Weekend Warrior and Woes

This has seemed like the longest weekend – maybe that is because my kids had Thursday and Friday off of school.  I guess my weekend starts when their weekend does.


A selfie from the front row

So after my pity party on Wednesday after my weigh-in appointment, I did my usual post-appointment eating.  I will say that I was pretty “good” though and didn’t go crazy, which I have been guilty of in the past.  I upped my carb intake and didn’t really track my foods, but I didn’t have any super high calorie treats either…until this weekend, that is.  I started off Friday morning with a decent 3 mile run.  I was glad I got out and did that, at least.  It was pretty hot though and I wished I had gotten an earlier start.  It started to go downhill on Friday night when I went out with some girlfriends to go see a Journey tribute band at a casino about 45 minutes south of where I live.  The band was called “DSB” for “Don’t Stop Believin‘”.  I was not driving so IIMG_9897 had 2 Michelob Ultras before leaving home – and then another 3 or 4 at the concert.  Ok, so that’s like 600 calories.  Ugh.  The concert was fun and we were over on the side standing in the front row – basically hanging on the stage and being goofy.  One of IMG_9892the guitar players was pretty cute – unfortunately not the one closest to us – but we managed to take a few pictures of the band and sing Journey songs at the top of our lungs.  There were some other things going on within our group so not everyone had a good night – but I did, and I enjoyed getting out like that.  I had a good buzz too…


Fake Steve Perry


Crazy neighborhood street flooding after only about 15 minutes of rain.


This was the football field. Torrential rain!

So, when the alarm went off at a very early 5AM on Saturday morning for my training run…I turned it off.  That was a first.  I, surprisingly, felt OK to go running but I was very tired.  Really the thing that told my brain it was fine to go back to bed was that the weather forecast called for rain from Friday night through Saturday evening.  I looked out my window and saw that the clouds had rolled in, although there was no rain yet.  I wish it would have been clear-cut as to what was going to happen.  It is a pretty long drive to the running group and I didn’t want to go down there and then have the rain start.  Plus, we run along the canal and that is not an entirely safe place to be in a storm.  So, that was enough (at 5 am) to lure me back into bed.  As it turned out, it didn’t rain that day until 20 minutes before Nathan’s first football game – after a long 2 hour pre-game warm-up, they didn’t get to play their game.  In the time it took me to drive from our house to the football field, which is normally about 5 minutes, the sky completely opened up and dumped a ton of rain.  The poor football team had almost no shelter as the locker rooms were not open on the weekends.  The boys were stranded, in full pads, on campus and it was really hard to find them.  Anyway, earlier in the day, Nathan was super excited and had had me out in the front yard 2x to throw the ball to him while he ran his routes.  He loves explaining them to me so I can attempt to hit him with the ball somewhere on our driveway.  We actually did pretty well together.  I don’t have much of an arm, but I can get it down our yard with a bit of accuracy, apparently.  As busy as I am, when my boy wants to go throw the football around with me I jump at the chance because those days are numbered and I am fit and healthy enough to go do it, no excuses.  I’m bummed that I didn’t get to actually watch him play – but it will be a long season and many more games.


Dad’s golf clubs. Definitely keeping.


Loading up the boxes from the storage unit to my car for the last time.

Prior to the rained out football game, I did go take care of business – I went to the storage locker that I have been renting and cleaned it all out and went to the business office and closed out my account.  That seemed like a big step.  Paul and I spent Friday morning working on our garage and getting furniture and boxes sorted out.  We made a lot of progress and are almost ready to have a garage sale.  It seemed like a good time to bring the rest of the stuff that we had boxed up back over to our house to go through, pack up and store, or sell/donate.


Post dinner Halloween costume shopping – my son as Gru, and his minion.

The whole day I was just out-of-sorts still and probably feeling a bit guilty about skipping my run.  Now that I’m typing this out, the act of going through the stuff at the storage locker probably brought up some feelings to the surface as well that I was trying to suppress.  I participated in what can best be described as “Fork You” eating – which you can probably guess what that is implying.  I think that phrase was shared with us by one of the psychologists at one of the Optifast classes.  Basically I ate kinda defiantly – like I really didn’t care anymore that day.  My husband and oldest had gone up to our cabin, I was home with no football game, and I just felt like enjoying the rain and eating whatever the hell I wanted – just because.  I also ended up taking 2 of my kids out to dinner for pizza and I didn’t stop with the salad – many carbs were consumed.  Again, nothing too crazy, but it sure wasn’t part of any plan or low calorie.  Worst of all, I just didn’t care.  Or I did care, and felt bad about continuing to do it – but … continued anyway.  I guess the key is to only take this attitude on extremely rare occasions and try to turn things around quickly.  Which I think I did.  Later in the evening, I thought back on the day and made several observations.  1) I didn’t particularly enjoy most of what I ate.  To be honest, chips and Cheetos don’t do much for me any more.  I just ate them because I could.  Fortunately, it doesn’t take very many for me to realize I don’t love them like I used to.  2) I came up with a partial solution to help offset the damage I caused that day…I would go for my long run on Sunday.  I still had a chance to make up for skipping the run.  I could still get some miles in and burn some calories.

So, this morning, I let myself sleep in until 8am but then got up and got my running clothes on first thing.  I really did want to run the 10 miles that my training group did on Saturday morning but I knew that I would be out for a couple of hours if I did that and I didn’t want to leave the 2 kids home alone quite that long if I was going to be “on foot” and not with a car where I could get home quickly if I needed to be.  So, I decided to make the run a bit more about quality and not quantity.  And, wow, what a great run it ended up being.  I headed out nice and slow and told myself we were doing at least 3 miles without stopping…and I would require 4 out of myself if I felt OK.  So, I’m thrilled to say, I did 4.15 miles (pace somewhere around 11:30-11:45 – kinda slow) before stopping for a walk break.  It felt really good too.  I went back to listening to podcasts and today I listened to the Another Mother Runner‘s Ragnar Napa re-cap, which was of particular interest since another blogger that I follow, Laura, was in Van 2 with the AMR ladies.  So fun to hear all of their experiences and mishaps.  Anyway, maybe it was the cooler weather or the extra rest day that I had, but it was one of those good runs.  The kind that helps you remember why you run in the first place.  The best part was, surprisingly, after I stopped to walk about a good mile, I decided to get back into a run.  I was a bit stiff at first but after I loosened up I found my “happy place” and it just felt great.  So, I went a total of 6.3 miles – not quite the 10 I was “supposed” to do this weekend, but it was just what I needed.  I also had a little fun along the way…there is a realtor with a sign near my house that says “Brennan” so I thought it would be fun to take photos on my run today so I could edit them to create my post for Brennan today on the “I Run for Michael” Facebook page.  I try to post to Brennan every few days and this was a fun one….

IMG_9994 IMG_9996

And to finish off this weekend, Paul and Sarah got home from the cabin around 11 and then Sarah and I cleaned up and went to downtown Phoenix for a college fair.  Several hundred college admissions reps were in town and the high school guidance counseling office had sent an email to students/parents about it – so we decided to go check it out.  She is only a sophomore so it is a bit early to be looking, but it is good to start getting some ideas so we can work them into trips if possible – like we did this summer in Spokane.  It was fun today to see all the different schools.  We had a list of ones we wanted to talk to and were able to see most of them.  I’m sure our mailbox will start to get flooded with recruiting mail in the very near future.  It is fun, I’m excited to see where their futures will lead them….

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