swim trainer / endless pool – and that was a relief. It took me a few minutes to get back adjusted to the training pool. He taught me more about how to position my arm on my stroke and we also quickly realized that I was pretty asymmetrical with my stroke. He brought out a kick board that I used, one arm at a time, to train my non-stroking arm to stay out in front of me when I was breathing. He also got me to start breathing from either side, a skill he said would benefit me long-term. We also worked a bunch on my hip rotation, lengthening my stroke, head position, etc. wow, so much to remember! I’m sure it will get easier with practice. Right now it is tough! In related news, I have decided I need a return trip to the doctor to have my right (maybe both?) ear cleared out with whatever wax or crap has built up in there. Every time I submerge my head under water, my ear clogs up with water and takes 1-2 days to clear. Somethin’ ain’t right.

20140705-142859-52139312.jpgFriday, the 4th of July, marked the end of the Runner’s World Magazine Streak Challenge that I have been participating in. The challenge was to run (at least) one mile every single day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July (40 days in total). I didn’t officially sign up on the Runner’s World web site but I have been keeping accountable from within the From Fat to Finish Line Facebook group (a really awesome and motivating group I might add). Since I have been doing this mile a day streak thing for 537 days now, I never thought committing to running every single one of them these last 40 days would be a big deal…but it was. I really underestimated how much it was going to take out of me to not having a walking rest day. Actually, I think it hurt my running quite a bit since I rarely had any desire or energy to run more than one mile per day. Maybe it just coincided with the rapid temperature rise in Phoenix

Cooler temperatures and rain in the mountains of northern AZ

Cooler temperatures and rain in the mountains of northern AZ

which started after Memorial Day… Anyway, I was so happy to get up to our cabin on Friday afternoon to run, where the temps had dropped to 66 degrees and we had some rain. Coincidentally, as I ran around our cabin community, I ran by my high school friend, Eric, and his son playing frisbee near the little lake up the street. He has been a big supporter of my running and also has a cabin in our subdivision – even though we both live in Phoenix, the last few years we pretty much only see their family up here. When he saw me, he threw the frisbee towards me …. which went under the fence behind me and down the street. I yelled to him that he better not mess up my ” streak” – then ran to the frisbee, picked it up without stopping, and threw it back (using the term threw loosely because I suck at it) all while keeping my running stride. I told him I’d catch up with him when I finished, and I did….

It was starting to get a bit late and I had a date with my husband at our favorite Mexican food restaurant up here and this giant ass margarita was calling my name to celebrate the conclusion of the Streak Challenge.


So, that ended my 40 days of running. I noticed on several boards that I follow, many people wisely withdrew from the challenge along the way – for a variety of reasons including injury and just feeling the need for rest days. It also has me seriously thinking about choosing a stopping point of my regular “mile a day” streak. I think the end is near, but I’m still mapping out an exit….

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3 Responses to Independence Day

  1. Lynn Watson says:

    First of all… You are much more coordinated that me with the frisbee move … Let’s just say I tried something similar and have a scraped bruised knee (through pants) and a sprained toe .. You may need ear plugs. I am swimming with them .. Don’t get an ear infection they really hurt especially inner ear … Went and observed my first tri this morning. … Similar to the one I have on my scope for September … Let just say all this is way out of my comfort zone but forging on

    Keep on swimming it will get easier …

    .“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa




    • Good for you in forging on with your plans for a tri. Gotta keep this interesting by staying outside of our comfort zone. I am not even close to considering yet….maybe after I swim a few laps in a pool. The bike freaks me out just as much. I have some running races planned for next year so I won’t do any tri’s (if I do decide to do it) any time soon.


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