Motivated, But the Scale Isn’t…

Oh my goodness, my remodel *might* be finished tomorrow.  Or at least mostly finished.  The painters left today after spending another 1.5 days here working on the kitchen and family room – and all of the downstairs baseboards.  The baseboard painting required me to move the furniture AGAIN – at least away from the walls, not out of the room … but still.  I’m so sick of moving stuff around.  I was kinda lazy too – there were a few areas with entertainment centers, etc. that I just did not want to deal with today.  I’m tired.  The baseboards are already white, primer white, I just didn’t think it was worth moving them again to paint them white, I can always do it myself if we ever move the furniture to a different location – which ain’t happening anytime soon!  Anyway, tomorrow is hopefully the day when the cabinet doors, shelves, drawers, hardware, etc. is installed and I can finally put things back in their permanent home.  The cabinet guy did tell me I could put stuff in them – but I’ll have to take a lot of it back out so they can install that stuff.  At least I was able to get it out of the dining room area so they could paint the baseboards in there.  I’m excited to see it all together.  I’ll need to have the electrician out, which probably won’t happen tomorrow, to install the new pendant lights.  This will also finish the “look” of the new kitchen.

As of Wednesday night I didn’t think any contractors were going to be over today so I had planned to start the day by going for a run, then maybe some strength training, then possibly a quick nap to catch up on sleep before continuing work on my long list of things to take care of around here.  When I got up at 6:30 this morning, I put my running clothes on first thing.  Well, as soon as the kids left, my cell phone rang and it was the painter saying he was going to send his guys over to finish up the baseboards.  Since I was anxious to take any time I could get his guys over here, I told him that was great.  So, there went my run because I had to start moving stuff around and out of the rooms.  Sometimes I can leave the house when the contractors are here but today I felt like I needed to stick around because they had questions for me once in a while.  They were finally finished around 2 pm, just in time for the kids to get home and the driving craziness to start.  So at 5:30 pm, I finally made it to the gym for my workout.  I’m pretty proud of myself for going after all of that because what I really wanted to do is go sit down and watch TV.  I ran a hard mile on the treadmill at just over a 10:00/mile.  It was really tough mentally but I got through it.  Watching the mileage tick up soooo slowly on a treadmill is awful.  I should have brought something to watch on my ipad because music wasn’t enough of a distraction.  At least at that pace, the mile is over a bit faster.  I’ve decided I need to push myself like that a bit more if I’m ever going to increase my speed.  I also did a bit of weight lifting before heading back out to pick up kids again.  I was hoping to go see my sister-in-law at a happy hour but after I did the math, I realized I would only have about 5 minutes there before I would have to turn around and pick up Erin at gymnastics.

So, the scale.  The scale says I weigh 177 pounds this morning.  This is not good.  Especially since I feel like I have really not been eating poorly at all.  I have about one week until my weigh-in with Dr. Z and I had promised myself I would get back down to goal before then.  I know the remodel is causing some pretty crappy stress eating choices, but I wouldn’t say my calorie consumption has been too high.  I really should be tracking better because I’m guessing it is worse than I think it is.  I’m glad that I’m not letting my weight get any higher but I really want to get back down in that 5 pound window (not a 5-8 pound window) and I’m not having much success with that.  I’ve been around this weight for quite a while.  My clothes still fit great, so that’s good … but it’s just not where I really want to be.  What I really need to do is have a good weekend of eating.  Good, as in “on plan” and not a free-for-all.  I think that would do wonders for this issue because I tend to play catch-up all week, get back close to the 5 pound range, then blow it and have to start all over.  I had better start getting into this habit now because before we know it the holidays will be here and “bad weekends” are going to be too hard to recover from.

Anyway, as some of my planned races are getting closer, I am finding myself getting a bit more motivated on the running and exercise.  It could also be a slight hint of cooler weather on the horizon around here.  When it is so hot and there are no races in the near future, it is hard to have any focus.  But now I have a few things coming up that I need to be ready for.  So that helps!

So late this afternoon some idiot got in a gunfight with the police and then fled, ending up at the Phoenix airport and putting it on lock down for several hours.  Inbound planes were stuck on the tarmac for over 2 hours and passengers/guests in the terminal were not permitted to leave or go downstairs.  Even passengers that got off the plane were not allowed to take their cars out of the parking garage.  Meanwhile, my husband was trying to fly home from Oakland after being gone most of the week.  His flight was delayed since they were not letting planes take off for Phoenix.  It pretty much caused a system-wide issue around the country from what I understand – backing up flights everywhere, especially since Phoenix is a hub for US Airways, the airline that shares this terminal with Southwest.  Fortunately, the captured the guy and things settled back down to normal.  Paul landed about 45 minutes late and just got home.  Happy to have my hubby back to join the “fun” back here at the ranch….and it looks like he doesn’t have to travel again for quite a few more weeks.  Yay!!

And several of my Ragnar Socal “Solemates” are running Ragnar Napa starting tomorrow morning.  I’m having fun watching them post pictures on Facebook and Instagram from their vans.  Those of us not with them are a bit jealous.  Bonnie, will be flying back home through Phoenix with a 4 hour layover on Monday morning and I get to go see her (hopefully no escaped crazies will be loose in the airport again!)

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One Response to Motivated, But the Scale Isn’t…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I also got caught in the fun and games at terminal 4; however my plane landed just after they reopened it… so was not to bad……


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