Death and Taxes

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

As executor of my dad’s estate, I am required to file his income taxes for 2013 and a final statement for 2014.  Well, April 15th rolled around earlier this year and I filed an extension for them since I was not prepared to sit down and go through all the paperwork.  Well, here we are already 6 months later and the October 15th extension deadline is less than a week away.

So today I finally dug into them.  Fortunately they are not very complicated.  My dad had already started a file for the 2013 paperwork, and many of the statements had arrived in the mail shortly before he went into the hospital.  But there are just enough missing pieces of information that I’m struggling to finish them up.  We have been fortunate to have a family member on my husband’s side (who is a CPA) prepare our family taxes so I haven’t actually gone through this process on my own in quite a while.  It took all of my willpower to not dive into the pantry and eat junk food all day while I worked on this.  Nothing could be more boring or frustrating.  At the end of the day, they are still not done but I’m pretty close to being able to submit them – hopefully tomorrow.  I can’t express how glad I will be to have this task off my list.  I wish I had taken care of it earlier, because it has been weighing on my mind.  It would have been really exponentially more difficult to take it on while our house was all torn up.  I barely had desk space or even a functioning computer or office for months.

I’m committing to heading down to Dad’s house tomorrow to continue boxing stuff up.  I need to move faster on the house.  It is another thing hanging over my head.  It seems like an endless amount of work to do, but it isn’t going to get better if I don’t work at it more regularly.

In other news, the cooler weather is definitely bringing back my running mojo.  I’m looking forward to my runs again and they have, for the most part, been really good.  I’m consistently running under 11:30/mile now for longer distances and have been much lower than that on shorter runs.  Last Saturday I cranked out a 10K before my son’s football game.  I was supposed to go run with the Runner’s Den training group but I knew I wouldn’t have time to drive there and back, run 11 miles, and make it to the game.  So I settled for a 10K in my neighborhood.  As I started out, I just wanted to run 4-5 miles non-stop.  But I felt so great, I got stronger and stronger as I went and, for maybe the first time ever, I had negative splits after mile 2.  I ran the full 10K without stopping.  Pretty cool!


We had some rain yesterday and today’s run was super humid.  I was a sweaty mess when I finished…here’s a photo I sent to Brennan after my run.

IMG_0080.JPG (2)


Paul and I celebrated a lot last weekend.  We had our 19th year wedding anniversary on September 30th and then last Sunday was his birthday.  We went out for a nice steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris on Saturday night – holy calories…but I ran a few bites of that off earlier in the day.

I took a few pictures with him beforehand.  It was fun to wear a little dress out for our dinner date…

IMG_0042.JPG (2) IMG_0035

We didn’t really exchange gifts this year since we have pretty much have a new house from the remodel and we’ve spent plenty already … but I did order him a shirt which I found to be pretty funny.  Maybe he can wear it to my next race:



Hope everyone has a good weekend.  We have another busy one – it’s Homecoming at the high school!


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One Response to Death and Taxes

  1. Kathy says:

    Happy Anniversary! You looked smoking in your little dress. I really admire your ability to not go to the food when dealing with your dad’s taxes. Food is so easy to go to and it takes a very strong person to recognize the desire but move on despite it.


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