Family Reunion

Earlier this summer I received a Facebook invitation to my uncle’s surprise 80th birthday party in Kentucky. I instantly realized I really needed to go to this party. This uncle is my dad’s oldest brother (he was the middle brother of 3 boys, and the boys were born after 5 girls – my aunts). I sent a message to some of my other cousins to see if they were considering going. We have been trying to plan a family reunion for the past few years but just have not been able to get one off the ground. We are spread across the country and are busy with families of our own. My cousins all have numerous siblings as well so they have trips to see their own brothers and sisters. So then there is me, an only child with no living parents – way out west in Arizona – and I really miss seeing family. Anyway, much to my surprise, a bunch of my cousins decided to make the trip! I couldn’t believe how easily we coordinated everything. Several of us are flying into Nashville and were able to get flights pretty close together so we can take one rental car to KY. One big group is driving down from Michigan, several of my cousins I haven’t seen in decades and I miss them so much. Of course, the 5 cousins that are the children of my uncle will be there with their families but, for the most part, the other cousins are going by themselves, without spouses or kids. We are going to cram into a couple of hotel rooms – it will be like when we were little kids having a big sleepover in Granny’s attic in Kentucky.

I’m a bit nervous about how I will handle my emotions while in Kentucky. Because my dad passed away during a harsh winter and my aunts and uncles were unable to travel, I haven’t seen any family since he died. My mom is from Kentucky too so this is sort of “home”, even though I was born and raised in AZ. I spent a lot of time here with my parents and going back without them makes me pretty sad.

So right now I’m on an airplane flying to Nashville for the weekend. It was a 3+ hour flight so I justified the $8 internet access fee to keep me entertained since this flight had WiFi. It sure is making the time pass quickly.

It has been another full week in our home. My husband was traveling – we are both in airplanes now, he is heading home and I’m flying out. The kids are falling quickly into their busy school routines – 3 kids in 3 schools and all 3 kids had picture day on separate days this week. Coupled with parent orientations, meetings, and our on-going remodeling project, I’ve been on the run.

I have not been great about getting my mid-week runs in but I did do lots of cross-training. We have had a ton of rain in Phoenix this week, which is unusual during the daytime. It is sort of throwing our routines off a bit. I’m trying to keep up my Koko workouts because this is the last month of the 12 workouts per month challenge. I also had my 4th swim training session on Thursday so I had to get some swimming in as well. Last

City of Scottsdale pool I used for lap swimming

City of Scottsdale pool I used for lap swimming

week I finally ventured to a “real” lap swimming pool instead of my dad’s house. I went to the city of Scottsdale public pool, which is a beautiful facility. For just $2 a session, I can drop in and swim just about any time I want. They are open year-round since they heat the water in the winter. I’m pretty wimpy so I don’t know if it will be warm enough and if I can handle the air temp when I get out but, for now, this is a good solution. I was a little intimidated at first, but I quickly realized that nobody is watching me (except for the lifeguards) and I can do my own thing in my swim lane. I lost track of how far I went the first day but on Wednesday I went 800m which is 32 times down or back. I noticed swimming is a lot like running – the first 25% of the workout kinda sucks but gets better as I warm up. Surprisingly, my last 100 meters were probably my most comfortable and fastest. Thursday afternoon I had a lesson with Andy. Things are starting to come together now and I feel a little but like a swimmer. I’ll have tons of things to correct and improve, but I know the basics now. It really is a great all-over workout. I really feel it in my arms but also my back, shoulders, and core. I don’t know how far I will take the swimming thing, but I am pretty confident it is great for cross-training. I gotta believe it is helping my breathing and stamina as well. It sure is a nice activity when it is 100 degrees out too. Yesterday during training I had a weird sensation, after close to an hour of swimming, I felt flushed and hot like a run, but I was in the water. That’s how I know it was still a good workout, even though I wasn’t “sweating”.

I also saw Dr. Ziltzer yesterday. My last weigh in with him was right before our cruise. I told him I would be OK coming home from our vacation at 180 pounds, which is exactly where I was when I go back. Over the past few weeks, I have been working hard to knock that down and so I was happy yesterday to be exactly back at the same weight as before my trip – 176. This is 6 pounds over goal so I am refocusing on getting back down closer to 170 lbs. I’m sure this weekend will not help that any. Having our kitchen ripped apart has made it pretty easy to just use meal replacements, but I cannot wait to be able to cook some other options…. I almost miss vegetables.

Well, our plane will be landing soon. I will be sure to update this post about my family weekend!

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One Response to Family Reunion

  1. Christy says:

    Hugs to you Martha. I know it’s bittersweet. Soak up the family love and I’m sure you’re parents are smiling down at their daughter in their old stomping grounds among family. All will be well.


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