Under the Weather

headcoldThe kids have been back in school for several weeks now and my oldest has brought home the first school-borne illness.  I had heard from several friends that “half of the high school” was out sick but didn’t think much about it until I got a text from her mid-day late last week that said she wasn’t feeling too hot.  She had a sore throat and sniffles – the usual cold stuff – all weekend and then, unfortunately, I woke up with it too on Monday morning.  I have managed to not catch the family viruses the last few rounds, so I guess I was finally due.  I definitely don’t seem to have it to the extent that she does (it is now in her chest and she is very congested) … I hope it stays that way.  You know, colds would be much more “pleasant” if I could crawl into bed and blow my nose all day … but as a mom, I sure didn’t catch much of a break.  My kids did feel a bit more sorry for me and seemed to give me less grief about their chores, but I still had to drive them all over the place and I ended up making dinner 3 times yesterday due to their practice schedules.

So, and I’ll talk a bit more about this in another post, since stopping the mile-a-day streak, I am actually allowing myself rest days.  Days where I don’t exercise … AT. ALL.  It is such a strange concept after 555 straight days to not do anything all day, but the past couple of days, it has been really nice.  I didn’t have that feeling of the mile hanging over my head all day when I knew I would feel crappy.  I just let it go.  Was it easy?  Hell no.  I still feel a bit guilty and weird about not exercising.  I guess, more importantly, I see that I actually miss it.  Since I’ve felt better and not worse today, I decided that tomorrow I’ll head back out there and work out – haven’t decided what yet.  I’m overdue for a swim session and last week I stayed out of the water since my ear was acting up again.  That seems like a good place to start.

The remodel of our kitchen continues but today was a big step forward – we had our cook-top and our wall oven/microwave installed!  This is huge!  I celebrated tonight by cooking chicken pot pie in the oven.  So exciting!  I took some pictures of them after they were installed and texted them to my husband – jokingly posting on Facebook that this was better than “sexting” when one has been without a kitchen for 6+ weeks.


So, since I’ve been a bad blogger…I thought I’d catch up on the other stuff.  Not that there is much to tell.  My weight…well, it is sitting right around 177, 7 pounds over my goal weight.  I’m a bit concerned that I am too “OK’ with this but I am keeping a pretty close eye on things.  I feel like I’m on the verge of getting things back together – so much has been out of the norm lately with travel and my house still ripped apart.  There is only so much planning and consistency one can have when it takes 5x longer to do anything because you have to keep looking in boxes and move stuff around.  I think, considering the circumstances of this summer, 7 pounds is pretty good.  Even better, my clothes still fit very nicely and possibly even better.  I know I’ve increased muscle and strength.

As for the exercise and running, again … I’m taking it easy on myself for a change.  It is brutally hot here and I really am OK with what I’ve done so far.  I’ve attended the half marathon training programs at the Runners Den every week since I’ve been in town – waking up brutally early (5am) to go run 4-7 miles at a time.  This time last year I was just starting to entertain the thought of even running outside (I was still stuck on the treadmill).  So, I know I’ll be OK with my half marathon.  I wasn’t really convinced (and still may not be) that I even want to run a half marathon again, but by almost eliminating any expectations on it, I’m enjoying the training a bit more.  I’ve also, as of last Sunday, finished my 12th consecutive month of 12 or more strength training sessions per month.  I still needed 2 more last Sunday and I worked my ass off to get them done in one day.  I couldn’t imagine missing the challenge on the last day of the year!

I’ve got some fun races on the horizon and I’m trying to get in shape for those.  I’ll talk about them soon, they’ll be sneakin’ up on me before I know it!

Off to bed with some cold medicine.  Hoping to have it kicked by tomorrow!



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One Response to Under the Weather

  1. Christy says:

    Hope you feel better Martha! Sounds like you’ve done a wonderful job of keeping your fitness up despite all the chaos. You rock!


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